Laptop Makes Rattling Noise When Tilted?

Are you facing an issue while tilting your laptop or your laptop makes a rattling noise when tilted? If yes then don’t worry.

This is a very common issue that many laptop users face while using. We will discuss in detail how you can easily fix the rattling noise of your laptop while tilting.

Let’s discuss in detail how we fix this issue.

Reasons Behind Laptop Rattling Noise

There are many reasons behind the rattling noise when titled the laptop.

  • Loose RAM
  • Old HDD
  • Loose Screws
  • Loose Keyboard
  • Overheating
  • Dirt Builds Up
  • Loose Fan & Low speed

1. Loose RAM

Yes, It’s true! When your laptop RAM is lost you will feel the noise in the laptop. You can hear noise in the laptop while shaking your laptop.

You can fix this issue by opening your laptop screws. After that fasten your laptop RAM and check again. I hope you fixed the issue and Now your laptop becomes noise-free, Open it again and Enjoy your laptop without any noise!

[su_note note_color=”#d1e6fd” text_color=”#000000″]Note: If you are unable to fasten RAM then don’t waste more time and try to replace it.[/su_note]

2. Old HDD

If the noise comes from the HDD side then you have to change the HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

If you know your laptop is too old and you also know the noise comes from the HDD side then simply change the old HDD with the new one.

Your problem will be fixed after changing your laptop HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Old HDD” target=”blank”]Old HDD[/su_photo_panel]

3. Loose Screws

When we continuously use our laptop without caring about it then in most cases our laptop screws become loose. This is not a good act we should make sure that our laptop screws should be properly closed and not in loose condition.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Loose Screws” target=”blank”]Loose Screws[/su_photo_panel]

Now check properly your laptop screws and make sure every single laptop screw is closed properly. If any of them is loose then close It properly and check again.  Now you will see miraculously your laptop will become noise-free.

4. Loose Keyboard

This is a very rare issue. You may face this issue and maybe sound coming from the laptop due to a loose keyboard.

Check your laptop keyboard if it is loose then move or replace this laptop keyboard.

After replacing the keyboard your laptop will be free from the rattling sound.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Loose Keyboard-Laptop Makes Rattling Noise When Tilted” target=”blank”]Loose Keyboard[/su_photo_panel]

5. Overheating

While continuously use your laptop, then it may heat up then it may produce rattling noise. This issue occurs in very rare cases. Mostly, Overheating highly impact your laptop cooling system and it may damage it.

[su_note note_color=”#d1e6fd” text_color=”#000000″]When a dedicated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) not getting power then it is very difficult for the unit to meet the requirement of GPU. When the laptop cooling system does not work properly then your laptop may produce rattling noise.[/su_note]

GPU produces heat that is the main source to produce heat in the laptop. If you will not check this issue and it remained unchecked then it may damage your laptop SSD (Solid State Drive) and also another component of your laptop.

This is the main reason behind Laptop Makes Rattling Noise When Tilted.

So, how to check laptop heats up or not? If you use your laptop for 2 to 3 hours and you feel the heat and rattling noise from your laptop or downside of your laptop then feel free to check your laptop GPU to stop heat and noise.

6. Dirt Builds Up

Some laptop users are very careless about laptop maintenance and laptop cleanliness. This is the main reason behind the dirt builds inside the laptop and around the laptop fan.

With a compressed air or dryer, you can blow air across the motherboard to fix this problem. Note: This issue can slow down your laptop so no worry.

Simply blow air in the motherboard and you will see your laptop is noise-free and it make your laptop fast.

7. Loose Fan & Low speed

The loose fan can produce rattling noise in your laptop. If you feel sound from the fan side of the laptop then don’t waste your more time and try to fix the loose fan.

If you ignore this issue then this sound will become higher and higher. This sound can make your work more and more difficult.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Loose Fan & Low speed-Laptop Makes Rattling Noise When Tilted” target=”blank”]Loose Fan & Low speed[/su_photo_panel]

This sound also comes when Mounting brackets are loose. You are lucky this issue can easily be solved with the tightened mounting brackets and fan screws.

All you need to tighten the screws and you will see noise will be vanishes.

Precautions While Fixing Rattling Noise Issue

You should take some precautions while fixing rattling sound issues.

  • Make sure you know how to fix the rattling noise issue
  • You have to fix this issue at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage.
  • Make sure you have tightened the screws perfectly.
  • Check your laptop’s old HDD very carefully and try to replace it with an expert.
  • Make sure you open the laptop screws with a new screwdriver. (old screwdriver can damage your laptop screws)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Does My Laptop Make A Noise When I Tilt It?

This noise is due to many reasons like this noise comes due to old HDD, Loose Fan, loose keyboard, loose laptop screws, and many more. Just check where the noise actually comes from.


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Why Is My PC Making A Loud Rattling Noise?

There are many reasons why laptops make noises. The laptop can make noise due to a loose keyboard, loose screws, old HDD, Loose RAM, and many other issues that can also occur. You can also these issues by reading above mentioned processes.


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Is Tilting The Laptop Bad?

Yes, it is very bad. You have to fix these issues as soon as possible because these issues can slow down your laptop permanently if these issues are not solved.


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Where Should You Put Your Laptop When Using It?

Using your laptop on the plastic stand or wooded table or stand is the best practice. It is because there is no dust on such stands and wooden tables.


Final Verdict

We have provided an amazing guide on a laptop that makes a rattling noise when tilted. Now we hope you successfully solve your laptop rattling noise issues. You can encourage us by sharing this article with treasured media platforms and with your friends.

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