My Laptop Charger Broke How Can I Charge it

I was so frustrated when my laptop charger broke and I had to find a way to charge it.

My laptop was all I had for work and without it, I couldn’t do anything!

Luckily, After a lot of research, I found 5 simple ways that you can charge your laptop without a charger.

My favorite method is using your phone as a power bank because you already have the wire with you!

Read on if you want to know more about these 5 methods of charging your laptop without a charger.

5 Best Methods to Charge Your Laptop Without Charger

Obviously, nothing in this world is free so you should note that these options are practical, but not necessarily the cheapest.

As we discussed above, they will probably work, but they will cost a little bit.

  1. Use Second Hand or Spare charger
  2. Use External Battery Charger
  3. How to Charge a Laptop With USB-C
  4. Buy a Power Bank
  5. Use Solar Charger

1. Use Second Hand or Spare charger

The best option is to borrow a friend’s or sibling’s laptop when it’s time to charge.

It is more likely that every educational family has a laptop at this age, so you have a better chance of finding a charger. You may be able to borrow one.

Nevertheless, there are three steps to notice before plugging their charger into your laptop.

If you ignore these three steps, then you may damage your laptop’s accepter charging pin which is located internally in the laptop.

  • The current flow must be the same.
  • Charger/voltage flow ratings must match.
  • The plugs/ports must be identical.

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Now, there are two scenarios.

(i) Only adapter has broken

If only adapter broke then you can take only adapter from your favor-er or helper.

(ii) Isolated pin or pin side wire has broken

If only pin or pin side wire broke you can take only pin side wire from your helper.

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laptop chargers


There are two methods to note the voltage readings of charger.

  • Note the readings on your laptop charger adapter back side.

If you lost your laptop charger then apply 2nd method!

  • Note the voltage/charge readings on your laptop battery. (as shown in the figure below)

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My laptop charger broke, how can I charge it? I hope you will understand this question gradually.
[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eaeaea”]It is imperative that you check the pin size and voltage reading of your laptop first.

You could effectively damage your laptop by increasing or decreasing the voltage or current if you did not[/su_panel]

I have told you to check all conditions before you can use the charger borrowed from your friend or another helper to charge your laptop.

2. Use External Battery Charger

If laptop battery is detectable then you can buy an external battery charger. These are called hook up to the battery chargers and it is detachable.

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laptop battery charge manually


Before investing in this charger you ensure first that your laptop has a compatible port that contains a pin interface.

The best replacement for a broken charger would be to buy the less expensive replacement instead of this expensive product, since it costs more than your replacement.

The product also has restrictions. As technology advances and laptops become thinner and thinner as well as more advance, and most laptops come with internal or non-detachable batteries, this product will not be able to work.

3. How to Charge a Laptop With USB-C

The USB-C cable will be useful if your laptop has built-in USB-C capability so that you can charge it.

This cable must be equipped with a plug adapter.

Currently, some laptops use USB-C cable as their primary charger.


  1. Plug one end of the USB-C cord into the outfall/outlet!
  2. Plug another end of the USB-C into your laptop!

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4. Buy a Power Bank

The most easiest and convenient way is to charge a laptop with the Power Bank. It actually a portable battery for your laptop. It is very simple and easy way to charge a laptop with the Power Bank.

The most important thing of power-bank is that they don’t need to pugged in a outlet or outfall while they are charging.

Important tips

  • Power banks are available in different models and different charging capabilities. If you want to charge a less powerful laptop then you should buy a USB based power bank which is also called type A power bank.
  • If you want to charge a laptop which is more powerful then you should buy a USB-C power-banks. Another advantage is that it can also charge other devices like smartphones and tablets.

The capacity or capability of power bank can charge only one or two times of your laptop battery especially when you charge a high power laptop that consumes more power, then after it loses its charge.

If you want to buy this gadget (power bank) then I recommended you buy this gadget because it is the best solution and it doesn’t bound you to sit a certain place for laptop charging.

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My Laptop Charger Broke How Can I Charge it


5. Use Solar Charger

If you want to charge your laptop in some innovative way then accordingly you look into solar chargers. But Solar chargers are the best solution to charge a laptop outside the home. Note: These chargers are expensive.

Solar chargers come in different and powerful kits. before buying this solar charger first check your laptop battery power as solar charges available in every range of voltage (small and large array).

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Laptop chargers Price
65W universal laptop charger 26$
45W USB-C power adapter charger 27$
45W adapter laptop charger 15$
5W to 20W wall charger replacement 14$
20,000 mAh charger 23$
10,000 mAh charger 30$
24,000 mAh charger 38$


[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eaeaea”]My Laptop Charger Broke How Can I Charge it


These Solar charges have many benefits.

  • it stores energy from the sunlight which is used for charging when the sun is not available in the wet or cloudy day
  • But its best benefit is that it does not bound you a certain place for charging.
  • These charges have DC output So, you don’t need an adapter for charging, Simply hook up the power-bank cable into the laptop pin interface. Also Read: How to Factory Reset Samsung Laptop


Conclusion paragraph: If your laptop charger has broken, you can still charge it.

There are a number of ways to do this without buying a new one from the manufacturer or going out and spending money on an external battery charger.

For example, if you have another spare laptop charger laying around that is compatible with yours, use that! You can also buy power banks at just about any store.

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