HP Pen vs HP Tilt Pen – What’s The Difference?

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An HP Pen is a pen-shaped input device that has been developed by HP. HP Pens are designed to work with the HP TouchPad tablet computer and HP webOS version 2. x or higher, which means you can use them for handwriting recognition, drawing, annotating documents, and more.

The HP Tilt Pen is an input device that comes in both black and white colors.

It’s thinner than other tablets on the market because its touch surface tilts up towards your hand.

When you write on it with the stylus it makes it easier to see what you’re writing while using less space on your desk or lap!

HP Pen vs HP Tilt Pen

HP Pen vs HP Tilt Pen

What are the differences between HP Pens vs HP Tilt Pens? Let’s find out below!

HP Pen

A standard hp pen is a great tool for note-taking, drawing, and sketching. The HP Pen has a fine point tip that makes it perfect for detailed work.

4.5+ Rating
HP Pen

HP Pen


  • Item model number: ‎4931873
  • Item Weight: 2.12 ounces
  • Color: Silver

It also has an eraser on the other end, which is perfect for quickly fixing any mistakes you make while drawing or taking notes.

Additionally, the HP Pen comes with several handy features like Palm rejection, HP Pen synchronization, and a pen holder.

These features make the HP Pen an ideal tool for those who need to take notes, sketch or draw as part of their work.

The HP Pen is also great for students because it allows them to be more creative when taking class notes.

Of course, you can use this device in any other profession that requires note-taking, drawing, or sketching.

HP Pen also comes with many different colors to choose from so you can pick the one that best suits your taste and preferences.

HP Tilt Pen

The HP Tilt Pen is a great choice for students and it offers the best of both worlds:

  • an eye-catching design that makes each HP Tilt Pen stand out from other HP Tilt Pens,
  • as well as features that are sure to impress.

when I bought A new HP Tilt Pen I feel it is always more fun than being tapped with a finger on the screen!

4.5+ Rating
HP Tilt Pen

HP Tilt Pen


  • Item model number: ‎2MY21AA#ABL
  • Item Weight: ‎0.512 ounces
  • Color: Black (Special)

HP Tilt Pen is perfect for taking notes in class, signing documents, and more. HP Tilt Pen helps you to be more productive with a touch-enabled device.

it has an aluminum body that makes it light and easy to carry around with you. It also comes with a cap so you can protect it.

With HP Tilt Pen, you can make your mark in style with a variety of colors to choose from.

This Pen comes in black, silver, pink, or gold so that anyone who uses an HP Tilt Pen stands out! HP Tilt Pen is the perfect way to make your HP touch-enabled device even more personal.

It has a USB-C port for quick charging. According to the HP website, this pen battery life is up to 10 hours.

In conclusion, I used both pens but the HP tilt pen is far better than HP Pen from battery life to color.

In terms of battery life, I prefer a battery that can be replaced rather than one that needs to be recharged every time it is used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HP Pen Support tilt?

There is no tilt support on HP pens.

What Does HP Tilt Pen do?

The HP Tilt Pen is a pen which combines the best of both worlds.

Rather than be constrained by the limitations of touchscreens, this pen delivers the freedom and precision only possible with a traditional pencil as well as that technology to blend digital ink and light brushstrokes for neat sketches.

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