How To Reset MSI Laptop-MSI Factory Reset

Resetting MSI laptops can solve numerous issues. When you factory reset the MSI laptop, you will be able to fix all issues through this setting.

We know that MSI laptops are mostly used for gaming purposes.

Before discussing How to Reset MSI Laptop we should know about the main functions of BIOS.

The BIOS Setup screen may also called CMOS setup.

There are many functions of BIOS (Basic Input Output System). First of all, we should know the functions of BIOS.

Functions of BIOS

There are many functions of BIOS, but we discuss only 4 main functions of the Basic Input Output System. Let’s discuss each function one by one.

  1. POST
  2. Bootstrap Loader
  3. BIOS Drivers
  4. BIOS Setup

#1. POST

The first and very common function of BIOS is to make sure that your laptop hardware working properly or not.

In addition, it makes sure that there is no issue with the Hardware. You can easily check this by POST (Power On the Self Test).

If your laptop fails to complete or pass the POST then understand your laptop has some errors.

When POST fails, your laptop will generate beeps that are signed to ensure that your laptop has errors.

If your laptop successfully passed this test then the booting process will starts.

#2. Bootstrap Loader

After completion of POST, when the operating system is completely loaded, then a BIOS transfers control to an operating system. This process of passing control to the BIOS is called booting.

#3. BIOS Drivers

The BIOS drivers are used to give information about the Hardware of the laptop either it is working properly or not.

In addition, Drivers are the combination of the programs and stored in the memory chip that is non-volatile and erasable.

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#4. BIOS Setup

BIOS Setup or CMOS Setup help us to configure hardware settings like time, date, and password. The BIOS Setup or CMOS Setup consists of;

  1. Change CPU Settings
  2. Enable or Disable RAID
  3. Change Memory Settings
  4. Change System Voltages
  5. Enable or Disable ACPI
  6. Changing the booting order
  7. Loading of the BIOS Setup Default
  8. Creation or deletion of the BIOS Password
  9. Setting or Changing the Date and Time
  10. Enable or Disable the Caching of BIOS
  11. Change the Boot Up NumLock Status

How to Reset MSI Laptops?

Let’s discuss step by step how to reset MSI laptops easily and quickly.

Step #1: Connect your laptop with the power source. Open your MSI laptop and press the power on button to start the laptop.

Step #2: When you see the MSI Logo on your laptop, press to enter the BIOS (Basic Input Output System).

Step #3: After that, you will see four options;

  1. Continue
  2. Use a Device
  3. Troubleshoot
  4. Turn Off Your PC

Click on the “Troubleshoot”.

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Step #4: It will open a new screen where you will see three options;

  1. Reset This PC
  2. Restore MSI Factory Settings
  3. Advanced Options

Click on “Restore MSI Factory Settings”.

How to Reset MSI Laptop

Step #5: After that, you will see two options;

  1. System Partition Recovery
  2. Exit

Click on the “System Partition Recovery”.

System Partition Recovery

Step #6: You will see a screen where the system asks that all settings and data will be formatted. Please confirm do you want to reset all files and settings. If you want to reset then please click on “Yes”.

How to Reset MSI Laptop

Step #7: The system will ask you again, you can either continue or not. If you want to continue then click on “Yes”.

Reset MSI laptops

Step #8: The system begins the timing process and goes into the restoring interface. In addition, Avoid cutting off the power or performing other operations.

MSI Laptop Reset

Step #9: When System restore is completed, click on the red colour button “OK”. You may like another guide Can I swap Hard Drives between Laptops.

Restore MSI laptop

Step #10: At the end you will see three options on your laptop or computer screen;

  1. Continue
  2. Troubleshoot
  3. Turn off your PC

Now click on “Continue”.

Factory Settings of MSI Laptop

Frequently Asked Question

How do I do a factory reset on my laptop?

There are many ways to enter BIOS on the laptop. However, every laptop has different keys to enter BIOS (Basic Input Output System) settings.

There are some most common keys, by pressing these keys you will be able to factory reset your laptop. The keys are F1, F2, F10, Delete, Esc.

How do I boot my MSI laptop into recovery mode?

Here are some steps to boot MSI laptop into recovery mode;

  1. Open your laptop press the start button.
  2. Press <F3> to enter Troubleshoot section.
  3. Click on “System Partition Recovery”.
  4. After that click on “Yes”. It will ask you again to click on Yes or No. Simply click on “Yes”.
  5. Then Windows Recovery process will be started.
  6. When the Windows Recovery process will be completed then click on yes and then click on “Continue”.

Final Verdict

We have shared a detailed guide on how to reset MSI laptop. You can restore your laptop by just following the steps that we mentioned in the above section. Make sure you press the right key like F3 to start Windows Recovery. If you did not see troubleshoot screen then try other keys that I mentioned in the “Yellow box”.

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