Is 16gb RAM Enough For Video Editing?

Do you like to make videos and doing editing on a laptop or pc? Then you must know the importance of RAM for Video Editing.

If you are interested to know more information on this topic, connect with us. Moreover, we will discuss all details about how much ram for video editing needs.

If you want to know Is 16gb RAM Enough for Video Editing then stay with us we will discuss in detail let’s start!

RAM For Video Editing

First, we will discuss computer memory. In addition, if you want to edit your videos in a fast, quick, and efficient way, you need a good ram.

Ram stands for (Random Access Memory) as we know that video editing software needs more ram for this purpose, and ram is an important part of video editing. However, without good ram, your computer device will be stuck, crash or freeze during editing.

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So the question comes to mind that what type of ram should we use? The answer is very simple. It links directly with multiple applications that you will use at the same time.

Side by side, it also depends upon the type of software that you will use and the type of video you want to edit in video editing ram.

The whole process has directly linked with money. If you are using a good ram that will not create any problem during editing, then you will make a fantastic project in no time.

How Much Ram Do You Need For Video Editing?

This is the most relevant question about RAM FOR VIDEO EDITINGRAM depends on enough handling for the large majority of video editing projects. They are about 16 GB of RAM.

In fact, it depends on the technical variations of the video you are working with, like bit rate, resolution, and codec. Indeed you can get away with using 8 GB RAM or maybe need up to 64 GB of RAM for video editing.

We know that ram is a temporary storage portion of your computer. For this reason, you can store major data of video in ram. Because it is faster than a hard disc, so normally says that 8 GB ram is fine for your computer.

You can use ¼ parts of this in the operating system and reaming GB can use for footage editing.

Types Of Ram For Video Editing

Given below are types for video editing. So check to know which ram type is good for your video editing.


It is best for 720p files. It is a minimum ram requirement for video editing.

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1080p files can easily manage in this range but have little difficulty in 4k editing.

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You can edit all kinds of files along with 4k files. It smoothly creates graphics effects with the help of this 32GBram.

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It can use for 8k files with animation and 3D modelling in Cinema 4D.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”64GB RAM” target=”blank”]64GB RAM[/su_photo_panel]

Suppose you are comparing between 16GB or 32GB ram for video editing. Then go with 32GB ram with its unlimited properties. After every up gradation computer will work more smoothly and efficiently.

Equally important, that you can proceed with multiple tasks with better up-gradation of ram.

How Much Memory For Video Editing?

The RAM for the computer is the faster option for operates. So you need enough memory to require for your computer’s operating system to bear the load of work.

For example, it needs when you open the video editing software you require it, during editing the video smoothly, it also requires for the multiple computer’s background tasks to continue work.

Good RAM Acts As Multi-Tasker

For video editing, it’s most important to realize the amount of RAM that a person will need. It is for the type and amount of video that you want to edits directly connect with your money. In ram for video editing, you need a ram that covers all problems of video editing.

Then you must purchase a good ram for editing purposes especially. A good ram of computer will definitely work for video editing because a good ram can smoothly work during multiple tasks.

Upgrading The RAM

Ram up-gradation is the easiest way to make your computer fast and working. It will affect when you will work with large files in preview and in rendering speed. So a good ram can handle all problems very well.

If you are using Adobe After Effect, you can understand that computer needs a high ram for this purpose. Besides it, graphical work may slow your computer’s efficiency and its effects on the working capability of your computer.

Best RAM Size For The Needs

High-resolution work needs more ram, and if you are working with up to 4k video files, you need a highly working ram. Ram will preprocess these files along with layers and preview of the file.

For all these purposes, a normal ram will freeze during editing, and it will slow your work and computer as well.

So, when you are going to buy a RAM For video editing, do consider all these things before purchase. For low files of footage, the lower RAM causes the shutdown of many other applications. But when you use 32GB and up. You can get the whole game in your hand.

Compatibility Is Important

The motherboard of the computer should support the amount of ram that you want to buy. Adding more modules to increase ram strength was a normal practice in the past, but now it is more tricky and problematic.

The main problem comes with the stability of the ram when you add or mix a ram. However, if the rams are from the same brand and other details are also equal.

Frequently Asked Question

Is 16 GB RAM Enough For Premiere Pro?

If you want to run Adobe Premier pro on 16GB RAM then no worries 16GB RAM is enough. you can run any type of project on 16 GB RAM. You can render any type of video even very large size videos easily with 16GB RAM.

Is 16 GB RAM Enough In 2022?

Yes 16 GB RAM or 16GB DDR4 is enough in 2022. You can open many tabs and windows on your laptop.

You can work on very heavy software and can do your work without facing any lag on your laptop. In 2021, 16 GB RAM is enough for Home and Office work and even best for college and university students.

How Much RAM Do I Need To Edit The 4K Video?

To edit 4k videos we recommend you use 32GB RAM to get high-quality videos after rendering. All you need to buy a laptop with 32 GB RAM or Buy 32GB RAM separately and add it manually to your laptop.

Final Verdict

As shown above, the ram is the essential part of the computer, and it is memory contain part of the computer. During working on the computer, your work may get some trouble if the ram is less GB. For video making and editing, you need a good amount of space.

Side by side for background activates on the computer, and you need good space that does not affect badly on your work. In short, if you want good ram for editing, you need to buy it as per your requirement. From 8 to 64 GB, rams are available for your best editing experience.

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