HP Pavilion x360 Compatible Pen – Top 10 Picks

Well, you have done a great job in choosing your Laptop. There is no better choice than the HP Pavilion x360 if you are looking for a 2 in 1 laptop. But when it comes to choosing the best compatible pen for your new Laptop, then you need to be very picky!

 Have you ever used a pen or not? If you haven’t used any pen before then, you indeed have no idea about the types of pens. Actually, there are two basic types of pens. One is known as active pens or stylus. The second one is known as a passive or capacitive stylus.

In this post, we are bringing the best products available in the market with a reasonable price tag. As you have to perform your artistic work or design on your HP Pavilion X360, then you must have the top-notch product in your hand to draw or create something extraordinary.

If you are looking for the best compatible pens for HP Pavilion X360, then you are on the right platform. We have thoroughly researched the market and came up with these top-end items. Following are the descriptions of the versatile and advanced-tech pens for your Laptop, along with their features.

Top Picks from the Market

Here is the most awaited section of our post. So here are the top 3 best available pens that you can use for your tablet laptop. Here we go!

Digiroot Universal Stylus

This product is at the top of the list due to its compatibility with iPad, tablets, or touch screen laptops. Well, feel yourself from the worries or recharging your stylus as there is no battery in it.

Furthermore, it comes with two kinds of tips. One is the fine tip, and the second is the disc tip. 

No 1
Digiroot Universal Stylus

Digiroot Universal Stylus

Reviewers Liked:

  • It has wallet-friendly
  • It has a comfy grip.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Thirty days refund policy and one-year replacement warranty in case of any trouble.
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It entirely depends on whether you would like to go with the fine or disc tip when you are on the screen while designing the new creative cartoon character or a gown for the bride.

The best part of this product is its comfy grip. As the pen has dimensions ‎5.7 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches. The pen comes in black color which is always the first choice of people.

HP Digital Active Pen

This product is manufactured by Hacey and is mainly for the HP laptops, including the pavilion, envy, and specter series. Amazon recommends this product to use for HP Pavilion x360.

No 2
HP Digital Active Pen

HP Digital Active Pen

Reviewers Liked:

  • It provides an easy grip
  • The battery serves you for a more extended period.
  • It has an eye-catchy design and appearance.
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Moreover, the Hp pen has a stylish appearance in black metallic color. The pen is an active stylus which means it has electrical components.

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The battery of this pen is durable, which is a plus point. It is lightweight and compact; hence it is easy to grip.

Sky mirror Magnetic Digital Pen

Last but not least significant product is the Skymirror Magnetic Digital pen which is also an active pen. The battery has an excellent capacity to continuously supply power to the pen for 500 hours. The pen has a battery-saving mode. If you are not using it, it will automatically turn itself off.

No 3
Sky mirror Magnetic Digital Pen

Sky mirror Magnetic Digital Pen

Reviewers Liked:

  • Long durable battery.
  • High sensitivity for fine drawing results.
  • Wallet-friendly.
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Furthermore, the pen comes in unique black color and is highly pocket friendly. 

How to Choose the Best Stylus Pen for Your Laptop-Buying Guide?

Do you want to explore the available options on your own? Indeed, you can go for a dive in the deep sea if you know how to swim!

So, do you know the factors you need to look for while choosing your stylus pen? If not, then here are the factors that will help you about how to select the best stylus pen for your Laptop:

Hand Grip

It would be best if you had a proper grip on the stylus. If you cannot grip the pen properly or slip it from your hands, it may become difficult for you to draw or write.


The more significant the pen’s sensitivity, the better the precision will be. Usually, pens with less sensitivity require force for precise results in drawing and writing. If the sensitivity is high, then there will be no such issue.


Then must be versatile. It should allow you to change its tip. Sometimes you need a fine tip, or sometimes you need a tip to draw thick lines. To draw thick lines, you need a disc tip.

Therefore, you need to pick that pen that allows you to replace tips.

Are you Ready to Pick the Best Pen for your Laptop?

Picking the right pen for your Laptop in your budget is not easy at all! You need to be very vigilant and patient while choosing the right product. Even though the products are in the range of 40-604 dollars, but you still don’t want to spend 60$ from your hard-earned money for the pen every month.

We hope that this article has proven beneficial for you as we have tried to answer all the relevant questions in this post.

It is excellent to pick your stylus pen from the products mentioned earlier. If not, you still have the idea of choosing the best stylus pen for your Laptop after reading the buying guide.

So, thank you for reading the post with great care and attention!


How can we compare an active stylus with a capacitive stylus?

Both are pens which we can use on the touch screens of laptops for designing and writing purposes. The active stylus has electronic parts that provide sensitivity and connectivity to communicate with the device. In contrast, there is no electrical component in the capacitive stylus.

Which one is a better active stylus or passive stylus?

Every product has its pros and cons. But if you seek a friendly opinion, we suggest you pick an active stylus for your use.

If you are a perfectionist and require an outstanding piece of art, you should go with the active stylus. The reason for preferring an active stylus is its sensitivity and comfy hand grip.

All are HP laptops compatible with the stylus?

No! Not all HP laptops are compatible with stylus. A few laptops of the HP Pavilion series, HP Envy, and HP Spectre series are compatible with the stylus.


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