How To Open Hp Laptop Keyboard?

A keyboard is the most important part of a laptop which is essential to accomplish all the necessary actions.

But many times, you need to open Hp laptop keyboard to regain the original functionality by replacing it with the newer compatible keyboard.

If you want to know How to open Hp laptop keyboard then stay with us and let’s start!

How To Open Hp Laptop Keyboard?

But do you know how to open Hp laptop keyboard? Well, that’s not an impossible task as you might think before.

If you know how to do the right trick, you will never face any hurdle while replacing the Hp laptop keyboard.

In actuality, you need to disconnect the keyboard from the motherboard which is quite tricky.

But don’t worry, we are going to make your task a lot easier by providing you with a step-by-step easy guide to perfectly complete your task.

If you are about to open your Hp laptop for the first time, stick with us to safely and securely perform the operation.

Steps To Open The Hp Laptop Keyboard

To perfectly open your Hp laptop keyboard, you must be a master in this area.

If you have never done this before, we can guide you through the process. Follow the following steps to safely remove the laptop keyboard.

Step#1: Read The Laptop’s Repair Manual

In actuality, service manuals delivered with Hp laptops are instructional guides that are designed by manufacturers to give you an insight into how to repair the laptop’s specific parts.

You need to carefully read and understand the instruction manual before embarking on the process. A minor misconception can badly damage your device.

But what if you don’t have a service manual at the time? Well, don’t worry internet has everything for you. Modern manufacturers post PC manuals on their websites.

So, you can access them online for free. If you’re unable to find the service manual for your laptop by simple google search, then you can make use of these two websites:

  • ManualsLib

Step#2: Collect Tools And Parts

Before unscrewing anything on your laptop, you must have the things to complete the repair process.

What parts do you need to open the Hp Laptop? You need to read the instruction manual for this purpose. After looking at the checklist, try to figure out which parts you can manage on your own.

Try to buy the rest of the parts from the nearby computer part retailer. If you remain unable to get a compatible keyboard, visit online stores to find the exact keyboard, ribbons, or screws you need.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Collect Tools and Parts-how to open hp laptop keyboard” target=”blank”]Collect Tools and Parts[/su_photo_panel]

Here, you need to be conscious of your model number. Try to bus the parts for the laptop’s exact model number.

Most laptops look similar but their build makeups can be different. That’s why we recommend you double-check the model number.

You must equip yourself with the following tools:

  • Replacement parts such as keyboard, ribbons, screws, etc.
  • Flat-headed Screwdriver
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • A container to hold all loose pieces

Step#3: Set Up A Repairing Place

Removing the laptop keyboard isn’t that simple as it looks. You need to be tricky on the go.

No matter how quickly you’ll try to remove the Hp laptop keyboard, it might be time-consuming. So, you need to set up a dedicated place to the perfectly open laptop keyboard.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Set up a Repairing Place-how to open hp laptop keyboard” target=”blank”]Set up a Repairing Place[/su_photo_panel]

What kind of place it should be? Well, you need to find a flat, clean and clear space to do the right trick. We never recommend you to work on carpeted or soft surfaces to minimize static. If you don’t have a dedicated place, simply choose countertop, desk space, or hardwood floor for the purpose.

Step#4: Disassemble Your Laptop

Before disassembling your laptop, you need to carefully read the PC’s manual to get deep insights into ultra-precise instructions.

As each Hp laptop differs in construction, so you can take better mileage out of provided instruction manual.

But replacing the keyboard is a universal process, so this guide can better equip you no matter which laptop model you hold.

To remove the keyboard from the Hp laptop you need to go through the following stages.

Step #1

Turn off the laptop: The very first thing you need to do is to power off your laptop and disconnect it from any power supply.

Step #2

Unscrew the laptop: The underside of hp laptops is screwed. You need to remove the screws to gain access to inner components. And you will find three screws on hp laptops one on each side and one in the middle. You can use a compatible screwdriver to remove screws without any damage.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Unscrew the laptop” target=”blank”]Unscrew the laptop[/su_photo_panel]

Step #3

Take off Battery: The very next thing you need to do is to remove the battery from your laptop.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Take off laptop battery” target=”blank”]Take off laptop battery[/su_photo_panel]

Step #4

Release keyboard from station: To do the trick, you need to find the locking lashes that keep the laptop in place. A total of four latches are there at the top side of the keyboard which runs along with the function keys. All you need to do is to push each latch with your finger to release the keyboard from its station.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Release keyboard from station” target=”blank”]Release keyboard from station[/su_photo_panel]

Step #5

Access the ribbon cables: Now, pull off the keyboard from the tab slot and flip it over to get access to ribbon cables.

Step #6

Disconnect Ribbon Cables: To can disconnect the ribbon cables with the help of your fingers. All you need to do is to move the locking tab upward, but be careful as the ribbon connector can be easily damaged.

Step #7

Take off the keyboard: To do so you need to release the cables and be gentle in pulling them away from the connector. Finally, you will get a fully dislodged keyboard from the computer.

Step#5: Reassemble It With A New Part

To install the new hp keyboard, you need to align it with the old keyboard. And attach the data cables to the connector of your laptop. Next, you need to set the keyboard perfectly at the exact place and reinsert the screws you removed. In this way, you’ll be able to perfectly secure your newly added keyboard to the frame of the hp laptop.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Reassemble it with a new part-how to open hp laptop keyboard” target=”blank”]Reassemble it with a new part[/su_photo_panel]

In the final stage, you have to screw the underside of your laptop to complete the process. But never forget to reboot the laptop to get the proper features.

If the newly installed keyboard doesn’t work on reboot, then try to update the driver to regain the original functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Unlock Keyboard On Hp Laptop Windows 8?

You can easily unlock your Hp laptop keyboard in windows 10 by following the above method for open and unlock your Hp laptop keyboard.

How Do I Unlock My Hp Laptop Keyboard?

Alternatively, you can disable Filter Keys in the Control Panel by holding the right SHIFT key down for 8 seconds again.

You may have turned on NumLock or you are using the wrong keyboard layout if your keyboard does not type the correct characters.

How To Unlock The Keyboard On A Hp Laptop?

The right shift key must be held down for 8 seconds in order to lock and unlock the keyboard. This is an easy method to unlock your Hp laptop keyboard.

How To Unlock A Keyboard On A Dell Laptop?

You can unlock your dell laptop keyboard with just two steps;

  • To display the Dell battery monitor, tap the F3 key while holding down the Fn key.
  • The disk drive can be ejected by simultaneously pressing Fn and F10.

In Conclusion

To get your act together, you might need to open the Hp laptop keyboard to remove the malfunctioned keys or to replace the whole keyboard.

You need to do so to bring your laptop back to life. But how to open Hp laptop keyboard? The good thing is that removing the laptop keyboard is quite simple but a bit tricky task. Hopefully, after reading this guide you will be able to perfectly make your job done

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