Laptops Brand To Avoid & Worst Laptop Brands!

There are many brands of laptops in the market. Most of them have high prices and most of them have low prices also.

Today I discuss the Laptops Brand to Avoid. I breakdown brands into categories and give them numbers out of 100.

I made a decision after high research which laptop brand is good and which brand is not.

Many buyers buy a branded laptop without any guide and then ultimately they get lost in their decision. 

I suggest you read this article completely. It will help you a lot about choosing the best brand for your work or that will match your requirements.

We made a list of Laptops Brand to Avoid, for the sake of the satisfaction of the reader or buyer.

I have measured all factors of brands and also read customers’ reviews on these brands that I have mentioned in the list (below).

Here a list of laptops brand to avoid.

Worst Laptops Brand

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Alien ware
  • Samsung
Worst Laptops brand

Bad Laptops Brand

  • Razer
  • Acer
  • Lenovo
  • MSI
Bad Laptops brand

How I Rate Laptops Brand

Each laptop brand assigned or awarded a score based on 100 points. These points are divided into five categories, as given below

  • Reviews
  • Design
  • Tech or customer support
  • Revolution and values
  • Selection

Let’s take a look on these categories briefly.

#1. Reviews

You know Quality is the most important and core factor in the market. Customers or buyers want a quality product or quality brand.

If your brand does not meet the requirements of buyers then your brand can lose authority or level of achievements.

If your customer do not satisfy with your services then your brand will lose the intention of the customer.

I know that, 70 to That’s why I grade the “REVIEW” 40 points because this is a very important factor to test the brand quality.

#2. Design

Every brand has its own design and shape. For example, two laptops of different brands will not have the same design. Every brand has its unique and best design to attract the Customer.

All brands try to make the best design and take great care while designing and shipping his product like laptops.

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That’s why I grade “DESIGN” 15 points. It is an important factor for buyers because most buyers like a unique design. But some brands can not meet the level of most buyers.

#3. Tech Or Customer Support

When you buy a laptop from any brand, then you won’t know about manufacturing.

When you got a technical error on your laptop then you have to contact customer support to solve the problem.

If your laptop has a technical error then you have to contact tech support.

If they do not respond to you on time then that brand is bad or worst, that cannot handle the management and support system.

That’s why I grade “TECH OR CUSTOMER SUPPORT” 20 points.

#4. Revolution And Values

The world is growing very fast, laptops industry or market-moving very fast.

Every Brand wants to beat other brands by adding new features to their laptops.

Every brand launch new features in the laptops to move the market forward by implementing new technologies.

After adding new technologies or features to laptops, some brands win the trust of buyers and prove the name of their brand.

Some brands fail to win the trust of buyers and they consider as a bad brand.

From that laptop brands, you should avoid. That’s why I grade “REVOLUTION AND VALUES” 10 points.

#5. Value And Selection

Some brands provide the best budget laptops but when  I compare the budget with prices then there is a big gap between budget and performance.

These laptops brands provide laptops that have a lack of performance.

On the other hand, some brands, provide laptops that have not many features but their prices are very high.

That’s why  I grade “VALUE AND SELECTION” 10 points.

Worst Laptops Brand To Avoid

There 4 worst laptop brands you should avoid if you have low budget.

#1. Microsoft

Microsoft customers are very disappointed because Microsoft did not launch the best laptop.

In 2020, Microsoft launched a laptop/tablet lineup, the Surface Pro X Which is unchanged from previous ones.

It’s very disappointing news for Microsoft customers who wait for new its new model.

These models did not satisfy the intent of the buyers or their customers.

 It means that the selling of these models was down in 2020 and these products fail to win a handsome place in the market.

Microsoft-Laptops Brand to Avoid

If I talk about the price of Microsoft brands laptop then I came to know that the process of the Microsoft products is very high as compared to other brands. So, that’s why this is the worst brand in 2020.

I have seen there are approximate, no new features in the Microsoft laptops in 2020. Because the laptops and tablets that It launched are similar to previous ones. Therefore, Microsoft got 70 points and consider as worst laptops brand to avoid.

