How To Disable Laptop Keyboard Keys?

I hope you want to disable your laptop keyboard keys. If you are looking for the answer to a question about how to disable laptop keyboard keys then you are at a safe place. Here we will discuss the answer to this question in detail, then let’s start!

How to Disable Laptop Keyboard Keys?

Out in the open, the keyboard is the most important part of a laptop. Your working efficiency and ability to type and search anything entirely depend on the keyboard. Then, why do you need to disable the laptop keyboard keys?

Well, there might be multiple reasons for that. Many people prefer to disable the laptop keyboard while cleaning the dust and debris.

Many times, you need to disable the original malfunctioned keyboard to use a new one. So, you can disable the laptop keyboard keys to clean, touch, or even replace the targeted keys with no harm.

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But how to disable the laptop keyboard keys? The good news is that doing so is simple and can be completed within seconds.

All you need to do is to be tricky while performing the task. Whether you want to disable few keys or whole keyboard, we have a perfect guide for you. Let’s discuss this in detail!

How To Disable Any Specific Keys On Laptop Keyboard?

Many times, people want to disable any specific key to prevent accidental press. In this case, you can quickly do it by using any third-party software.

Keep in mind, you won’t be able to permanently disable any key by this method. It’s designed just to equip you in an hour of need.

We find two software more useful in this regard. The process to follow is quite the same for both programs. All you need to do is just follow the given steps accurately to accomplish your task. Let’s discuss how to use both software.

Simple Disable Key

The “Simple Disable Key” software is the most popular and easy to use in this regard. To successfully use this software, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step #1

Download and install this software on your laptop.

Step #2

After successful installation, double click on the icon to run.

Step #3

Upon opening up, you have to choose the field labelled key option.

Step #4

Finally, you can select the keys which you want to disable.

Step #5

After choosing any key make sure to press “OK”.

Key Tweak App

The “Key Tweak App” software is quite handy and safer to disable any specific key. Read the given steps to disable any key.

Step #1

Download and Install this software.

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Step #2

Open it, click “YES” to install it.

Step #3

Then launch this software and accept any prompts.

Step #4

Then, simply click on the key you want to disable. In the control menu, you will see the key names along with numbers.

Step #5

Finally, “click apply” to take effect.

To restore the original setting just restart your laptop.

How To Disable All Laptop Keyboard Keys In Windows?

On the moral high ground, disabling the laptop keyboard keys on windows is quite easier than other operating systems.

But do you want to disable keys temporarily or permanently? Well, whatever your choice is we’re going to guide you thoroughly.

How To Temporarily Disable Laptop Keyboard Keys?

If you wish to disable your laptop keyboard keys for a shorter while until you restart, then you don’t need to go through tough steps. All you need to do is to deal with the device manager of your laptop. Let’s discuss the steps to do the right trick.

Step #1

Go to the start menu search bar of your laptop and enter “MSC”. It will open the file manager.

Step #2

Now, open the expand keyboards option.

Step #3

Right-click on the keyboard device and uninstall it.

Step #4

If you wish to re-enable it, just go and restart your laptop.

You can restore the laptop keyboard to its original working condition by just restarting it. Looks easiest and safest!

How To Permanently Disable Laptop Keyboard?

To permanently disable the laptop keyboard, you can opt for any of the below methods.

  • Simplest Way to Permanently Disable Laptop Keyboard Keys

The simplest way to do this trick is by making use of drivers. You have to make use of the wrong drivers instead of the original ones to disable the keyboard. Let’s discuss how to smartly accomplish this method.

Step #1

Open the device manager by searching in the search bar.

Step #2

Now, select the update driver option for the keyboard you want to disable.

Step #3

In the opened window, select “Search my computer for driver software”.

Step #4

From the list of available drivers, you have to choose “Let me select from a list”.

Step #5

Go and uncheck the Show compatible hardware.

Step #6

Then, smartly pick the driver that doesn’t work with your laptop keyboard.

Step #7

Click and install the incorrect driver on your laptop. As a result, the keyboard will be permanently disabled.

To restore the original functionality of the keyboard, go and install the compatible driver. Sometimes, a quick restart also works for some models to regain the original settings.

  • Group Policy Editor to Permanently Disable Laptop Keyboard Keys

The built-in local group policy editor is an excellent way to prevent the actions taken by windows. And it prevents the automatic installation of keyboard drivers.

Disable Laptop Keyboard Keys Permanently 

All you need to do is to recognize the hardware ID of your laptop and then stop anything related to that ID by using the Group Policy Editor. Let’s discuss how you can use this method to permanently disable laptop keyboard keys.

Step #1

Go to the device manager to find the device ID.

Step #2

Open the keyboard driver in the device manager, right-click on properties, open details, go to the property and get the corresponding device ID.

Step #3

Copy the device ID.

Step #4

Go and install the driver.

Step #5

Now open the Group Policy Editor and start navigation from the left panel. Open the administrative template, go to system, select device installation, and go to device installation restriction.

Step #6

Then open the same on Policy Editor. Choose the option “Prevent installation of devices related to any of these device ids”.

Step #7

Enable this option and paste the device ID.

If you want to restore the original keyboard features, open the Group Policy Editor and set the status to “Not Configured”. Remember to reboot your laptop to save changes.

  • Using Third-Party Applications to Permanently Disable Laptop Keyboard

If you remain unable to permanently disable the laptop keyboard by following the above-discussed method, then this way is going to suit you the best.

Numerous applications exist on the internet to disable the keyboard on windows. You can use them to disable keyboard windows 10. We have gone through some applications and find the blow ones quite quick and efficient.

  • KeyFreeze
  • Keyboard Locker

You can use any of these two to permanently disable your laptop keyboard.

Wrapping it Up

Keeping the long story short, the keyboard keys on the laptop can be disabled to ensure smooth cleaning, keys replacing, or attaching the new keyboard.

But how to disable laptop keyboard keys? In this guide, we have discussed the ways to disable any targeted keys, the whole keyboard temporarily, and the permanent disabling of keyboard keys. Read well to perform safely!

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