How To Use Firestick On Laptop?

The Firestick is a device that is used to watch TV and movies on your TV. It can be plugged into any HDMI port on your TV and then you can use the remote to control what you are watching.

It is a small and affordable device that can be used to watch content from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, etc. The Firestick has become very popular in recent years because it offers a lot of benefits over traditional cable TV.

Quick Guide To Use Firestick On Laptop

Firestick can be streamed through different devices like smartphones, laptops and TVs.

Step #1: The first step in using firestick on laptop is to install the app on your laptop.

Step #2: The second step is to connect your laptop to the internet. Once you have done that, you will see the Fire TV app icon on your computer screen.

Step #3: Clicking on it should open up a window where you need to sign in with your Amazon account credentials.

Step #4: After signing in, it will ask for permission for the app to access your location data, microphone and camera which are used for voice control and video streaming respectively.

Step #5: The last step would be clicking “Allow” in order for it to work properly.

An Echo Dot comes with the Fire streaming stick. With voice-over, you can choose the content you want to play. I truly believe it is the best device to watch streaming and videos.

echo dot-how to use firestick on laptop

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However, there are some obstacles to overcome. A little extra work is required. The HDMI port is the solution.

Unfortunately, most laptops and televisions don’t have an HDMI port. By the way, don’t worry about connecting your laptop to a Fire streaming stick via an HDMI port.

The HDMI port on the Firestick has a separate port for connecting your laptop.

You should keep in mind that most newer laptops come with HDMI ports for connecting an external monitor.

Are you sure the laptop’s port is enough to connect a Firestick? Wrong!

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The Firestick streaming stick has an HDMI output for broadcasting.

The laptop’s HDMI port has also a broadcast output to transfer a signal from one place to another screen.

Both transmit and output signals, as we know. Imagine you have an HDMI input port on your laptop and it can receive signals.

Even the Fire streaming stick won’t be able to connect to a laptop.

The reason is that an HDMI port is directly connected to the graphics card.  

Methods To Connect Firestick To Laptop

There are a lot of ways to use Firestick on the laptop, but I’m not recommending it strongly.

  • With Video Capture Card
  • Directly plug into HDMI port
  • Finding a laptop with an HDMI-in port
  • Connect Amazon Fire Stick to the VGA Power adapter.

Let’s take a step by step look at these methods. 

#1. With Video Capture Card

In light of this, let’s look at a simple method for using a Firestick or other streaming device on a laptop.

First, we’ll need a device that can capture HDMI signals. After testing, it only costs around fifteen dollars ($15).

So, If it’s not on sale next, we’ll need this free program you can download.

Step #1: If you don’t already have it, it’s called OBS(Click here to download it). You can install it on your Mac as well as on Windows laptops.

You can power up the fire stick with a USB-optional computer by connecting the fire stick to the HDMI video capture card. You can also plug it into the wall.

Step #2: if you’re near a wall and then put the capture card up to the computer using the HDMI port.

Step #3: After that, when you get OBS open just select this plus sign down at the bottom select “video capture device”.

video capture device-how to use firestick on laptop

Step #4: From the video capture device, indeed, you can name it whatever the name “actually doesn’t matter” you can keep it as a default name but once you select okay.

Step #5: In the same way, We’ll go to the next step, and from here just go to the top and drop-down and select the “USB video” option all right.

Step #6: So, After that scroll down to the very bottom of this page right here and you should see your streaming device in the background at this point.

Video Capture Card

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Step #7: But make sure you press the button on the “Remote” and make sure it’s not falling asleep on you but just check that use custom audio device option and select okay.

Step #8: We can also move on to the next step from the bottom right-hand corner select “settings”.

Step #9: From the “settings” drop-down and go to audio now from audio we’re going to go to “advanced” right here select the drop-down option and select the “speaker option” thereafter you select it to select apply and then okay.

Step #10: So, Now at the bottom where you see little widgets here select the “settings” widget and then select the “advanced settings” option.

Step #11: You remember that name we created or the name you kept as the default name find that go to the right of it select the drop-down option then select the “monitor and output option”

Step #12: After that, you can select close and the last and final step right-click from anywhere on the screen doesn’t matter where and then drop down to the “full-screen option” and select that final option that you see pop up and that’s all.

#2. Directly Plug Into HDMI Port

If your laptop has an HDMI input port then congratulations. You can also simply connect to that particular HDMI port for accessing your desired program.

Directly conneted to the hdmi port

#3. Finding a Laptop with an HDMI-in port

Believe me! there have been some laptops that Offer HDMI input as well as an output port.

HDMI input port provides a connection between laptop and television.

HDMI input and also output port is used to display content onto the television or other external devices.

Alienware’s m17x R4 is the only laptop released in 2012 that can solve your problem.

This laptop has both HDMI input and output ports. This laptop was released before Windows 8 and it was the best laptop of that time.

Due to the low progress technology of that time, this laptop’s GPU and processor are nothing as compared to this age laptops.

If you find this laptop then you can buy this laptop for your need but we don’t recommend it.

Finding a Laptop with an HDMI-in port

#4. Connect Fire Stick to the VGA Power adapter.

Indeed, most older laptops and monitors have a VGA power adapter to connect the computer monitor. Indeed, you can connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI to VGA converter and can watch your desired program.

Moreover, you can also connect speakers with this device.

It means if your laptop doesn’t offer a speaker option then you can connect simply by this device.

HDMI to VGA converter
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Frequently Asked Question

Can You Plug An Amazon Firestick Into A Laptop?

Firestick is made for both TV and laptop, It will work only on TV and laptop.

If your laptop has an HDMI port then you can easily connect your laptop with Firestick, otherwise, you have to buy Video Capture Card.

How Do I Connect My Firestick To My Laptop With HDMI?

It will be necessary for you to install an external HDMI video capture device.

By connecting your Fire Stick via this external device, you can plug it into your computer.

After plugging in the HDMI Video Capture Card to your Fire TV device, use a USB cord to connect the game card to your computer.

Why Won’t My Laptop Connect To My Firestick?

It works on both TVs and laptops. Firesticks can be used on both TVs and laptops.

You can connect your laptop with Firestick if your laptop has an HDMI port, but if your laptop does not have an HDMI port, you will need to purchase a Video Capture Card.

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