How To Dispose Of Laptop Charger?

If you want to know how to dispose of a laptop charger, then you are right. If you have a collection of old laptop chargers or only one laptop charger, then what will you do with that charger. Here we will provide you best guide on how you will do your old laptop charger or other electronic devices.

If you have a large collection of laptop chargers then don’t through them into waste. It is a very bad practice that we threw all electronic waste into the trash that causes pollution and many other diseases.

You can recycle your old chargers, cables, and wires if you have a collection of them accumulating dust.

if we talk about laptop chargers and batteries then we came to know that they should be recycled very properly. We should be disposed of all laptop chargers and batteries in an environmentally friendly manner.

If we talk about the united states then there are many best buy stores that take your old charger and batteries and recycle them.

They will back you a full recycled charger and batteries without affecting the environment. They don’t spread any waste that causes pollution and is dangerous for human health.

There are 3 main reasons why you want to get rid of your laptop charger.

  • New devices New Chargers
  • Chargers break
  • Chargers are lost

New Devices New Chargers

When you buy a new laptop from the laptop shop or an online shop then obviously you will get a new charger. When you buy a brand new laptop then you will get a brand new charger automatically there is no doubt.

After buying a new laptop you have to dispose of your old laptop charger because there is no need for that particular charge. In addition, you have to find the best way to dispose of that charger. You should take great care while disposing of your laptop charger.

You have to make sure that your laptop charger will never cause any pollution. There are 5 methods we discussed below how you disposed of laptop chargers easily so no worries.

Chargers Break

Sometimes your laptop chargers break or spark and then all you need is to buy a new laptop charger. When you buy a new laptop charger then you have to dispose of your old laptop charger.

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No worries, we discussed a detailed 5 methods of disposing of your old laptop charger with environment-friendly manners.

Chargers Are Lost

This is a very common issue in universities and colleges. Some students and teachers forget their laptop chargers in libraries and offices. University management doesn’t try to return the laptop charger to the owner because it takes a lot of investigation.

All they need to dispose of that particular chargers so, they remain safe from any issue.

You can do 5 things with your old laptop charger and other technology luggage.

  • Recycle your charger
  • Give it to your family members
  • Donate to STEM programs
  • Retail Drop-Off
  • Dig a hole and bury them

1. Recycle Your Laptop Charger

You can simply recycle your laptop charger. If your laptop charger break or has some other issue then don’t try to replace it. You can simply recycle it.

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Go to the nearly electric store and they recycle your laptop charger in a very short time and your time and money both will save. And one thing that is very important you will cause to save the environment of the world.

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2. Give It To Your Family Members

But if you have a bulk of chargers then don’t try to go to the near electric shop.

If you have any spare chargers and you want to dispose of that charger then simply contact your family members and neighbors. Maybe they need a particular charger that you have.

Then you will be able to help others and you will cause a smile and happiness by sharing your things with other. You should give your laptop chargers to your family members and neighbors.

3. Donate To STEM Programs

Many Schools, Colleges and universities have STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs to collect old tech things.

If you have old chargers, laptop batteries and other any tech or electronic thing then you can easily donate your laptop charger to STEM programs.

4. Retail Drop-Off

Curry’s PC World, part of Dixons Carphone, offer everyone to donate their things to this program. This is totally free recycling program in the store.

You can even change your things with them but note this store accept only small things. This store doesn’t accept huge and large quantity things.

5. Dig A Hole And Bury Them

If you have a broken laptop charger and you want to get rid of that charger then simply dig a hole and bury this charger in that whole. This is the best method to get rid of your old laptop charger.


How Do I Dispose Of A Laptop Charger UK?

WeeeCharity is offering to recycle e-waste in the UK. You can arrange a collection of any type of electronic waste through their online form. They accept every type of electronic product like laptops, keyboards, mice, Ipads, computers and many more.

Does Best Buy Take Old Chargers?

Best Buy doesn’t charge any penny to recycle your products. They recycled more than 1.5 million electronic products in their whole journey. you can recycle your old chargers, batteries, and even your laptops.

How Do You Dispose Of Old Power Cords?

you can dispose of your old power cords in a very easy way. you can follow simply the above methods and be able to dispose of your old power cords.

Final Verdict

We have shared a detailed guide on How to Dispose of a Laptop Charger. You can easily dispose of your laptop charger, batteries and many other things by following the above methods.

You can share this article with your friends so they can easily dispose of their laptop chargers and many other tech or electronic things.

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