How to Start Laptop Without Power Button?

Like the vast majority of technological products, Laptops deteriorate when they are used for a long time. So when a part of the notebook like the “power” button stops working completely, you shouldn’t be surprised.

It isn’t easy to know in advance how to turn a laptop on and off if the power button does not work. However, this article covers the main tips to solve this.

Those of you with a laptop that no longer has the power button working may be wondering if there are other power-on methods.

Luckily, several methods make it easy for people to turn on their laptops without using the power button. Although there is a solution to this problem with the power button, in general, it will not be easy to use some of these methods.

If you do not feel comfortable opening completely to laptops, applying these methods may be difficult, but they are the only solution. The methods explained below will be the easiest ways to turn on the laptops when the power button is damaged.

How to Start Laptop Without Power Button?

If you cannot use the “power” button to turn on the laptops, you will likely have to disassemble them.

That is the only way you can access the power circuits and flat cables of the notebooks.

The methods that will explain below are some of the safest ways that exist to be able to turn on laptops when the power button does not work:

1. From the Motherboard

That is one of the methods that will fully work on any laptop, even if the power button is broken. The power of the laptop is guaranteed with this incredible method that can use without a problem.

The main steps you must follow are:

  1. Unplug the charging cable from the laptop
  2. Open the case of the laptop and locate where the power button is located
  3. Remove the button (there will be 3 to 6 pins below the button)
  4. Connect the pins with a cable or, also, use any conductor such as a screwdriver
  5. The laptop will turn on when all the pins are connected to the driver

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2. Using an External Keyboard

If you are a very intelligent person, you may have already proceeded with the configurations of an external keyboard to the laptops.

That could be a feasible solution to the problems that arise when turning on laptops without the presence of a functional power button.

The external keyboard normally contains a power button as well. That means that if it has been previously configured, it will be very helpful.

If the notebook has an external keyboard connection setup via Bluetooth, this keyboard can be used to power on the notebook.

This method depends greatly on the type of keyboard connected and the laptop you are using (this cannot do with Mac).

If the configurations are made before the problem, if they aren’t done, it just won’t work. Learn How to Fix Laptop Power Jack Without Soldering?

3. Wall Socket or Extension

If you use a brand laptop such as HP, Toshiba, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, or Acer; This method will be the easiest option to use, and it will work completely.

This method is also for those who don’t want short-circuit laptops that won’t turn on with their power button.

The important steps in this method are:

  1. Find the cable that connects the laptop’s power button to the motherboard
  2. Disconnect and leave the cord completely unplugged
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Plug the laptop directly into the wall socket and turn it on
  5. Put the battery back into the laptop and then unplug the power outlet

How Can I Turn on My Laptop Using the Keyboard?

The use of a keyboard to turn on laptops is one of the configurations that most laptops currently on the market have.

Although, by default, this option is always disabled, and you must activate it before you have problems with the power button.

Users who own their laptops should take preventative measures by fully enabling this feature which subsequently guarantees the keyboard power-up method.

Before using a keyboard to turn on the laptop, you must first access the BIOS setup. The steps to achieve this method are:

  1. Enter BIOS setup by pressing F2 during startup
  2. Go to the “settings” option in the “start” menu
  3. Select “update and security.”
  4. Read the options on the left side and select “recovery.”
  5. Select the tab that says “restart now” in “advanced settings.”
  6. Choose “solve the problem” in the new window that will appear
  7. Select the “advanced options.”
  8. Go to the tab “ACPI or power management” and then press “enter.”
  9. Check the settings “turn on with keyboard” or “activate with the keyboard.”
  10. Use the “+” or “-” key to enable the option
  11. Select the preferred key to turn on the laptop
  12. Save and exit using the F10 key


Generally, there are various ways for you to power up your laptop if its power button does not work. The main methods that are proven to work include disarming or not disarming laptops. The laptop’s power button does not work, a very common problem that occurs in almost all these devices regardless of the manufacturer.

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