MacBook Air M1 Vs. Dell XPS 15

I know you are often indecisive while purchasing, and you must be. It is very natural for us when we pay for buying a product/especially laptop, we wish to get the most suitable and best one.


And in the market, where hundreds of equal glittering devices are available, it becomes difficult to select the best one even for the experts. Particularly, if you are going to choose one of the two, you are too much confused.

It’s not easy to decide between these two laptops, especially if you are going to choose just one.

Yes? Awesome by the way, I know you are feeling difficulty while deciding between these two masterpieces, MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 13.

Because these are the two most famous laptops with new designs and features. The external charm and attractiveness of both laptops confuse you a lot and make you upset in selection.

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Specs Dell XPS 15 MacBook Air M1
RAM ‎16 GB DDR4 ‎8 GB LPDDR4X-4266 Unified RAM
Storage 512 GB SSD 256GB PCIe SSD
GPU Discrete Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Apple Integrated Graphics (up to 8-Core)
CPU ‎5 GHz apple_ci7 Apple M1 Chip up to 3.2 GHz
Battery Life 11 hours and 23 minutes 11 hours 10 minutes
Display 15.6 Inches 13.5 Inches
Generation Gen 11 Gen 11
Ports USB Type-C Port + 2 x Thunderbolt 3 and 1 Headphone Jack 2 x USB Type-C Ports
Keyboard No Backlit Keyboard
Weight 4.0 pounds 2.2 pounds
Resolution 3840 x 2400 Pixels 1920 x 1080 Pixels


After spending weeks researching and comparing these two laptops, I have compiled a lot of information into a guide for you.

You will find here every detail you need and everything you should know about the comparison between MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15.

MacBook Air M1 VS. Dell XPS 15

The main difference between MacBook Air M1 VS. Dell XPS 15 is that the MacBook Air M1 is a lightweight laptop that offers a great battery life and a brilliant display.

It also has a powerful processor and an excellent keyboard. On the other hand the Dell XPS 15 is the best option for people who need to work on the go. It comes with a powerful processor, good graphics, and an excellent battery life.

=> The basic and essential things you should know when buying one of these laptops!

Here, I will discuss the very important features (Hardware and software) of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15 one by one compared with each other. So for deciding best and saving your time and budget, you must spend a few minutes reading this article.

Design of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15

When you buy a laptop, the very first thing that attracts is its design which varies from person to person.

If you like the big screen size, Dell XPS 15 gives you 15 inches screen which is really great. You don’t tire even using it for hours continuously.

Good Design
New Dell XPS 15 9500

Dell XPS 15


  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Hard Drive: 512GB SSD
  • Battery Life: 11 hours and 23 minutes
  • Processor: 5 GHz apple_ci7
  • Weight: 4.0 pounds

But on the other hand, MacBook Air M1 has 13 inches screen. It is very lightweight at 2.8 pounds while Dell XPS 15 weighs 4 pounds. There is a little different but most people like the smart and light.

If you have girlish nature, MacBook Air M1 can be your very good friend; otherwise, Dell XPS 15 looks like a laptop, not a tinny device.

Display of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15

The display of Dell XPS 15 is really great with a screen resolution of 3840 x 2400 Pixels and the best picture quality. The smaller bezels make it more charming and attractive.

While the MacBook Air M1 has a bright display & high resolution (2560×1600) Retina display. It gives images so clear in colors that they look like real ones. It is useful particularly for video editing. But the big bezels present an awkward look.

According to my research, if you don’t have some sort of special work as games and videos, Dell XPS 15 would be the better choice and it will be suitable and comfortable for working.

RAM & Storage of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15

There is a huge difference between these two laptops as Dell XPS 15 has 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD hard. On the other hand, MacBook Air M1 has 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage.

So if you want to install more applications according to your work nature and keeping more data is your dire need, then Dell XPS 15 suits you more than MacBook Air M1.

CPU Performance of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15

The main feature which specifies the actual speed and performance is the processor of a laptop. So MacBook Air M1 has an 8Core CPU which makes it faster in routine work and a lot faster in games and video editing.

