Is 240GB SSD Enough for Gaming?

Gaming laptops are taking the heart of gamers due to their high-end features and ability to keep players motivated and engaged.

This good gaming experience is backed by providing ample storage capacity and good data read/write speed. If you want to know Is 240GB SSD is Enough for Gaming then stay with us.

Well, the main thing which can make or break your gaming experience is the type of drive your laptop holds.

Most gaming laptops these days come with Solid State Drives, but some are still based on hard drives. Of the two, laptops having SSDs are considered good for the gaming experience as the HDDs aren’t equally efficient.

When it comes to space, you can hold as spacy SSD as you can manage. The cost and other factors might hinder you in this regard. As a minimum option, is 240GB SSD enough for gaming? The answer to this question is variable and highly depends on the type of games you want to play.

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Depending on the frequency with which you play and the size of games you want to install can affect your experience with 240GB SSD.

If you have confusion about the accuracy of 240GB SSD for gaming, let’s discuss it in detail.

Is SSD Good For Gaming?

On the clear ground, a solid-state drive for a laptop is primarily used for gaming. That’s why SSD is now replacing HDD for gamers and business users. You can expect to get fast, heavy-duty performance on SSD to meet all your gaming needs.

The design of SSD is the major reason for its uniqueness. Unlike Hard drive, you won’t find any moving mechanical components when in use. That’s why most recent laptops now come with SSDs to offer you almost all high-end features. In actuality, the SSDs have the right amount of data storage space to keep your all games.

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For efficient gaming, SSDs have a higher load time compared to traditional hard drives. All you need to do is to find a compatible SSD for your gaming needs.

On the other side, SSDs are quieter, energy-efficient, and offer excellent ways to store your data. Plus, Solid State Drives are more durable than hard drives.

So, you will get extra peace of mind while moving your computer. Well, these are the reasons why an SSD is good for gaming.

Is 240GB SSD Enough For Gaming?

Although all SSDs are considered good for gaming and other high-end functions.

But when it comes to performance, storage capacity matters the most. The more storage capacity your SSD has the more you will be able to enjoy gaming.

But is 240GB Solid State Drive good for gaming? Well, the data storage capacity of 240GB for an SSD is quite common these days.

You can consider it just enough for gaming purposes. But if you are an extensive gamer, it can seriously hinder your gaming experience.

Many advanced games like Witches 3 and FIFA 19 require more than 50GB.

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So, if you opted to install these games on a laptop having 240 GB SSD, then you won’t be able to keep more than 4 or 5 of them. To install any new game, you have to uninstall the previous games.

Things Should Be Remembered

That’s why high-end gaming laptops come with 1TB data storage capacity to offer a better experience to pro gamers. Keep in mind that the higher the capacity of SSD, the quicker they will be in performing desired actions.

If you will ask any professional gamer, he will recommend you never go for data storage capacity below 512GB. Then should you go for higher options to take good mileage? Well, the higher data storage capacity is unnecessary if you intended to download limited games.

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On the other hand, 240GB SSD is considered just enough for entry-level gaming needs. You will be able to download and keep only a few games. So, you have to uninstall existing games to feed the new ones.

If you can handle all that mess and are aiming to play lighter games, then 240GB could be a fine option for you. But anything less than this can spoil your gaming experience.

Overall, if you don’t have tons of locally stored videos, photos, or music, then a 240GB SSD can be enough for the basic gaming needs. But in the flood of already stored data, you might get stuck with 240GB SSD.

So, look at your stored data, and the internal capacity of your laptop before making a firm choice.

Why You Should Consider 240GB SSD For Gaming?

Let’s look at different factors before deciding that whether a 240GB SSD is enough for gaming or we should go for higher options.

#1. Capacity Demand Factor

When it comes to the capacity demand factor, a little space should be left in SSD to prevent the impact of fragmentation.

So, in this regard, a 240GB SSD is quite better than a 120GB SSD when we consider the remaining space. If you are about to choose between 240GB and lower capacity, then 240GB is better.

#2. Performance Factor

The increase in storage density of flash memory affects the write performance of small capacity SSD. Another thing is cache capacity, which allows writing speedily. Once the cache is used up you will see a decrease in write speed. For a simple 240GB SSD, the SLC cache can reach 3.4GB.

But once the cache the used up, the write speed will decrease to around 175MB/s. This write speed is enough for average-level gaming and is much better than the 120GB model.

#3. Price Factor

Price is another factor to take into count if you’re a budget-conscious person. For entry-level gamers who don’t want to spend more on their gaming setup can consider 240GB SSD. This will help you to commence and continue your gaming journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 240GB Good For Gaming?

Yes, You can use 240GB SSD for gaming, since it will boot your games two times faster than a typical HDD.

If you want to play high visuals games then it is best for you. It will enhance your gaming experience.

Is 240GB SSD Enough For A Boot Drive?

Yes, 240GB SSD is enough for the boot drive. As long as you don’t write to it too often, you should be okay with the 240GB SSD. 

Which Is Better 120GB SSD Or 240GB SSD?

Honestly, 240GB is far better than 120GB SSD. It will enhance visual display and your gaming experience. If you are a gamer this is would be the best choice for you.

How Much SSD Is Enough?

We recommend 500GB SSD storage to store a large number of files. It mostly depends on users, like gamers don’t need too much storage space they are concerned with the only RAM.

In Summary

All in all, gaming laptops have varying SSD storage capacities to meet the dreamy needs of all gamers. Most entry-level gamers ask the question “Is 240GB SSD Enough for Gaming?”. Well, if you can manage to uninstall previously installed games to get the new ones and don’t have lots of personal data to store, then a 240GB SSD can hold you back for moderate gaming.

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