How To Turn Up Volume on ASUS Monitor?

It can be tricky for a novice to turn up the volume of an ASUS Monitor. Often used for gaming and other professional work, many users experience low or no monitor sound. It could be because of several reasons that the volume is inaudible.

Some monitors or computers do not come with in-built speakers, therefore, they need to be connected with external devices to make the audio audible or turn up the volume to a desirable level.

How to Turn Up Volume on ASUS Monitor?

It is easy to turn up or adjust the volume on microphone ASUS monitors, requiring no complicated settings. Just follow these steps to turn up the volume on the ASUS LCD monitor.

  • Hit the menu button present on the monitor to bring up the OSD menu.
  • From the menu displayed, go to system setup, and proceed to click on the Sound option.
  • After clicking on the sound, the user is presented with two options Volume and Mute.
  • Tap on the Volume option and using the buttons on the monitor turn up or lower the volume.

The placement of the menu button varies for different models. The OSD setup also differs and might include additional options as well.

Do ASUS Monitors Have Sound?

It needs to be checked whether the ASUS monitor comes with in-built speakers, if not, they got to be equipped with an earphone jack to connect with the audio equipment.

An external audio amplifier can be connected using HDMI-to-HDMI or DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cables. Learn How to Connect an Asus Laptop to WiFi?

Why is Sound Not Working on ASUS Computer?

Sometimes, users do not hear any sound even when the ASUS computer is connected with the speakers. It can be because of the mute settings or the volume is set too low.

In the “system settings” of ASUS monitor, go to Volume settings, it is set to ’50′ by default. Crank up to the max by clicking on the sound icon and moving the sound slider all the way up. Learn How to Turn Off ASUS Anti-Surge?

If the volume is already set at max, it could be a hardware issue or the audio drivers need to be updated. When a new audio device is connected, set it as the default device to fix the issue with the sound.


If the volume is still inaudible after applying all the tricks, it can be a hardware issue that can not be fixed by many users. Take the computer to the service center, have it checked, and fix the volume issue.

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