How To Unlock Mouse On Toshiba Laptop?

If you have a Toshiba laptop and facing issues with your mouse not working, this article How to unlock mouse on Toshiba laptop will help. You may be able to resolve the issue by turning off the display before shutting down your computer. If that doesn’t work, there is an easy fix for restarting the touchpad on your laptop.

You can avoid frustration when working on your laptop, and even make it more comfortable to use by disabling the touchpad. The hardest part about doing this is that you have no idea how or.

Where to find these settings while using your computer system without a mouse. By following some simple steps in order, though, we’ll know just what needs to be done!

How To Unlock Mouse On Toshiba Laptop?

With Toshiba laptops comes the great convenience of being able to navigate through their operating systems with one’s palms resting upon an invisible pad located below their keyboard.

However, for those who spend most of their time typing out long documents. There may come moments wherein they end up hitting whatever was sitting at its intended location.

This article covers: TOSHIBA Laptop Mouse Not Working? How To Fix It!

  1. ) Without an External Mouse
  2. ) With External Mouse

#1. Without An External Mouse

Step #1: Test the touchpad to make sure that it isn’t damaged. Do so by swiping a finger in all directions on the top of your laptop’s keyboard if you’re trying to use an external device or by using your two fingers (one from each hand) and keeping them as close together as possible while moving both hands back-and-forth over the surface with one going right, then left, etc.

If this is doesn’t work either way there may be something wrong with your computer such as damage done during physical contact or interference from water which would require repair.

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The first thing you should do when troubleshooting for Touchpad issues is checking whether they are caused because someone touched it too hard – often causing permanent scratches -or remnants off.

Step #2: Press and hold the laptop’s FN (function) key. It can be found on your keyboard, next to Control or Windows keys; it will have a different color than other keys.

Step #3: If you’re sick of accidentally touching the touchpad on your laptop while typing, it’s worth unlocking it.

Simply find and press the F9 key typically found in a top row of keys with FN held down to lock/unlock without worrying about accidental input!

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#2. With External Mouse

Step #1: Turn on your computer.

Step #2: Press the Fn key and F2 at the same time to enter into BIOS settings.

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Step #3: Go to Advanced tab > Boot Options > select CD/DVD Drive as a first boot device.

Step #4: Save changes, exit, restart your laptop with a disc inside.

Step #5: When you see an option for “Boot from CD/DVD” click it then follows instructions to unlock the mouse on the Toshiba laptop. Enjoy!

How To Unlock Mouse On Windows 10

Is your Toshiba laptop mouse touchpad locked on windows 10? Actually, Windows 10 disabled the Touchpad settings. If this problem persists then.

  • Click on the “Start button” lower-left corner of your laptop.
  • Now click on “Settings”.
  • After that click on the “Devices”.

Go to Mouse & Touchpad and find Related Settings where you can open the Mouse Properties dialog box from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What to do if the cursor is not working?

After checking to see if there is a button on your keyboard with an icon that looks like it has the touchpad crossed out, press and hold the Fn key then finally press the relevant function key. This will help bring back your cursor from its little nap.


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What to do if the touchpad of the laptop is not working?

If your touchpad isn’t working properly, try checking the settings. In Windows 7 or 8, go to the Start menu and type in “Mouse Settings.” Make sure that you have enabled TouchPad on top of other configurations for it as well if needed. If that doesn’t fix anything, a new driver may be required.


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How do I turn my touchpad back on my Toshiba laptop?

Windows 10 has created a nuisance that keeps disabling the touchpad. So, if you’re having trouble with your mouse and don’t know how to fix it, Windows 10 automatically opens up the Mouse Properties dialog box when users click Additional mouse options in Mouse & Touchpad settings screen.


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Why is my touchpad not working on Windows 10?

Fix Touchpad problems in Windows 10! Have you found yourself scrolling through your news feed, but the cursor isn’t following? This is a sign that something might be wrong with how your input devices are set up or configured.

One such instance where this can happen is when there’s an issue with touchpads on laptops and desktop computers too. If this sounds like it could happen to you, check out these steps to fix some common issues.


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How to unlock cursor on Toshiba laptop?

If the cursor is stuck on the Toshiba laptop then you have to read this answer. The first thing to do is check for any button on your keyboard which has an icon that looks like a touchpad with a line through it. Press and hold the Fn key, then press the relevant function key to bring back life in this cursor!

But if you don’t see anything but space where there should be text or icons, try rebooting your computer instead of reaching for some outdated Windows 95 tricks at  the last minute.


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