#2. Apple

As I all know that Apple brand considers as 2nd worst brand according to price.

If I compare the features of the apple brand laptop with the price, then the price of this brand laptop is very high as compared to its features.

According to Recuperation-based Apple, the brand is the second-worst brand after Microsoft.

The reason behind this worst brand is that this laptops brand demands a very high budget for its newly launched product.

Apple-Laptops Brand to Avoid

Although, Apple’s brand invests a lot of money by adding new design options and taking more risks with innovations.

But Apple brand may not be able to cater to the non wealthy or middle-class people.

Therefore, Apple got 73 points and consider as second worst laptops brand to avoid.

#3. Alien-ware

Alien-ware is a brand that was purchased by Samsung. This brand was not a good brand in 2020.

It is because this brand lost its position and down the four-figure below in the market.

T tries to improve its position by adding and introducing new designs. This brand can make its position better by investing in new innovation with risk.

Many brands taking risks on new innovations and revolutions to make their brand more famous.

I can aspect from this brand that they will introduce an astonishing and unique design. And will be able to stabilize its position.


By the way, This laptop brand is the third-worst laptop brand to avoid. Therefore, It got 73 points and consider as 3rd worst laptop brand to avoid.

#4. Samsung

Samsung launched its best laptops every year. This laptop’s brand fans every year expected a beautiful and unique design from Samsung.

But this brand introduced a beautiful and bold design. Due to this latest and beautiful design of Samsung laptops brand tries to satisfy its fans.

There are many improvements that are still required for this company to do. Like they can improve the company position by expanding its own Catalog.


Samsung laptop’s brand battery life is not so good.

If I compare it with other brands then I came to know that other brands provide handsome battery life.

This laptop brand is even still not able to improve battery life.

If I took a glance at its innovation then I know that it has invested high income in the innovations.

This laptop brand also takes a risk and invests money to add new features to the laptops.

Therefore, It got 75 points and consider as 4th worst laptop brand to avoid.  

4 Bad Laptops Brand to Avoid

There 4 worst laptop brands you should avoid if you have low budget.

#1. Razer

According to the best and worst laptops brand reports, Razer blade still considers a bad laptops brand to avoid this year. This brand failed to maintain its position this year. Let’s see what upcoming good news from this brand in the next year.

Razer trying to expand its horizon and trying to hire professionals with workstations that are just tempting as its gaming under budget laptops.


This brand continues its efforts and making a new best and gorgeous laptops supporting plenty of power. I hope this brand will make progress by creating astonishing laptops.  Therefore, It got 76 points and consider as 1st bad laptops brand to avoid.

#2. Acer

Acer tried well to prove itself, this year. This brand makes top dollars workstations in overall performance. For this best specs, thanks to Acer. It proves itself a  giant slayer this year.

But unfortunately, the company could not make its position better because the Taiwan-based tech giant was down. It was down due to mediocre products offering by a series.


Therefore, It got 76 points and consider as 2nd bad laptops brand to avoid.

#3. Lenovo

Lenovo laptop brand stables its position but still, it considers as a bad brand. This brand launched the best ThinkPad line of laptops. Somehow, a company trying to add some more extraordinary features to their upcoming laptops.

This company launched many extraordinary business laptops that you can buy. But when I talk about the innovations then I come to know that this brand invests less money on innovations. This


Therefore, It got 77 points and consider as 3rd bad laptops brand to avoid.

#4. MSI

This brand set in motion itself into the top 5 laptops. This brand proved itself not only in gaming laptops but also in business laptops. This company expanding its design and provides us an awesome laptop and it also configured its design in the core flagship.

If we talk about the support and warranty then this brand has low performance in this case. Customer support plays an important role in brand progress. 


Therefore, It got 78 points and consider as 4th bad laptops brand to avoid.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In your opinion, which laptop brand is most reliable? Simply put, Acer makes the most reliable laptops available today. There is no debate about this. Computers and laptops made by Acer are renowned for their reliability.

What Are The Worst Computer Brands?

The following are the top 8 most popular computer brands as rated by users:

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