How To Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop

What is Market & Roll of Technology?

Technology has completely changed the map of the world. In this inter-connected world, heavy Industries have occupied the market. There is tough competition among the companies working in the market.

Every company wants to excel the others getting great ranking in the market with the supply of its best products. That’s why every company uses different marketing and promotional tact to achieve its targets.

What are Stickers?

All the companies use various labels and stickers as unique marketing tools to grab the attention of the audience. These stickers attract, motivate and convince the people as compared to other marketing material.

Stickers give the true pictures of their brand product as you see everywhere on everything at every time. They are fixed at the front, back, or center of the products. They supply important information about the product you are selling.

People usually notice things having a lot of stickers because they attract the eyes. Stickers often decorate, communicate and advertise the product.

Use of Stickers on laptops

When you buy a laptop, it is almost covered with many stickers. The manufacturer uses them for different purposes such as Serial Number, Activation Code, Warranty Seal, etc. Further, many small selling Industries also fix their own promotional stickers on laptops to make them more attractive and charming.

These stickers are easy to fix. But when they are torn or get dirty, your laptop looks old and unattractive. You find it tough to remove them.

Stickers Residue & Laptop

If you want to resell your laptop, you want to make it as beautiful as earlier. For this purpose, you remove the stickers from your laptop but their residues remain which are not easy to clean. It becomes challenging for you to remove them.

How to Remove Sticker Residue from Laptop?

But worry not, here is the solution to your problem to make your laptop clean and beautiful once again.

Precautionary Measures

As the laptop is an electronic machine, so to remove sticker residue from a laptop, some precautionary measures should be taken.

  • Switch off the power Button
  • Disconnect the laptop from the switch (unplug it)
  • Take out the Battery
  • Keep the laptop on a soft and leveled surface.
  • Do all the actions carefully.

You can adopt any way of the following to remove sticker residue from the laptop.

1- Use of Finger Nail

You can use your finger or thumbnail to remove the sticker and its residue from your laptop. But use it softly and gently so that there may not occur scratches.

2- Use of Credit Card

The very common and easily available thing is the use of credit cards. They have smooth coroners which help to remove the stickers and glue beneath it very nicely. If you sprinkle a few drops of hot water before applying for credit cards, they work much better.

3- Use of Plastic Knife

You can also remove sticker residue from your laptop using a plastic knife. But first, make them wet with hot water, leave them for some time and then remove them very slowly with soft hands.

4- Use of Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is softer and more suitable (oil of tea tree, olive oil, mustard oil, etc.) than many other techniques because the oil does not scratch the surface. When you apply oil, it moistens the sticker residue, after this the peeling process becomes more easy and the surface of the laptop becomes smooth and shiny.

5- Use of Liquor

Liquor of all types whether oily or non-oily are used most effectively to remove the sticker residue from the laptop. But before using them you must make sure that there should not be any hole anywhere on the surface of your laptop otherwise they can damage your internal circuit or board.

6- Use of Melamine Sponge

The sponge is actually a soft material foam that is used to rub the surface of the laptop and makes removing sticker residue much easier. But first, you will have to make them flexible using some liquid.

7- Use of Brush

The use of the brush is a very old technique of cleaning something. When you want to remove sticker residue, first make the stickers soft using some sort of liquid then rub smoothly with a brush.

It is a safe way of cleaning the surface and removing the residue or any other glue-type material from the screen and outer part of your laptop. After rubbing, clean it with a soft cloth.

8- Use of Acetone

A liquid solvent that can dissolve the matter and remove the glue-type material from any surface more effectively. You can use it mixing water. It is also used widely in the textile industry.

9- Use of Nail Polish Remover

It is another chemical which is also used to remove stickers from your laptop. Take some cotton, soak it in nail polish remover, apply on the surface of the laptop, wait for some time, remove gently. It will be wiped off.

10- Use of Kerosene oil

Kerosene oil is often used to clean the greasy surface. It can remove the glue type material also. You can remove the stickers residue with kerosene oil too.

11- Use of Hair Dryer & Heat Gun

Hairdryers and heat guns are also used to remove stickers from the laptop. Adjust the gun at a low setting and use at the stickers for 30 to 45 seconds continuously, When the stickers loosen the surface remove them gently with your nail or plastic scraper or credit card.

But using a heat gun you must be careful that it may not damage the surface of your laptop or some internal gadgets. It the gun heats a little more than the need, it can destroy the laptop.

12- Use of Alcohol

Alcohol is also used widely to remove the sticker residue from different surfaces like plastic, wood, fabric, etc. Soak the surface with alcohol, after some time, wipe off the stickers and its remaining glue on your laptop.

13- Use of Ammonia

Ammonia is a gas that is used to remove dirt, dust, or any residues. It makes all of them evaporate. It cleans the surface very fast.

14- Use of Anti-Glue Eraser

It is also a chemical used to clean the rough surface. If you want to remove the stickers residue from your laptop, pour a few drops of the glue eraser or dip a piece of cotton in it, apply the residue softly, it will erase the glue and make your laptop clean.

15- Use of Solvent

There is some oil-based solvent like lighter fluid, mineral oil, WD-40, etc., and non-oil-based solvent as Windex, rubbing alcohol, water, etc. which are much effective to loosen the sticker residue on your laptop. They dissolve the adhesive matter on stickers to scratch and peel them easily.

But using solvent, you will have to be careful about the holes on the laptop. You should dip the piece of cloth in this solvent and gently rub the stickers from the corners. They will be removed slowly.  Keep on peeling until you get good results.

16- Use of Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is also used to break the sticky residue. Use a little quantity of mayonnaise on the surface and leave it for 15 minutes. After it becomes soft and wet, clean it with a dry cloth to remove the sticker residue. You should repeat this action, your laptop will become clean and new.

17- Use of Citrus or Lemon Oil

Citric acid and lemon oil can also have applied to remove the sticker’s glue. They are often used in polished ingredients. They are natural cleaners and they do not damage the surface of your laptop. You should use a dry clean cloth after applying citrus and lemon oil.

18- Use of Vinegar

Take a piece of neat cloth, soak it in vinegar then move on the stickers again and again slowly. After some time, clean the surface with your finger or plastic card. It will remove the residue from your laptop.

19- Razor Blade

If after applying liquids, the surface is still dirty and adhesive remains, use a razor blade carefully to remove the stickers residue from your laptop.

Final Words

In this article, we have reviewed a lot of ways to remove stickers residues or remaining. All of them are effective and can be used when you need them. You can any one of them available to you to remove the residue.

These liquids, chemicals, oils, and tools are more or less useful. If one material fails to remove residues try the other one. But every time don’t rub harsh or scratch hard. You should do your work slowly and softly to remove the residue and clean your laptop to make it shining and beautiful.


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