Why Asus Laptop Wont Turn ON

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Do you want to know the reason why the Asus laptop won’t turn on? There are a lot of reasons behind the Asus laptop that Won’t turn ON. If Asus provides many advantages on its products, and at the same time its user face many issues while using their products.

Asus laptops users often complain about many forums that the Asus laptop cannot turn on and won’t turn ON? But sometimes they don’t satisfy with the forum’s answers because this issue can’t be solved by some lines answer.

As we know there may a lot of reasons behind the not turning on of Asus laptop. In this critical situation, just follow below methods discussed in detail. I hope you will successfully “Turn ON” your Asus laptop by reading the below methods.

Reasons Behind Asus Laptop That Won’t Turn On

Here are some reasons behind the Asus laptop that won’t turn on. These reasons are;

  1. Damaged Battery
  2. Broken Screen
  3. Bad Battery
  4. Use of Heavy Softwares
  5. Hardware Or Software Issues

Methods to Fix Asus Laptop That Won’t Turn On

Now it’s time to fix the issue that is Asus laptop won’t turn on. There are 5 methods to solve this issue. Let’s discuss each method in detail.

1. Check Damaged Battery

When your Asus laptop is turned off and not turned ON again then first of all you need to check the laptop battery. Check if either it is working or not? If the laptop battery is not working then the laptop will not turn ON.

How do we check laptop battery is working properly or not? If your Asus laptop battery is removable then just remove your laptop battery and plug in your laptop with its charger. If your laptop is turned ON then the problem is related to the battery. And If the laptop is not turned ON then there will be another reason behind this issue.

2. Check Broken Screen

This happened in a very rare case but it is a valid reason behind Asus laptop won’t turning ON. To check your laptop screen is broken or not, follow the below steps;

Step 1

Connect your Asus laptop with  “External Monitor”  Or TV.

Step 2

You can connect it with a  “VGA cable” , “HDMI Cable”  or  “USB-C” .

(i) Buy USB C to DisplayPort Cable;
USB C to DisplayPort Cable

(ii) Buy Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI Cable;

Amazon Basics High-Speed HDMI Cable

Step 3

After connecting, check the display on the external monitor or TV.

Step 4

If it is distorted then your laptop  “Screen is Broken” . If it displays a neat and clean display then there is no problem with the laptop screen.

3. Check Bad Battery

This is a very common issue that is the main reason behind not turning ON the Asus laptop as compared to other reasons. How you can check my laptop battery is bad or not? Is it really cause the Asus laptop that won’t turn ON? Yes, it may cause this problem. Let’s check how you can check either your Asus laptop battery is bad or not!

Sometimes while doing suddenly laptop shut down and was not turned ON. It may be due to a bad battery because the bad battery fails to provide enough power to the fan. As a result, fans fail to cool the internal parts one of them is the processor. When it fails to cool the internal part of the laptop then the laptop will get heat up.

When laptops temperature meats the temperature of the heat indicators then they will automatically shut down your laptop without any warning. Your Asus laptop will not turn ON until the laptop becomes cool.

Check Bad Battery

To fix this issue you just need to open all screws of the laptop and then clean your laptop completely. Now tighten all screws and then attach the ribbon if it has. Now Press the power button and see either issue is resolved or not!

4. Hardware Or Software Issues

Due to some hardware and software issues, you may face trouble while opening your Asus laptop. You have to remove applications and software that contains malware and viruses.

If this method is working for you then it is good, if not then scroll down and read the below method.

5. Use of Heavy Softwares

When you use heavy softwares on your Asus laptop then you may face sudden shut down your laptop issue. This issue happened when your laptop has low RAM. If you face this issue then don’t worry the solution is here;

Step 1

Open your laptop, and then remove all  “External Devices” ¬†like USB and cables etc.

Step 2

Remove  “AC Adapter”  and all power source to avoid any damage.

Step 3

Now remove your  “Laptop Battery”  carefully.

Why Asus Laptop Wont Turn ON

Step 4

Now wait 1 minute and  “Re-insert”  Laptop battery.

Step 5

Press and hold the  “Power Button”  for 30 seconds.

if your laptop is turned off and won’t turn on due to the use of heavy softwares then this method is best for you! You can easily turn your Asus laptop ON. If you have Asus laptop then you may like to read How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop.

How to Fix Asus Laptop That Won’t Turn ON

If all the above methods are not working for you and your Asus laptop still not turn ON the this is the last method to open your Asus laptop.

Step 1

Open your laptop by pressing the  “F9”  key. Now you will show a new screen.

Step 2

Here you will see a  “Window Boot Manager”  Click on that!

Step 3

Here you have to change your language and then click on the  “Next”. ,

Step 4

The ASUS laptop will be Restored to factory defaults by clicking “Next” and follow the prompts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restart my Asus laptop black screen?

It is very easy to restart your Asus laptop that is showing a black screen. Remove the battery from the laptop and wait 2 minutes. Now reinsert the laptop battery and press the power button and hold it for 60 seconds and it will restart!

When I press the Power button on the laptop nothing happens?

If you are pressing the power button and nothing happens, then it may be another issue behind the no turning ON the laptop. Remove the battery and reinsert it after 2 minutes. Now hold the power button for 60 seconds and your laptop will restart!

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