How to Fix Cooling Fan on HP Laptop-Fix HP Laptop Fan Easily

lIf you’re running an HP laptop and have problems starting up, it could be a problem with the cooling fan. Suppose you’re experiencing computer issues despite regular cleaning and maintenance. In that case, there could be a problem with the hp pavilion cooling fan laptop not working. Now the question arises How to fix cooling fan on HP laptop?

There are many solutions for running poor-cooling computers, and depending on the computer, it may require different measures. This article will look at how to identify and fix your hp laptop cooling fan not working. For further extensive details on improving the cooling fan on the hp laptop, keep pursuing the article.

What is System Fan (90b) error message?

The System Fan (90b) error can be found on some hp computer models. When the computer starts for the first time with the Windows operating system, this type of error occurs. Or when a clean install of Windows 10 attempts, System Fan (90b) error comes.

If this occurs, it means that there is a problem with the heat removal system. It needs to correct before your computer can use. Click on the My Computer menu and remove the heat source by unplugging any USB or power source connected to the laptop before checking for System Fan (90b) error.

What is System Fan (90b) error message

The most common cause of System Fan (90b) error is an overheating issue. Such as too much heat being generated inside the case causes the overheating error. If you are experiencing this problem, and the fan does not stop loudly when pressed lightly on the case, two things can help. If you want to know about the pink screen on a laptop then read How to Fix Pink Screen on Laptop.

Overheating can cause by a faulty computer or motherboard. Moreover, it is causing the processor to run faster and using more power resulting in higher temperatures. Other times, users may have installed devices such as fans or radiator fans incorrectly. It may also cause excessive heat buildup inside the case.

Control your laptop’s temperature

There are several ways you can reduce temperatures in your computer when under load. The most reliable method is to install a heatsink on your cooling system. Heat sinks are small brackets that sit on top of the processor and graphics card. It is taking up space to cool other components instead.

Control your laptop's temperature

They maintain constant temperature throughout the processor and graphics card heatsink architecture. Thus, it allows you to use lower power-hungry parts without exceeding the TDP limit of the processor or graphics card. You may like Can you Plug a PS3 into a Laptop.

1. Must know about HP built-in fans

HP laptops have two types of fans, one for the mains and another for the secondary loop. If you are looking to cool your laptop, you will want to ensure. Then, the secondary loop fan is turned off, and that no dust is trapped underneath the keyboard.

Must know about HP built-in fans

Dust can build up behind the fan and underneath the keyboard. It can cause instability and reduced cooling capabilities. To fix this, either turn off the secondary loop fan or place a small piece of foam underneath. Moreover, it so that air flows over the keystroke and back inside the case.

2. Tips to fix cooling fan not working properly

  • Remove the entire fan assembly (reduce the risk of getting pinched by static electricity) when your hp laptop fan is not working.
  • Replace the entire air filter with micron-sized (the size used for e-mails and small print).
  • Use a tissue-paper envelop instead of a hard-nosed plastic tube to pass air through the case. The latter is likely to be full of debris and will therefore squeal loudly when moving around. Noisy fans are not only unprofessional but also inefficient at cooling your processor.

3. Another issue for hp laptop cooling fan not operating correctly

A malfunctioning cooling system might also indicate that your PC is running too hot when the HP laptop cooling fan is not working correctly. Your processor may be too slow, and you could be suffering from overcrowding on your hard drive. Computer systems use a lot of power. Furthermore, the ideal case should ensure that heat doesn’t build up inside the case and cause damage.

Another issue for hp laptop cooling fan not operating correctly

Cooling fan malfunctions often cause by a wrong-sized power supply. A properly sized supply should be able to push as much air as possible through a given space without creating a vacuum. If you have a large case with several fans and drives. Moreover, this can turn into an expensive headache in no time. Cooling fans often malfunction, leaving you to feel like your PC needs repair.

4. Install addition cooling part into the laptop

The laptop’smore great fan not working is a significant issue for running the laptop. Cooling fans in laptop cases can cause damage to the fan and circuits if not installed correctly. Installing a new cooler for cooling fan hp laptop into your laptop case will increase overall cooling capacity. However, some laptop models have limitations regarding the amount of voltage available for the processor. Computer engineering provides a wide range of coolers to suit your needs.

Suppose your processor has been pushed beyond its maximum temperature. In that case, the cooler may not keep up with the processor’s requirements. And it will therefore shut down or run out of battery voltage before you get home. If your processor is stable at the lower temperatures found in applications like web browsing and office work. Then it using a lower-powered case may not be an option.


How do I fix the cooling fan on my HP laptop?

You can fix your hp laptop cooling fan in different steps. First, you have to open your laptop screws. Then you have to clean your laptop from dust. You can use the brush for this purpose. Moreover, you can also use a hp laptop cooling pad.

How do I fix my laptop cooling fan?

First, you have to open your laptop, remove your laptop battery for safety. Open your laptop screws and then your laptop cooling fan removes dust and clean it properly. In this way, you can fix your laptop cooling fan.

How much does it cost to fix the cooling fan on an HP laptop?

Hp laptop cooling fans are not so much costly. They cost around $10 to $20 to fix the Hp laptop cooling fan.

How do you reset an HP laptop fan?

The HP laptop has to be turned off to be hard reset. Disconnect any external devices connected to your laptop. Be sure to unplug the power cord as well. To reset your laptop, hold down the power button for 15 seconds.

Final words for resolving the issue

In short, if you are experiencing issues with your laptop fans not working. Or moreover, if the noise coming from the system has become unbearable, there’s an ideal fit for you. First, check to ensure that everything is operational and adequately connected: ensure that all wires are connected correctly and that the fan is running perfectly.

The laptop’s AC adapter fully seats and plugs into the wall outlet before restarting the system. This should fix the issue of the hp computer fan not working and make the fan run more effectively. In addition, further, ensure no obstructions or dirt deposits on the circuit boards or leads impair the electrical signals passing through them.

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