Is 4GB Ram Good For Laptop?

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The answer to this question (Is 4GB Ram Good for Laptop) is that it depends on the tasks that you perform on the daily basis.

To solve this problem I have made a list of which ram is best for which type of work.

That’s a great idea, it will help you a lot to choose a good ram laptop for your desired work. Let’s discuss it!

List of Laptop Rams

  • 4 GB
  • 8 GB
  • 16 GB
  • 32 GB 


The 4 gigabytes level memory comes with even budget notebooks. And for basic windows and chrome OS usage. It can run MS Word, Excel, and this type of software easily.

But it will not provide you extraordinary performance. It does not allow you to run heavy software like proteas and Xactimate.


If you are a graphics designer then 8 Gb Ram will be sufficient for you. But it will not provide you extraordinary performance.

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I do not recommend 8 GB Ram for a graphic designer for professional work. The 8 GB is excellent for windows and mac systems and most games.


The 16 gigabytes are ideal for professional work and more demanding games. If you are a graphic designer then a 16GB Ram laptop is quiet for you.

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Our mission is to provide accurate answers. We think without knowing it is impossible to live a balanced life be competent to be skillful.

Comparison Of 4, 8, And 16 GB RAM

Let’s compare these 3 RAMS for a better understanding of which Ram is best for laptop.

There is not much difference between these three laptop’s Rams. If you want the best and professional work then you should go for 8 GB and 16GB Ram laptops.

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Comparison of 4, 8, and 16 GB RAM



HP Z-Book Firefly 14 G7 Mobile Workstation has a 32 GB memory size. 32 GB Ram provides you extraordinary performance.

You can run every software if you have a 32 GB laptop. There is no option of lagging if you have a laptop with 32 GB Ram.

Some games are Ram hungry so if you are a pro player of high-level and outclass games then you should buy a laptop with 32GB Ram.

16GB Ram can also run these games but gamers want performance only. A bit of low-performance can kill the game.

How Much Ram Does A Laptop Need?

For anyone looking for the bare computing essentials, four gigabytes of laptop ram should be sufficient.

If you want your PC to be able flawlessly to accomplish more demanding tasks at once. Such as gaming graphic design and programming.

You should have at least eight gigabytes of laptop ram.

Ram, some sub 250 laptops come with only four gigabytes of ram. But ideally, you want at least eight gigabytes on even a budget system and 16 gigabytes.

If you can spend just a little more for most folks, 32 gigabytes or more is more than enough. While 64 gigabytes and above are reserved for power users.

A Good Processor Speed For A Laptop

A clock speed of 3.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz is generally considered a good clock speed for gaming.

But it’s more important to have a good, single-thread performance.

This means that your CPU does a good job of understanding and completing a single task. This is not to be confused with having a single-core processor.

How Much Ram Does Windows 10 Take Up?

The 4GB Ram in regards to windows 10 Ram requirements nowadays are most basic.

Windows 10 systems come with 4 GB of Ram especially.

If you intend to run a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system 4 GB.

Ram is the minimum requirement with a 4 gigabytes ram the windows 10 PC performance will be boosted.

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Laptop ram


Is 4GB Ram Good For A Laptop?

If you have too little Ram, say 4gigabytes. There’s a good chance a lot of the games you want to play just won’t run or at least won’t run well.

We consider 16 gigabytes to be a nice sweet spot for a solid gaming system.

It should be more than enough to run your games and multitask as needed.

While not all modern laptops give you access to the ram. There are many ways to upgrade your laptop memory. If you can upgrade your laptop’s memory.

It won’t cost you much money or time. The process of swapping out ram chips should take between 5 and 10 minutes to depend on how many screws you have to remove.

What Makes A Laptop Fast?

Ram, the computer’s memory, and the processor both affect how fast your laptop runs. The higher the number for each, the fast the speed.

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For instance, 4 GB of ram runs faster than 2 GB. The processor speed is measured in gigahertz, and a 2 GHz machine runs fast than a 1 GHz.

Does increasing ram increase fps?

Does more ram mean more fps? The answer to that is: In some scenarios, depending on how much ram you have. Yes, adding more ram could increase your FPS.

Games require a certain amount of memory to run. The amount of memory that games require to run can vary from game.


Following reading an article, we discovered that 4GB Ram is enough for some scenarios. If you are a computer science student, 4GB of RAM is sufficient.

You can buy a new one if you want to model or play games. Also, if you have 8GB of RAM and an Intel GPU, you won’t be able to enjoy the same level of performance as NVidia or Radeon. Adding graphic cards will improve performance further.

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