When Was the First Modern Laptop Invented

The first modern laptop was invented in 1979 or 1980. The name of the first modern laptop was a graphical retrieval information display (GRiD) the compass. This modern laptop was released in the market in 1982 for selling and this was much modern than previous laptops. The first modern laptop was 16-bit Grid Compass 1101.

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Here the question is arises that who was invent this modern laptop?

Bill Muggeridge invented this modern laptop which is enclosed in a magnesium case.

Now accordingly it introduced a familiar clamshell design which is more modern than previous design laptops.

Grid made products that have a fold-down display of the keyboard. This laptop equipped with 200 to 300 pixels electroluminescent as well as this modern laptop had 384-kilobyte bubble memory.

(bubble memory is a non-volatile computer memory that holds a magnet type area which is called bubbles or domains).

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  • As we discussed above, when was the first modern laptop invented and in this paragraph. we discuss deeply the first modern design as well as Shape, functionality and qualities, advantages, and disadvantages.

Size and Shape

It has a 21.6 cm plasma screen that covers or folded 25 lines of up to 128 characters which shows a high contrast display. and which the company claimed.

  • height is 25.4 cm
  • width is 29.2 cm
  • length is 37.9 cm
  • weight 5 kilogram


This modern laptop performs many functions. This was the first modern laptop and people do not know new functions and new technology as much more.

  • The Compass includes 16-bit and 8068 microprocessors which perform the best functions at that time.
  • This laptop also contains 512 kilobytes of RAM.
  • The Grid Compass also had 340-kilobyte bubble memory.
  • Floppy drives and hard disks are also available in the peripherals of the modern laptop compass.
First modern laptop

Firstly used

Hence every country desired to want to get new technology which makes them perfect them in every field of life and can easily work in every field and every area of life.

So, at that time when Compass’s modern laptop was released the first of all American military and American company NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration ) used heavily on the space shuttle programs in the middle of the 1980s. You can read more guides on our website.

First modern laptop in the hidtor


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