How To Make Laptop Louder? Let’s Increase Sound!

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If you want an answer to a question about how to make a laptop louder then you are landing on the right website. In the last few years, laptops have become smaller, which affects sound quality.

A thin laptop case can’t contain the large vibrating membrane needed to produce a clear, loud sound.

If you want to increase the volume of laptop speakers, some of these solutions are already on your computer.

How To Make Laptop Louder?

Let’s discuss the main steps of how you can make your laptop louder;

#1. Basic Volume Adjustment

The volume sliders of both your operating system and your media player are usually available to you when playing media files on a laptop. These sliders can be found in the top and bottom corners of the screen.

The volume can be raised by clicking both sliders and dragging them to the top or the right.

A computer running Windows 8.1 may also be able to adjust system volume by hitting the Windows logo key and typing “adjust system volume” The result is displayed on the right side.

#2. Hardware Volume Adjustment

If you have a laptop, you may have a speaker volume control button, which is usually adorned with an icon of a speaker and several curved lines. The volume should reach its maximum level when this button is pressed.

#3. Audio Enhancement Software

Depending on the operating system, Windows laptops may contain software that enhances speaker output.

You can access this in the control panel under “Enhanced Audio” or “Audio Control Panel”. Third-party speakers can also be enlarged through the Control Panel.

Audio Enhancement Software

The general idea behind this software is to enhance the stereo spectrum, so that sounds seem clearer and louder. Similar settings are available in the Sound section of your System Preferences on your Mac.

#4. Speaker Damage

The speakers on your laptop may not be working properly if they crackle or only produce sound from one side. Depending on the cause, blown speakers or loose connections can cause this.

You can try connecting a wireless Bluetooth speaker or a set of headphone speakers to your laptop if this is difficult or impossible.

How To Make Laptop Louder

How To Make Laptop Sound Louder?

Each motion picture has its own sound. It is equivalent to wasting your time watching a video that has no sound. Having audio makes the session more engaging and lively.

Having audio makes the session more interesting to watch. On a laptop, you very often end up watching only the video and not the audio of a very interesting movie, which can be very disgusting.

Detailed Guide

Users of laptops often experience this issue. Because laptop speakers are so small, they can barely produce a sound that can wake a fly, that’s why they are so irritating.

When you play a DVD on your laptop, the problem is even worse. It is always very difficult to hear the sound coming from my laptop when I play DVDs.

If you want to listen to music, you always want a good sound and quality production.

Speakers with high impact are too big to fit into laptop compartments with so little space.

A disconnected wire to one of the speakers is generally responsible for poor or low audio production. In some cases, debris and dirt in the speakers’ compartment can also cause this problem.

Additionally, some laptops are designed to generate very low-amplitude sounds.

There are times when the media player may also play a part in the reduced volume.

By highlighting the different ways to increase the volume of your laptop speaker in this article, we will explain how to solve this problem. 

How To Make PC And Laptop Speaker Louder

To determine whether you have small objects like paper, pins, sand, etc. in the speaker compartment, first, check whether your laptop is producing an unsteady sound.

You must open the laptop and wipe the cover of the speaker compartment if you have such a problem. A program like this will make a big difference in raising the computer’s volume.

You should check whether a speaker wire is disconnected from the laptop if the volume of sound produced by the laptop is too low. If the speaker is disconnected, then it must be repaired.

Detailed Guide

There are some laptops that have a hardware button that can boost sound.

On the body of the laptop, there is an embedded sound adjusting device.

 If you wish, you can raise the volume of your speaker by simply pressing the volume-up button on your device. It should be noted, however, that not all laptops include this feature.

A few workarounds are available to boost the laptop’s sound when using the inbuilt media player on Windows laptops. Downloading and installing them is easy via the internet and they work with both windows and mac operating systems.

VLC MP3 media player software is a common example of software that amplifies sounds. A 400% increase in audio volume is possible. In addition to power-divided, there exist several other media players that may be accessed by installing the power-divided drive.

Sony DVD drives can also be used to install the DVDs. Boosting and amplifying sound when playing DVDs are both done in this way. 

In some cases, you may be able to solve the problem by doing a factory reset of your laptop.

How To Make Laptop Speaker Louder On Windows 7, 8 And 10?

You can adjust the volume of the media player if the sound produced is not sufficient. In case you have this problem on your Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 then you will need to find a variety of solutions.

The operating system adjustment button is depicted by a speaker on the menu bar’s bottom right-hand corner when the music is playing. Moreover, the media player contains a volume-adjusting button.

You may need to adjust the operating system sound control button to amplify the sound. When there is insufficient sound produced, you can adjust the volume of the media player.

Whenever your system hasn’t been able to produce loud sounds after trying every method that you know, you need an audio enhancement software program. 

Embedded in Windows laptops, this software offers a variety of useful features. They increase the frequencies of each sound level to amplify and boost the sound.

You must follow the instructions below to navigate and use this audio enhancement tool

  1. If your PC window has a speaker icon on the bottom right corner, right-click on it to find the “playback devices”.
  2. Once you click “playback devices”, another menu will appear. You can access the properties by going to the bottom of the page.
  3. In the “speaker properties” section, you will find the speaker properties. You can then click “enhancement” to complete the process.
  4. To activate the ‘loudness equalization’ option, check the box next to ‘enhancement’.

It will become evident that the amplitude of the audio is increasing after completing this step. You can reduce the sound by checking the “loudness enhancement” box and going back. 

It’s compatible with Windows 7 and 8 as well as Windows 10. This method can be combined with an application such as VLC, which will provide a higher volume than maximum to increase the volume even more.

When watching movies on your laptop, you may want to connect the laptop without HDMI to make it as loud as possible after you’ve made it louder.

How To Make Mac Laptop Louder Than Max On Mac?

Mac laptops have been designed in such a way that their sound production is very low compared to Windows computers.

Mac users may find this very frustrating. As a result, those who wanted to enhance the sound level beyond the maximum volume tried looking for ways to do so.

The Following Three Methods Can Be Used To Achieve This:

  1. Using a keyboard shortcut
  2. You can do it via the system preferences
  3. Through media players

Using Keyboard Shortcut Keys

You need to play audio on your Mac PC to amplify the sound with the keyboard shortcuts.

  • The F10 key on the keyboard should be pressed while the music is playing. On the screen, an icon will appear that represents the speaker. 
  • Immediately below the icon, 16 square blocks can be seen. 
  • Amplification can be achieved by pressing the “F12” key on your keyboard. Upon pressing the F12 key, you will see that each of the square blocks is filled accordingly.
  • If the sound doesn’t peak after you press F12, hold it down until it does.

Using System Preferences

  • Select “system preferences” by clicking the apple logo.
  • Under the “hardware” option, look for the sound icon. 
  • There is a “volume output” checkbox at the bottom of the window.
  • The volume will be maximized when it is slid to the right.

Using Media Players

With the media players for Mac PCs that can increase sound volume, those systems can also boost their volume. There are many options like VLC that can do this.

How To Make Headphone Sound Louder?

The sound generated by headphones can also be amplified on the PC. The sound enhancement tools we discussed earlier can be activated on Windows PC to accomplish this. On Mac PC, headphones volume can be boosted by increasing the sound via the system preferences.

Final Verdict

We have provided a highly researched article about how to make laptops louder. Now, I hope you loved reading this article and share it with your friends. Thank you for staying here.

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