How To Make Overwatch Run Better?

It is one of the most popular games in the world that many gamers play on a regular basis. So how do you improve Overwatch performance? Overwatch is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world.

However, if you are a big Over-watch fan and don’t want to compromise on performance. In other words, you have to take some tips before playing Overwatch if you never compromise on the quality and performance.

If you are playing Overwatch on your laptop and PC, and your laptop lags the game because of some problems, then how would you feel? I’m sure you would feel very angry.

Here are 10 tips to make Overwatch run better to reduce lagging and improve performance.

10 Tips To Make Overwatch Run Better

  • #1: Close already running applications
  • #2: Disable antivirus software
  • #3: Buy a Laptop cooler pad
  • #4: Clean your laptop internally
  • #5: Avoid using FPS calculating software
  • #6: Update Graphic Card
  • #7: Update or add a new RAM
  • #8: Install an SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • #9: Use Laptop on AC power
  • #10: Avoid using screen recording software

#1. Close Already Running Applications

It does not mean that all applications that you were running are closed if you close all applications you were running.

In the background, a lot of applications are running in the background, but they are not visible by default. It should be opened from the laptop or computer and all unnecessary applications must be closed. I’ll explain how;

Steps To Close Background Running Applications

Step #1: Close the application you are viewing on your laptop screen. If you have already closed these programs, it’s fine.

Step #2: Now press “Ctrl”“Shift” and “Esc” buttons at the same time. These three buttons are on the left side of your keyboard.

Step #3: Following that, you’ll see a screen similar to the following; click on any application you think is unnecessary and not in use at the time, and click on the end task button to the right.

It will close the application that you have selected. Similarly, closing all unnecessary applications will improve your performance.

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Close un-necessary applications.


#2. Disable Antivirus Software

It is important to know that anti-virus software can slow down your laptop or computer if you use it.

Getting long battery life and performance from Overwatch requires removing this anti-virus software otherwise performance will suffer.

Furthermore, if you are running an antivirus program, a lot of resources from the hard drive and memory are being used.

Thus, make sure the antivirus software is disabled. Over watch’s performance can also be affected by the scanning process.

Overwatch can still be made to run better if we continue to work on it.

#3. Buy a Laptop Cooler Pad

I honestly believe that everyone faces a laptop heating issue while running any heavy application, and even new laptops also heat up while running high-quality games.

Overwatch can cause lagging or low performance if your laptop gets too hot while playing.

With its four amazing cooling fans, the laptop cooling pad lowers the temperature.

Additionally, the design is user-friendly and has a stronger work surface to reduce the risk of slipping a laptop from the cooling pad.

LED lights enhance your setup as well. It will improve the performance of your laptop while you play Overwatch.

Currently, it is available for 29$ on Amazon, you can order it there. Cooling pads cost not too much as it cool your laptop, you must buy it to enhance the laptop performance.

Cooling Pad

Check On Amazon

#4. Clean Your Laptop Internally

It is very challenging to clean the dust off a laptop. You could say that dust is the biggest enemy of your laptop. In addition, dust accumulated inside the hardware can affect performance because it is difficult to remove.

Open your laptop to clean it. For a complete guide on how to open a laptop, you should watch a YouTube video. It is important to be very careful while opening your laptop and to remove dust very carefully afterward.

#5. Avoid Using FPS Calculating Software

FPS software is that calculates frames per second (FPS) displays the number of frames you are playing at. If you want better and smoother gameplay, we suggest you avoid FPS calculating software.

There is an FPS display option in Overwatch. I recommend that you disable it. You may lose 15 to 20% of your laptop’s performance if it is turned ON. Be sure that it is turned off.

#6. Update Graphic Driver

Ensure that the Graphics Driver on your laptop is updated to the latest version if it was installed with one.

In reality, if you do not know what Graphic Card comes with your laptop, you can use the bottom left search bar of Windows 10 to search for “Device management” and then click on “Change Adapter”.

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You can download the Graphics drivers for your laptop if it has Intel HD or UHD Graphics here.

If you have an AMD Radeon or Nvidia graphics card on your laptop, you can download the drivers from their website.

#7. Upgrade Or Add New RAM

It is likely that the loading time and performance of your laptop will be slow if your laptop is too old. There is a problem with your laptop RAM and it can’t provide extraordinary performance and run games without lagging.

However, you must ensure that the RAM you are ordering is the same as what is already installed on your laptop. Please ensure that the RAM you ordered is for a laptop, not a desktop or a PC.

If your laptop supports DDR4, you should buy DDR4, not DDR3. RAM upgrades can improve loading times and make gameplay more responsive.

#8. Install An SSD (Solid State Drive)

Solid State Drive SSD replaced the SATA series that provides maximum 300MB of data transmission.

If you are a gamer then you must have an SSD in your laptop. If  you are worried about the performance of your laptop while playing games then don’t worry I have the solution.

If your laptop don’t have SSD (Solid State Drive) then buy it from amazon or other website to enhance the laptop performance.

I recommend you to buy 128GB SSD for smooth and excellent performance.

#9. Use Laptop On AC Power

There are many people who play games without a charger. In my research, I come to the conclusion that you should connect AC power to your laptop while charging so that it won’t drain the battery. If you connect your laptop to the AC power then it will give full performance.

Hence while playing Overwatch, it is better to plug in your laptop with an AC power source.

#10. Avoid Using Screen Recording Software

It is recommended not to use screen recording software since it consumes a lot of power and can cause Overwatch to lag.

In order to take a screenshot from screen recording software, I suggest you pressing both “Window” and “PRTScr” to open it.

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