More Favorable
Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air M1


  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Hard Drive: 256GB PCIe SSD
  • Battery Life: 11 hours 10 minutes
  • Processor: Apple M1 Chip up to 3.2 GHz
  • Weight: ‎‎‎2.2 pounds

With its great quality of smartness, here MacBook Air M1 seems to defeat Dell XPS 15 because, in this technological era, everybody decides on the basis of fast speed and better performance not on the big and bulky in size.

Although it is difficult to draw a line and declare one better than the other, the powerful processor of the MacBook Air M1 is more favorable.

Graphics of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15

Here in the race of picture quality Dell XPS 15 has GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650) that is better than the M1 chip (7-core or 8-core). So graphic results of the former excel the later.

So along with integrated GPU, the additional feature of Nvidia GeForce GPU makes Dell XPS 15 better output giving laptop in more complicated tasks.

But for usual and routine work as well as games MacBook Air M1 is not a bad one. You can use it for light games and video editing.

Ports of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15

For connecting with external devices to both laptops, you need ports.

Dell XPS 15 has one USB type C port that allows you to transfer data quickly as compared to any other port. Moreover, you can also use a Type C port for charging this laptop and its charging speed also very fast.

Dell XPS 15 comes with a headphone jack and two USB thunderbolt ports which help you to transfer multiple types of data not just serial data to storage devices.

While in MacBook Air M1, there are two USB Type-C ports, a headphone jack, and a charging port. So you can say it is a little better than the Dell XPS 15.

But these are not enough as you have to carry cables always with you in traveling, office or workplace which is not recommendable feature in both.

Keyboard of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15

KEYBOARD of MacBook Air M1 is better than the previous MacBook keyboard.  It has a magic Keyboard with a thin silicone cover and also has a butterfly keyboard. You can type much better and faster with fewer mistakes.

The size of the keys is enough even for the big hands to type easily. You find it comfortable to use with slight force in darkness due to backlighting brightness.

On the other hand, Dell XPS 15 has a backlit keyboard with well-spaced and well-sized Chiclets style keys. You may feel feedback when using it. The touch touchpad is normal. But I find the MacBook keyboard more suitable.

Battery Life of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15

Comparing the two laptops from a different perspective, battery life is very important. Dell XPS 15 has not an impressive battery. It runs only five to six hours in normal use, and less in intensive use. I don’t like it much.

In MacBook Air m1 battery life is unbelievable. It easily runs for approximately ten hours or more which is very impressive.

You can use it for the whole with a single charge. So I always prefer the more durable devices whether they are small or tinny in size.

Fans of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15

As the laptop is an electronic device, it heats up while running. But there are no fans in MacBook Air M1, it remains cool internally when working. So it runs smoothly and very fast without any awkward sound.

But on the other hand, Dell XPS 15 has fans to keep it cool. They produce irritating sounds. Here again, MacBook Air M1 has more scores than Dell XPS 15.

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Features Dell XPS 15 MacBook Air M1
Price  Low (Expensive)  High (Less expensive)
Design High Low
Display High Low
RAM & Storage High Low
CPU Performance Low High
Graphics High Low
Ports Low High
Keyboard Low High
Battery Life Low High
Fans low High


Price of MacBook Air M1 and Dell XPS 15

The most important of all is the price of the product you are going to buy. If you buy an expensive device but don’t find the features compare to the cheaper product. Then you will have to think over it again.

As the Dell XPS 15 is more expensive than the MacBook Air M1 with less performance.

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Here, Del XPS 15 is a good laptop in design, screen size, and graphics, but keeping the modern age requirements in view, MacBook Air M1 is faster and speedier with excellent battery life, ports, and keyboard. It is a very good portable device you must have.

In the comparison chart, I have given the review results. You can find which laptop scores high and which scores low according to my testing.


 This informative review of mine will illuminate your mind about the selection of a laptop between the two. You will find it easier to decide. At this price, you shouldn’t go for Dell XPS 15 because MacBook Air M1 is a better choice. But if you want to play heavy games, and you don’t find MacBook M1, then look for another laptop then Dell XPS 15.

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