Is It Bad To Use Laptop While Charging?

Yes it is bad practice to use your laptop while charging. While researching, I saw many talks on using laptop while charging. Many people said they feel a lot of heat while they were using laptop with charging.

We know that most of people put laptop on their lap while working. Laptop generate heat while charging. So, I recommend you not to use laptop while charging.

Imagine a pregnant lady use laptop on her laptop, it may Cause Miscarriage. I already written a complete researched based article on it especially for pregnant women’s.

Now Let’s start with the battery. As we know the life of a Li-ON battery with only two metrics.

  • Charge cycle
  • Depth of charge

Charge Cycle

While the State of Charge is normally expressed using percentage points Example: 0% = empty; 100% = full.

Depth of Charge

It is the fraction or percentage of the capacity, which has been removed from the full 100% charged battery.

It is another amazing alternative method to symbolize a battery’s State of Charge, normally written as (SoC).

The Depth of Discharge is the entirety of the State of Charge, as one increases, the other one decreases.

The Depth of Discharge is either represented using units of Ah or percentage points indicate 100% is empty and 0% is full.

The capacity of a battery may be higher than its meaningless rating. And Thus the depth of discharge value can surpass the meaningless value. Example: 55 Ah for a 50 Ah battery, or 110%.

[su_panel color=”#000000″ border=”1px solid #747474″ padding=”10″ shadow=”3px 4px 4px #eeeeee” radius=”3″]We know that every battery has a limited number of charge cycles.

It occurs when your battery stops to hold charges. Charge cycles depend upon the charge type.There are 800 to 2000 micro charge cycles.

The real and deep charge cycles are about 300 to 600. For betterment, you should burn micro chargers faster than deep cycle chargers.[/su_panel]

This is the main reason why Li-ON battery manufacturers recommend this one on your battery. But it works only when it is below 50% and closer to 25% of the total capacity of your battery.

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Now I want to say one thing very carefully, many people might be thinking that the more they charge their laptop, more longer the battery of life of their laptop but it does not work.

If you use your laptop continuously and drain your battery life completely then the number of charge cycles versus in depth of charges does not work in your favor.

Optimal Charging Point

Now we discuss the optimal charging point. The point where you should start to charge your laptop or plug in your laptop to a power source.

The optimal charging point of your battery is about 25% to 50% of the total capacity battery.

The new generation laptops come with anti microcircuit, Laptop won’t charge the battery unless it comes o the discharge point or minimal point, or optimal point.

In simple words, it won’t charge the battery until it comes to the minimum point.

Is it Bad or OK to Use Laptop while Charging

Now. Is it bad to use the laptop while charging? No, It is not bad, But some minor problems that you can face.

When you plugged in your laptop with a power supply like AC adapters instead of a battery then only the excess of power goes to the battery.

And When you plugged in, the battery is not in the continuous charge motion but it drops off when the charge level drops below 95%.

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Is it Bad or OK to use Laptop while Charging


When you use a laptop while charging then your laptop battery is not in use, So it can take several hours to charge.

It could drain 5% charging without an active situation. So, to charge that 5% battery can take more than an hour to charge.

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  • Laptop battery charge storing capacity lost or drop most when you kept your laptop battery fully charged. Some famous brands like Lenovo, Apple, and Microsoft also provide battery-safe mode to keep your laptop battery in a cool state.
  • Your laptop should be ventilated to maintain the temperature of the battery. It should not be high otherwise your battery health will be low gradually.


Most laptops cut dim laptop screens automatically or cut the power usage for better performance and prolong the time of laptop usage or battery life.

Most of the people proclaimed that the laptop’s performance is far better while charging the laptop when it is not on charge.

But actually, it is not true because in both cases (with charging and without charging) laptop is connected to the power adapter.

This issue mostly occurred when you add a new adapter as a replacement.

For Example, Your laptop’s genuine power adapter is 60W and you add an adapter with 90W.

Indeed, This can create an issue you have to change the adapter setting from your laptop. Let’s discuss how you can change the adapter setting.

Step #1

Open your laptop screen and then click on the “Start button”.

Step #2

After that Click on the “Setting button”.

Step #3

Now Click on the “Network and Internet”.

Step #4

After that, you will show “Network and Sharing Center “ Click on this button.

Step #5

Now Click on the last one “Change adapter settings” and now you can change your adapter settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Use A Laptop While Charging?

Yes! You can use your laptop while charging. But you need to unplugged the charger when your laptop battery is up to 90. In rare cases, the laptop becomes heat up after continuous use of the laptop while charging.


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Can I Use The Laptop Without A Battery?

If your laptop battery damage or you want to use the laptop without a battery then you can use your laptop without a battery.

You have to connect your laptop with a charger or power supply, after that, you can easily use your laptop. In this case, the laptop acts as a PC.


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Does Charging And Using Laptop Damage The Battery?

No, It can’t damage but it can heat your laptop, and slow down your laptop performance. The laptop fan fails to cool the CPU and there is a chance that your laptop could be shutting down automatically. This is due to heat indicators in the laptop.


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