How to Merge two Chrome Windows

If you are searching about How to Merge two Chrome Windows? Then you are on the right website. We will discuss this question in detail and provide you the best way to merge two chrome windows.

Sometimes we are working and we have to open many tabs on a laptop or computer. But at one point we have to merge all one window tabs into a second new window tab. stay tuned! it is a very simple and easy way How to Merge two Chrome Windows.

Google chrome’s new version allows merging only one tab from another window. But what we do when both windows have multiple tabs? If we merge these tabs one by one then it takes time and it is very exhausting.

Fortunately, you can merge two or more tabs of multiple windows in one without moving tabs manually one by one. So, how we merge it?

As discussed above, this feature is available only in the latest version of chrome. So, make sure you are using a fresh and latest version of chrome to get the features that we mentioned in this guide.

1. Merge Windows with Chrome Extension

(i) Merge windows:

Step 1:

First of all, search “Merge Windows chrome Extension” in google chrome.


Step 2:

Now Click on the second link as mentioned in the below picture. and open it in new tab.

Merge Windows with chrome Extension

Step 3:

After that, a new screen will open and a button will show in the top middle “add to chrome” click on this button.

Add to Chrome merge window extention

Step 4:

Now me “Merge windows” chrome extension has been installed on your laptop or computer. Now make sure that you have opened two windows that you want to merge and then click on the top right side square type icon. Congratulations! windows are merged.

Extension icon pic

Step 5:

Check below how I merge two windows in just 8 seconds.

video-merge two chrome windows

(ii) Join window:

This method basically identical when moving from a particular tab. But you have picked all the tabs first before proceeding. If you have various monitor systems it also works.

Multiple chrome extensions are allowing an instant merge feature in just one click. Tab Combine is one of those which is recommended. It is simple and has many options that you can modify.

Join tabs

Now you have to install the extension. After that, you have to click on the top right-most of this extension rectangular type icon. After clicking, magic will happen and your two windows will merge. You may like: How to Charge Laptop with USB

If the extension does not operate well with your chrome or somehow no longer available, please transfer to the alternatives.

  • Join windows
  • Tabfusion

2. Merge Chrome windows without extensions

Yes! You can also merge two windows manually without extension. But your Google Chrome browser should be the latest. Otherwise, it may not be possible to two Chrome windows.

Brief guide:

It is a quiet and simple method. Now click on the left mouse button on the first tab in the window you want to merge, then press the shift key, and then left-click the rightmost tab. All selected tabs for the current window can now be dragged and dropped in the form of a group on another Chrome window. If you have a fire stick and don’t know how to use it then read; How to use Fire stick on Laptop.

Experts guide:

There is no need for an extension for this method of merging two Google Chrome windows. It is simply the drag and drop method. Let’s do this method!

Step 1:

Open chrome window that you want to merge.

Chrome windows

Step 2:

Hold the shift key and click on the last tab of your chrome browser. (you can also merge your desired tab into another window. For this you have to click on the tab that you want to merge into another window.)

Merge Chrome windows1

Step 3:

Now, release the Shift button, and then using the pointer, click and drag the last tab into another Chrome new window. (This is the window where you want to merge all tabs).

Merge Chrome windows2

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I add another Chrome window?

Open and close windows and tabs short keys

  1. To open a new window: Press Ctrl + n.
  2. To open a new tab: Press Ctrl + t.
  3. And To close window or tab: At the top right, click Close.
  4. To re-open a window or tab you closed: Press Ctrl + Shift + t.

2. How do I combine tabs in Windows 10?

Combining tabs in window 10 is quite an easy method as I described above. Click on the first tab and hold the shift key, then click on the last tab and release the shift key. Then drag the last tab into another window of your application or browser.


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