How To Use Roku Stick On Laptop

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Before discussing this question in detail We should come to know that what is Roku sticks and why we use them. We will discuss its functionalities also. Let’s start!

What is Roku Stick?

A Roku stick is an electronic device that you connect or plug into a TV to watch Movies, News, Sports, Tech related channel, and many more. This is basically called a streaming device that you plugin into your TV.

The best thing that is very important is that this streaming stick does not need any coaxial cable or any satellite-type dish on your roof for propagating and working. Streaming is basically a home network from services like Netflix and youtube etc.

Now we talk about what is streaming wand what is streaming and why we prefer and use Roku Stick for streaming. Let’s discuss what is streaming?

What is streaming?

When you watch a video or audio or other movie show on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer. Anyhow, the signal is sent to your home over the internet. And after it over the wireless network to your existing Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet or Computer.

Streaming lets you listen to music and watch videos on demand. It means whenever you want without waiting for a show to be broadcast or download anything.

You can stream anything from this device. Original series, Movies, TV shows, Kids’ shows, News channels, Sports, and many more. Accordingly, the best thing is that, easy access to 150 thousand plus movies and TV episodes and shows across top free and paid channels, including Netflix, Google Play, Rakuten TV, Happy Kids, Red Bull TV, Tune IN, and many more.

Other channels like Netflix do not provide you with commercials at all. If you want to know how to change MSI keyboard color then read How To Change MSI Keyboard Color.

If your Roku device is 4K Ultra HD and supports HDR then you can do several streaming services like Google Play, and Netflix offers a quality of 4K Ultra HD and HDR titles.

How To Use Roku Streaming Stick On Laptop

Roku stick is high end and full HD streaming device. The owner of this Roku Stick is Roku (company name). It’s simple as an HDMI dongle that does not have any portable storage memory.

You can connect Roku Stick with any device that has an HDMI. As we know that every laptop has and the computer does have output HDMI ports. that’s why the process of connecting a Roku Stick to your Laptop and Computer may not be easy or straightforward.

ROKU Streaming Stick

The working mechanism of this Roku Stick is the same as other Roku streaming devices. After a long effort, Roku featured Roku premier and Roku ultra that are boxed. We can place it anywhere in the house. The Roku streaming stick is an HDMI dongle that connects to your TV, Laptop, or Computer’s monitor input port.

The best feature of the Roku streaming stick is that it is a remote control. You can manually control this stick by remote and you can also control it from the smartphone’s Roku app. Now let’s discuss step by step how it works;

Steps To Use Roku Stick

Step 1:

Launch any web browser on your laptop or computer.

Step 2:

Now enter this URL in your browser search bar and press the “Enter button” on your keyboard.

Step 3:

After that, you will see three options on your screen. Download one of them according to your window.

  • Plex Media Server Download for Linux
  • Plex Media Server download for Mac
  • And Plex Media Server download for windows

Step 4:

After downloading, click on the “downloadable file” to run the process of installation.

Step 5:

Now click on the “install button” and allow to complete the process of installation.

Step 6:

When the file has been installed on your laptop then you should “launch it”.

Step 7:

Now, log in to your “Roku account” and head directly to the Roku channel store.

Step 8:

Now search “Plex App” on your Roku channel and subscribe to it.

Step 9:

Make sure your laptop must be connected to a strong WIFI connection. 

Step 10:

Now connect your Roku Stick to the power and WIFI connection. Now you can start streaming. It is because the laptop or computer and Roku streaming stick are paired. If you want to know you need a laptop for college or not then read Do you need a Laptop for College.


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