Toshiba Laptop Won’t Turn On?

Toshiba Laptop Won’t Turn On? Cool! we have the solution. There could be many reasons behind this issue. It may be due to low battery, hardware, screen, or power supply. We can solve this issue in a very easy and quick way.

There are many ways to fix this issue. Many people tried different methods to detect the real problem behind the issue.

All are authentic, but according to my experience and research these methods should be described in a more unique and good way, so anyone can solve this type of issue quickly and easily.

Before reading methods to solve the issue, first, we should know the reasons behind this issue. Toshiba laptop may not open due to;

  • Bad Battery
  • Power Reset
  • Graphics Drivers
  • Broken Screen
  • Laptop Fan not working properly

Solutions of Toshiba Laptop Won’t Turn On

Let’s discuss unique and fully authentic methods to solve this issue.

1. Fix Bad Battery 

If you changed your laptop while sleeping and in the morning your Toshiba laptop won’t turn ON? Then it may be due to the accessive charge of the battery.

Your laptop battery may damage due to full night changing, that’s why your laptop is not turn ON. So, question is that how we fix this issue. No worries, here is the solution.

Pull down your laptop and remove the battery very carefully. After removing the battery, Plug in the charger with your laptop and check either the Toshiba laptop is opening or not. If “Yes” then Congratulations, If “No” then move forward to fix your issue.

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eeeeee”]Note: There is no risk to use your laptop without a battery. You can use your laptop for your urgent work by directly charge your laptop from the power source.[/su_panel]

2. Power Reset 

If you still facing a black screen on a Toshiba laptop then you need to power reset your Toshiba Laptop.

According to the research, this is a very authentic and accurate method, many people fixed their Toshiba laptops through this method that has the same problem. Let’s check how to do this;

Step 1 Make sure your Toshiba Laptop is completely “Turned Off”

Step 2 Remove all “External Devices” from your laptop like USB, Cables, Bluetooth, headset, and power source like the laptop charger.

Step 3 Now pull the battery from your Toshiba Laptop (If it is removable). Also, Remove the Hard drives, AC Adapter Cable, and RAM If needed.

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Power Reset 


Step 4 Now press the power button for 60 seconds and then release. Then place all parts like RAM, Hard Drives, and AC Adapter cables.

Step 5 After that again Press “Power Button” as usual. Now your Toshiba Laptop is ready to start manually.

A beep will indicate that there is no RAM if the CPU and motherboard are still functioning. The beep should still occur even if the screen is broken. The CPU or motherboard is likely faulty if it does not make noise, in which case it wouldn’t be worth repairing.

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eeeeee”]Note: Now you can open your laptop and then “Remove Malware” from the laptop. So, you can be fully safe from the next damage.[/su_panel]

3. Check Your Toshiba Laptop Display is OK

Sometimes your laptop screen a bit damage and then Toshiba laptop is turned off. To see either your laptop screen is a break or full display is damaged. Let’s check how can we check it;

Step 1 Remove all power sources, cables, and external devices from the laptop.

Step 2 Now connect your laptop with an external monitor or TV. You can connect your laptop with an external monitor with an HDMI and you can connect your laptop with a TV via VGA cable.

Step 3 Check the display appearing on the External Monitor or TV, Is it working properly or it is OK.

[su_youtube url=””]

Step 4 If it is Ok then your laptop display is safe and the screen is damaged that’s why your laptop turned off. You can fix it easily.

This happens in very rare cases, No need to worry just follow the above steps and also read the above article to fix your laptop completely.

4. Laptop Fan not working properly

This happens when the Toshiba laptop battery did not give enough power to the laptop Fan for working properly. In that case, the laptop fan fails to cool your laptop CPU (Processor). And as a result, your laptop becomes hot.

When the Toshiba laptop’s temperature touches the limit of indicators, then indicators turn off your laptop to avoid further damage. It will not open until the CPU will be cooled.

This problem also happened when dust gathered inside the laptop fan. It produces heat and that’s why the indicator “Turn Off” your laptop.

  1. To remove dust from the laptop you need to open your laptop screws from the screwdriver.
  2. After that, you need to detach the ribbon if it is located internally. Open Laptop Fan screws and then clean the fan and its inner side.
  3. Now clean dust from the whole laptop well. Place laptop fan tightens the screws of fan and then attach the ribbon.
  4. After that, you need to tighten well the whole laptop screws for safety. Congratulations you fixed it!

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Laptop Fan not working properly


If your Toshiba laptop is still not open then finally you can use these two options.

Option 1: Try Shift + F8 + Power button

  1. Make sure your Toshiba laptop is “turned off”.
  2. You’ll need to unplug the power cable and remove the battery (if removable).
  3. Reconnect the power cable and replace the battery.
  4. On your keyboard, simultaneously press the Shift key, the F8 key, and the Power button.
  5. Your computer should start shortly.

The black screen should no longer appear on your laptop, and it should now start normally.  

Option 2: Try Fn + F5 key

  1. Your Toshiba laptop should be off at this point.
  2. To change the output, hold down the Power, Fn, and F5 keys simultaneously for 60 seconds. You must repeat this step 5 times in a row.
  3. When your laptop turns on, press the Power button as usual.

Laptops should start without any problems. I have provided you a detailed guide on “Toshiba Laptop Won’t Turn On” If your Toshiba laptop successfully turned “ON” then you can share this article on your social media platforms. 

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