How to Fix A Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing it?

If you have a laptop that’s the screen is crack then it’s the worst situation for your laptop. It is very distressing when you find your laptop screen suddenly. Honestly speaking, one day I awake early in the morning and it is my routine to check my laptop daily in the morning.

You guys don’t believe when I open my laptop in the morning I saw my laptop screen was cracked badly. I don’t want to replace the screen so I questioned myself how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it.

I remember those were the days of my exam and I am worried about my laptop screen. Truly. I want to fix my cracked laptop myself. It is because It could have taken me longer If I had replaced the screen from the laptop repairing shop.

Furthermore, at that time I don’t have too much money to replace the cracked laptop screen. As we all know that the new laptop screen costs too much.

I was a student at that time and the $50 amount is too much for me and I was unable to pay this amount at that time. In addition, as soon as my exams were approaching that day, I became very anxious.

I was questioning myself again and again how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it. Everyone knows that If we face any issue regarding our daily life work we take help from the internet. I did the same job and start finding solutions for laptop cracked screens without replacing them.

How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing it

Ideas, experiences, and methods could be different, so never consider other blogs and videos are spamy and fake. I am sharing my experience and research with you so stay with us and I will share the best method to replace the cracked laptop screen without replacing it.

First of all, we should know that what is the laptop screens made of?

What Is The Laptop Screens Made Of?

Some laptops screens are made of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). There are many types of screens like backlit screens, and touch panels etc.

In addition, LCDs is made of two pieces of glasses that are polarized that contains a liquid crystal material between them.

If we look at the Backlit screens then we know that LCD’s don’t emit light directly. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are usually used as backlighting.

I know you are thinking that some companies use LED to make laptop screens. Yes! it’s true many companies use LEDs (light emitting diodes) to make laptop screens.

Now we look at the reasons why your laptop screen get cracked suddenly. There are many reasons behind your cracked laptop screen.

Reasons Behind Why Laptop Screen Get Cracked?

There are many reasons behind your laptop cracked screens. So, it is very important to know why your laptop screen gets cracked.

If you don’t know the reason behind your laptop cracked screen then you will not be able to fix your laptop cracked screen.

According to this article, some reasons are very critical and some of them are very unknown for the majority of people. Let’s discuss each reason one by one!

#1. Put Heavyweight on the laptop

This is a very serious reason behind the cracked screen. In some cases, you put your laptop on the table or chair and someone put a bulky thing on the laptop and your laptop screen cracked in no time.

#2. Pressure Applied

When you applied pressure on your laptop then you will see your laptop screen will be cracked.

This reason can happen when you drop your laptop accidentally after that pressure will apply on your laptop and then it might be caused to crack your laptop screen.

Reasons Behind Why Laptop Screen Get Cracked

#3. Open and Close Aggressively

When you are addict to open and close your laptop quickly then it may cause a crack in your laptop screen.

When you open your laptop in a very aggressive way without any care then it can cause your laptop screen damage.

We know that laptop screens are made of LCD and LED that is not so much hard and sturdy. We should open and close our laptops slowly.

If you don’t care and open and close your laptop in an aggressive way then this can cause one side of screen damage or crack in it.

Laptop Screen Cracked? What To Do?

Be calm if the screen of your laptop is cracked or damaged when you suddenly open it. You may not have to worry about everything that seems to be going on.

You should assess the damage and consider the following: How could my laptop screen have been damaged?

I believe that it is one of the above-mentioned reasons. To determine if the laptop has been damaged internally, it is important to inspect it carefully.

Laptop Screen Cracked What To Do

Now it’s time to check the real problem and what damage could actually happen. Let’s discuss how we check!

Step #1: Make sure you have an external monitor or TV.

Step #2: Connect your laptop with a television or monitor by using an HDMI cable or VGA cable.

Step #3: Further, if your laptop and monitor have a screen sharing option then you can easily connect your laptop with a monitor by using WIFI or Bluetooth.

Step #4: Check the display on your monitor. If you will see the display is fine and have no issue then there is no problem with hardware, motherboard and other components like cable etc.

Step #5: In addition, If you will see that display is not fine and distorted then there is a problem with the graphic card and hardware.

Tips For Fixing A Cracked Screen

You should consider some important steps before repairing the laptop screen. Before you can fix your laptop, you must make several checks and measurements.

Step #1: Make sure that the laptop’s screen attachments are secure.

Step #2: So, keep a record of the percentage of damage to the screen.

Step #3: Verify that your laptop’s external display is working correctly.

Step #4: Before repairing your laptop’s screen, you should check its battery first.

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Tools Required to Repair a Cracked Laptop Screen

Step #1: Make sure you have disconnected your laptop from the AC supply. Now pull off your laptop battery to save from any other damage.

Step #2: Check out the side bezels of the cracked screen on your laptop. Small stickers will be found on each side. In the absence of these, you can identify small protrusions on the bottom of the casing.

Step #3: Use a needle or other object to penetrate those stickers and protrusions, carefully removing the covering. You should separate it from the rest of the product and place it in a safe place. An erasable marker can be used to create small marks on one side.

Step #4: So, now you can see the screws holding the display unit together. To remove them, use a small screwdriver. Take off the screws with the screen held from an opposite side.

Step #5: To prevent losing the screws afterwards, place them in a small container.

Step #6: Remove each screw one by one, then gently remove the screen from the plastic bezel. To handle the whole bezel, you should use your finger and move it gently.

Remove each screw one by one

Further, the screen should be pulled carefully away from the bezel when you separate it. The screen may not open if any screw is still attached.

Step #7: As soon as you take the bezel off, you will see a metal casing encircling it. The screen should be tilted to display the metal casing.

Screens of your workstations will tenderly emerge from their enclosures, as will the wires interfacing the screen to the PC.

Step #8: You will see the two primary links. Initial links comprise the video link, while the power link connects the inverter. You should cut the screen and PC connection wires. You can leave the inverter wire as it is.

Step #9: Take the new screen and place it within the casing as you remove the old screen. By fitting the wires to the jack, tightening the screws, and securely installing the casing, repeat all the steps.

Step #10: Further, Turn on the laptop and make sure the display is functioning normally. Change the color of the screen to see how it looks.


How do you fix a cracked laptop screen?

We can fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it. A detailed guide on how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it is shared please read the above guide to fix your laptop screen easily.

Can a cracked laptop touch screen be fixed?

Yes! but many people try to replace the cracked laptop screen with the new one. If you have the money you can do the same but if you have no money then read above-mentioned method to fix your laptop screen

Can I fix my own cracked screen?

Yes! you can also fix it by yourself. According to this article, I personally face this issue. I shared an experience-based guide so you can easily fix your laptop screen.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I have shared a personal experience with an informative guide on how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it. I hope you have successfully repaired your laptop screen without replacing it.

Further, If you find this article helpful then you can share this article with your friends and family members. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it.

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