How to Turn Off ASUS Anti-Surge?

Laptops, desktops, and electronic devices need power surge protection. These integrated surge protectors keep the devices from being harmed. During a power surge or spike, the charger and the battery are one of the first components to be hit.

Many ASUS laptops and computers come with the anti-surge tool. It is often activated by default or you can enable it by going to the settings.

Some users do not find it useful and probably unneeded, therefore, want to turn it off.

How To Turn off ASUS Anti-Surge?

ASUS Anti-Surge is a specialized development of the ASUS brand to protect their devices and systems during power overloads. It can be deactivated or disabled as per the choice of the user.

After being aware of all the risks, if you have decided to disable the ASUS Anti-Surge, then follow these steps

  • Go to the BIOS to deactivate this protection feature
  • Select Advanced Mode
  • Choose Monitor and tap on Anti Surge Support
  • Set it to disable and you will see a message on the monitor upon successful deactivation.

The ASUS has an integrated Anti-surge tool on the motherboard, it turns off the PC or laptop upon detecting threatening voltage surge from the power supply. It can be enabled/disabled and controlled via BIOS.

The power surge could happen because of several reasons and the computer is turned off by the tool. However, it is mainly because

  • Unstable power supply
  • Voltage surges because of other appliances connected to the network
  • Unstable or damaged power filter
  • Improper cable connection to the motherboard.

How to Fix Power Supply Surges Detected During The Previous Power On?

Once the computer is rebooted, a message is displayed on the screen about the power surge and the ASUS anti-surge was triggered to protect the system. It can be fixed by taking the following measures

  • Make sure that the cables are securely connected from the power unit to the motherboard
  • Run powerful game programs on weaker settings to activate AAS and the system shutdown.
  • Purchase a new, more powerful PSU from a reliable manufacturer.
  • It is better to connect only the computer to the outlet, plugging other electrical appliances may cause a power load. 


Act at your own risk if you want to disable the AAS function. This tool provides protection against spikes, if disabled, voltage jumps may harm some components of the computer. This special development of ASUS prevents the failure of expensive devices and motherboards.

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