7 Worst Laptop Brands to Avoid in 2022

Whenever we have to buy a phone or laptop, the first thing that we are required to decide on is the “brand”. Several hundred companies are manufacturing and selling laptops. Most of us judge laptops by their specifications. However, considering the best brand is also important.

When it comes to laptops, even the most trusted and widely used brands have failed to work up to our expectations. Whether you want a laptop for personal or office use, it has to be super perfect. 

If you are planning to get a replacement for your previous laptop, these laptop brands are not worthy of your consideration. 

  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Gateway
  • LG
  • Razer 
  • Huawei

1. Microsoft


Microsoft laptops are known for exclusive features, lower software and hardware cost, and adaptability to fit any needs.

However still, Microsoft has failed to meet the criteria to be categorized and recognized as the best laptop brand. 

The world is moving breathtakingly fast, every other day a new technology is being introduced or the previous one is upgraded.

We expect the same from the laptop manufacturers; upgrading the laptops and introducing the latest features.

The issue with the Microsoft brand is that they lack innovation. For quite some time, no upgrades have been noticed and the company is introducing the same mediocre designs we are tired of seeing. 

What has brought a major shade to this laptop manufacturing company is the one USB port and the no SD card reader.

There need to be more USB ports and the laptop should come with an SD card reader.

Having multiple USB ports is important because who knows when you have to connect mice, speaker, flash drive, drawing tablet, phone/tablet charger, light, plasma ball, or even hot plate to keep your coffee warm.

SD card reader can be bought but why would one love to spend money on a mediocre laptop with no SD card when you can get a high rated one with an SD card.

Most Microsoft users have also claimed that Microsoft laptops are expensive, do not have impressive battery timing, specified graphic units, and thunderbolt support.

Constant complaints did make Microsoft revise their designs and feature however, the latest models are still disappointing. So considering all these legitimate issues, we have decided to throw Microsoft laptops into the worst brands category.

2. Samsung


Samsung is one of the popular smartphone and laptop brands. Samsung is not the worst brand in general, almost all Samsung features powerful specs, great battery life, and premium designs.

However, when it comes to laptops it appears that Samsung is not in the race as HP, Dell, and other popular brands are.

However, Samsung is not as behind either as the other worst laptop brands in updating and bringing innovation.

Still, the Samsung laptops are not as good as they should be. That’s the reason why we get to see fewer people using Samsung laptops as compared to the top-rated brands.

Like all worst brands, Samsung laptops do come with a lot of unneglectable issues. The most complained issues are poor battery life, basic design, and unsatisfactory warranty.

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Moreover, Unsatisfactory 3rd party support has also disappointed all Samsung admirers.

If we compare it to another competitive brand called HP, HP offers much better speed with more RAM, storage, graphics cards, and better CPU. Learn Do Asus laptops have Bluetooth?

And then we all know Samsung is an expensive brand. So, why would a person spend several hundred dollars on a laptop that offers brighter colors but has poor battery life, basic design, no or minimal warranty, and almost no 3rd party support?

3. Gateway


You would find Apple, Dell, HP, Asus, and Lenovo on the list but Gateway would be nowhere to be found.

Gateway is one unfortunate laptop brand that has hardly made it to the list of best laptop brands.

Since Gateway laptops are not much in demand, the company has left the race quite a long ago.

However, it is yet to find out how these new innovative Gateway laptops would be. As this laptop manufacturing company has disappointed us terribly, we are not expecting any good this time as well. However, the gateway projector comes with projection.

Till today, the laptops that Gateway has manufactured never excited us with any extraordinary features.

To be more specific, cheap processing, graphics performance, basic designs, sensitive touchpad, and several keyboard issues have kept it from bringing it to the list of best laptop brands.

If you compare the Gateway laptops with the top-rated laptop brands, Gateway is the worst brand to invest in.

However, in between the mediocre brands Gateway is an economical option for gaming and general-purpose computing.

What makes the said laptop brand even worse is that these laptops can not be bought from the official website.

If you have to get a Gateway laptop, it can either be bought from a retailer or big box electronic stores. So, it makes us question whether we are paying for a reliable laptop or not?

4. LG


LG was considered a reliable laptop brand for quite some time. This laptop manufacturing company has got a reputation for manufacturing ultra-thin, lightweight, durable, and reliable laptops.

However, the recent gram series disappointed us to our core. Because of the recent gram series, LG is being introduced as 2022’s worst laptop brand.

The recent LG models have got several issues. These laptops are overly pricey, have got an uncomfortable touchpad, and are way too small a keyboard.

Moreover, the LG laptops do not have quality sound as well. If a laptop does not even have a good sound system, what’s the use?

Recently, a user has reported a battery meltdown issue, which brought a lot of backlash to this laptop manufacturing company.

As per the experts, some recent LG models are far more rugged than the most average laptop models.

5. Razer 


Razer is usually spotted on the list of best laptops for gaming. However, if we judge the Razer laptops more keenly, the laptops are not worth-considering even for gaming.

Like all the brands on the list, Razer has got a bunch of issues as well.  Almost all high-rated Razer laptops have average quality features, however, the price tag is super high.

Other than being costly, the Razer laptops get overheated quite easily, a cooling fan is needed to keep them cool enough to use.

Battery issues, old keyboard layout, and a not-so-wide space bar have not only made these laptops harder to use but brought a bad reputation to the brand as well.

Razer is probably the only brand on the list that has paid attention to the designs.

Whether it’s an average or high-rated Razer laptop, no other average brand competes when it comes to look or feel. However, the laptop has to have better features than just good looks. 

6. Huawei


Though, there remains no need to mention why Huawei is being the worst laptop or smartphone brand.

Huawei got listed as one of the best smartphone brands several times in the last few decades. However, Huawei never received an appreciation for its laptops.

Huawei laptops were rarely demanded, the US Government’s crusade against Huawei has brought down the demand for laptops and mobile phones even more. Now, it gets listed as the worst laptop and smartphone brand everywhere.

As per the Huawei users, Huawei has only manufactured one worth considering laptop and that’s Mate Book X Pro 2018.

However, this failed on a few grounds as well; one is a limited selection.

These were the few laptop brands that we have found below the worth-considering standard. Other than that, Alienware, MSI, and some more brands are equally terrible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five worst laptop brands?

The list of the worst laptop brands is quite long. However, Samsung, Huawei, Razer, MSI, Microsoft are the five worst laptop brands for 2022.

Is Asus a worse laptop brand?

Asus is a fine laptop brand, it can not be included in the list of worse laptop brands. It is taken as one of the best laptop brands for gaming and graphic designing.

Which brand manufactures the worse laptop?

There are a lot of brands that happen to manufacture the worse laptops. These brands are Microsoft, Huawei, Razer, MSI, LG, Gateway, and Samsung.

What is the no. 1 laptop brand?

Apple, without any doubt, is the number one laptop brand. These laptops have larger screens, powerful speakers, and are power efficient. In short, the Apple laptops have all the qualities of good laptops.

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