How to Remove Battery on ASUS Laptop?

To remove the battery from the Asus laptop, you will need to find a small screwdriver and a flat screwdriver. In this guide, we will be describing how to take the battery out of an Asus computer.

This should not take more than two minutes once you know what you’re looking for, but it might vary depending on the length of the battery, how closely you packed it, and so on. Now, How to Remove the Battery on ASUS Laptop? Let’s discuss in detail;

Asus Battery Replacements

Take off the laptop’s protective cover. If two seals are on the outside, push them aside and slide the battery out through a small hole.

You may need to wiggle the battery out with your fingers or use a pinhole camera to take pictures of the insides of the case. So you can see if there are any hidden clips or other jamming devices.

Asus Battery Replacements

Suppose there are no clips or other devices blocking access to the battery. In that case, you may be able to lift it out by pushing gently on two small rectangular tabs holding down the two spring-loaded retention clips.

Pulling out the battery will expose six metal contacts inside the laptop that sell power to your tablet or smartphone when docked or charging.

Simple Ways to Remove Asus x555l Battery

There are 2 ways to take the battery out of your Asus laptop:

1. Pull out the Battery by Turning on the Laptop

The first method is to pull out the battery by turning on the computer and lifting the keyboard.

You will need to be careful not to scratch the chrome or remove any screw or other critical parts as there is a spring in the case that will retract the internals if you do. Losing the battery can harm the hardware and software, so do this carefully.

2. Remove Battery Through Paper Clip

The second method is to use a paper clip or any other thin object to gently push down on the battery when you pull it out.

Remove Battery Through a Paper Clip


This is to press against the space on the battery so that air can move inside and drain it instead of pulling out a small metal piece. If you are eager to know how to use firestick on the laptop then read How to use Firestick on Laptop.

Push-button Starting Method

Remove the four Phillips screws holding the keyboard in place. With one hand, hold down the power button until it is entirely blue; keep pressing and hold until the keyboard stops turning on.

Push-button starting method

When highlighted in the image below, you should hear a sound indicating that the keyboard has stopped turning on.

A few moments after pressing and holding down the power button for approximately two seconds, the light blue colour of the keyboard will turn back to white.

How to Take the Battery Out of an Asus Laptop Fast?

There is a standard procedure to access the battery on Asus laptops: unplug the charger from the computer and then wait for about ten minutes until it dies down.

With some cards, you can also hold down the Refresh button on the laptop during this time to refresh the entire page. But this is most likely not recommended for long-term use as the process could cause damage to the computer.

Step #1

Turn your pc over or remove any screws that are present (on the bottom case).

Step #2

Lightly wedge access the space between the laptop’s underside case and the keyboard with a standard screwdriver or a card.

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Step #3

When separating the keyboard from the bottom case, be aware that a cable attaches the two. Before you can separate it, you’ll need to carefully disconnect one of its connectors.

Step #4

Asus laptop battery location: The battery is typically located beneath the keyboard, along the edge of your screen, and linked by a cable.

Steps to Asus x555l Battery Removal

Step #1

You’ll need to choose an appropriate Phillips screwdriver for the Asus battery removal.

choose an appropriate Phillips screwdriver

The laptop’s orientation has a significant effect on how much time it takes to remove the battery. Remove nine Phillips screws from the laptop’s back using a Phillips 0 screwdriver.

Step #2

Wedge and loosen this same seal all the way around the edges with the blue plastic opening tool. Raise the keyboard board carefully.

Pull Out the Battery by Turning on the Laptop

Lift the keyboard panel only halfway because the two connection ribbons to the circuit board must be disconnected. It is suggested that you begin breaking the case seal at the showed improvement nearest to the viewing screen.

Step #3

Detach the eight 5mm Phillips to sustain the battery with a Phillips 0 screwdriver. Look at where the ribbons attach to the motherboard; there really are two.

remove the ribbon

Each linkage is secured with a black clamp. To remove the ribbon, lift the black clamp and detach it.

Step #4

Using the blue plastic iFixit opening tool, gently remove the batteries. Concentrate on replacing the battery from the corresponding point.

The batteries should all be linked together and exit the gadget as a single unit. Take care not to rip any one of the black rubber that covers the batteries.

Explosions can occur when battery parts are exposed. If the situation is pulled, rewrap it or properly dispose of it.

It is so easy for Asus laptop to remove the battery!

Removing the battery is easy. You will need a small Philips-head screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver or wrench. With one hand, gently pull the laptop cover away from the body of the computer.

Use the other hand to hold down the power button and other components while removing the main battery. Don’t forget to check the identification label on the side of the battery!

Removing the battery from a laptop is a surprisingly simple process. Laptops have a rectangular connector thingy at the top that’s sort of removable.

It holds the battery in place while you are trying to remove it, and there’s a small Phillips head screw that pushes down on the connector to release the battery. The screw will go into the slot if it’s secure, but if it’s a loose fit, you can wiggle it out with a bit of wiggle. The other slots on the side are used for other things, like USB and AC power.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take the battery out of my Asus laptop?

You can easily take out the battery from the ASUS laptop. All you need to take is the Screwdriver to open laptop screws. After opening the screws, detach the ribbon and remove the laptop battery.

Is the Asus Laptop Battery Removable?

Yes, all ASUS laptop batteries are removable. You can remove your ASUS laptop battery with small efforts. All you need to open the laptop with a screwdriver. After that, you can easily pull the laptop up and remove the battery.

How do I remove the non-removable battery from the Asus laptop?

You can remove the battery by opening the laptop;

Step #1

Open all screws that you see on your laptop.

Step #2

After that push the keyboard up from the laptop.

Step #3

Detach the Ribbon and separate the keyboard from the laptop.

Step #4

Now you can remove the battery from your ASUS laptop.

How do I remove a non-removable laptop battery?

All laptops batteries are removable. Some laptops have a battery backside of the laptop, and some laptops have batteries inside the laptops. Like dell laptops have the battery in the backside and ASUS laptops have batteries inside the laptop.

You can remove the battery after opening the screws. After that pull the keyboard up and then detach the ribbon. Now remove the battery from the  laptop;

Final Verdict

In Conclusion, you can remove the battery in a very easy way by following less than 5 steps. In addition, you just need a screwdriver and a bowl or container just for the safety of screws. You can remove the ASUS battery by opening it. Take great care while detaching the ribbon. I hope you like the article How to Remove Battery on ASUS laptop. You can share this article with your friends and family members.

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