How To Disable Touchpad ASUS Windows 10?

I wan to disable my Asus laptop touchpad that’s why I searched on google, How to disable touchpad on ASUS laptop.

I have found different methods and got a lot of information on Asus touchpad driver missing solution and How to turn off touchpad on Asus laptop Windows 7,8, and 10.

All of them have different methods that are not a good thing. It is because after deep research and experiments I found only one authentic method to disable touchpads on the Asus laptop.

We know that most Asus laptops have a function key that is mostly used to enable or disable the touchpad as a quick method. There are many functions of a function key on the Asus laptop.

If you hold down the Fn key and then the same time you press the F3 or F9 key then it will turn “OFF” or “ON” your Asus laptop.

Here we will discuss only one authentic method properly so, everyone can enable or disable the touchpad easily and quickly on Asus Laptops. Let’s start!

How to Disable Touchpad On Asus Laptop Windows 10

Here is only one quick method to disable the touchpad on Asus laptop windows 10. You can disable the touchpad after reading this article, and let me tell you again this is a full authentic method so make sure to follow each step to save your time!

Method 1

This is the first method, follow each step to turn “Off” the Touchpad.

Step #1

Click on the “Start” button, which is mostly located at the bottom left corner of every laptop.

Step #2

Click on the “Settings Icon” to access the multiple options.

Step #3

Here you will see a “Search Bar”. Now Search Touchpad and click on the “Enter button”.

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Disable Touchpad On Asus Laptop Windows 10


Step 4

Now here you will see “On” or “Off” options of Touchpad. Here you can “Disable” or “Enable” touchpad on Asus laptop.

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Asus touch pad not working


A very authentic method to disable the touchpad on the Asus laptop is shared.

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eeeeee”]Note: When you disable the touchpad then you can’t enable it through the “touchpad” it is because your laptop touchpad is already disabled. To enable it you may need to use an external mouse or keyboard short keys! [/su_panel]

Moreover, after disabling the touchpad on the laptop it will not disable the external mouse, I personally tested it. You can use an external mouse to enable it.

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Why We Disable Touchpad

One question arises, why do we disable the touchpad? There are several reasons to answer this question. One of the biggest reasons is as follows.

Occasionally, when we type a document of any kind or type, a mouse pointer can move accidentally. In order to prevent any interruption, the touchpad should be temporarily disabled.

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