How To Connect PS4 To PC Monitor With HDMI?

If you are trying to connect a PS4 to a monitor using HDMI, here is what you need to know.

This is the right post for you. Here, I will discuss this question in detail and with ease.

Hence, you won’t encounter any issues connecting PS4 to PC Monitor via HDMI.

Let’s look at its specifications!

Specifications Of HDMI

  • Do you think you can get this set up for about ten pounds? Then you’ll pay 13 pesos for it. It costs $4.99 UK pounds on eBay or amazon for you to purchase one of these particular ones.
  • You can basically use this as an HDMI male to a VGA adapter.
  • You can basically use it as an analog to digital converter.
  • Furthermore, HDMI cables are capable of carrying both video and sound, allowing you to take the sound out.
  • But on these VGA cables. The picture is the only thing it carries, so you’ll have to hook up a separate device to get the sound.

How To Connect PS4 To PC Monitor With HDMI

There are main two methods to connect PS4 to Monitor or Dual Monitor with an HDMI.

Method #1

You will see exactly how to connect a PS4 to a PC monitor with HDMI by following along with me.

The process is actually quite simple, so let’s not waste any more time. All right, I’m going into it, but I wonder what kind of monitor you use? My monitor is a 24 inch BenQ.

Let’s look at the cables that we need.

Step #1

The only thing you will need is a power wall outlet for the PS4 and a HDMI cable for the TV. Then for the monitor, you just need it for power, just plug it into the wall.

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HDMI and PS4-How to Connect PS4 to PC Monitor with HDMI


Step #2

Let me show you how everything is connected, and lets get started. Let’s plug in the PS4’s power first. It should just go into the wallet.

Plug-in power to the ps4

Step #3

Next, we simply connect the HDMI port to the PS4. Then, we connect the HDMI cable to the PS4.

HDMI 1 or 2 doesn’t really matter.

All right, we connected one or two, so now we’re going to connect the HDMI.

now we connected the HDMI-How to Connect PS4 to PC Monitor with HDMI

Step #4

Plugging this into your monitor is all that is left to do. As soon as everything is done, this is how it should look so the PS4 can power on.

plug this into the monitor

Step #5

HDMI goes all the way all the way to the wall. After that there is just the power supply to the monitor. Just plug this into the monitor.

plug this into the monitor-How to Connect PS4 to PC Monitor with HDMI

As soon as you have completed all the steps we have discussed, turn on your PlayStation 4.

You will see a signal on the monitor. Then you will see that your Monitor will open. You have successfully connected your PS4 to your PC through HDMI.

successfully connected to the monitor.

Now, if you don’t see anything popping up on your monitor, make sure it’s on the right HDMI signal.

Then you will see your ps4 come up that how you do it.

Method #2

I will show you how you can connect your PS4 to a PC monitor using HDMI since the monitor just has a VGA input. It doesn’t have any HDMI inputs.

So when you get your slim you will get this nice HDMI lead with it.

HDMI is not an option on the slims back by default.

It is true that there are no other ports. However, you can use it to get pictures from it.

You might think you need to plug it into my page DMI TV, but that is not the case. Specifically, because if you look at the monitor as a whole, this one only has a VGA input.

This is what a VGA cable looks like sometimes known as S VGA. So what do you need to do?

Chances are you’ve got an old monitor lying around.

You’ve probably got some old speakers as well from your desktop computer from years ago that has a little 3.5-millimeter jack because it’s the PlayStation 4.

If I were to simply connect these up now, it would be more complicated.

It won’t work because it won’t do the handshake at the beginning.

Experts Guide

It won’t recognize this as compatible equipment.

What we will also have to do is thrown an HDMI switch into the mix as well.

This one is a 5 input to one output. But you can get ones with just two inputs to one output for even less money.

It’s not a lot of money it’s around about 5 UK pounds.

Since it’s the PlayStation, it’s a bit more complicated, so you’ll also need one with a voltage lead so take a look at the side of the switch.

It will say DC 5 volts, that’s not a problem because make sure you get yourself one that comes with this small adapter. If you have any USB phone chargers, you must use one of them.

It will have a 5-volt output. Look for output 5 volts at two amp stuff, and see what happens if you were just directly connected.

How To Connect PS4 To Computer With HDMI

The HDMI port on the back of a PlayStation 4 can be used to connect an external monitor.

 if one has VGA and speaker outputs. Therefore, we plug in our respective cords from these two devices

The adaptor with its behalf led lights up when connected correctly (green). 

Next go ahead and insert them both into their appropriate places within your gaming console’s internals as shown.

The input is not providing enough power to the output. With both leads connected, plug one into an available HDMI port on your TV or monitor screen and follow these steps:

First make sure that there are no other electronic devices nearby which might interfere with signals passing through walls etc., 

Then carefully place each individual lead inside its respective colored sleeve starting at either end so as not to mix them up; 

Next, we need to stay away from any windows until we’re done!

How to Connect PS4 to PC Computer with HDMI

You need to buy a switch that comes with this little power supply since we have to use a separate power supply.

Because the common ones aren’t present in this power supply.

You will have to hunt for them or you can just purchase one of these separate keys.

Plugging it into PowerPoint is the next step. When we put it in later, we could see that it had gone too solid, and now there it is straight away on the screen.

The resolution is set to automatic. The monitor will only output 720p, which is still HD-ready, but this is an old monitor.

However it doesn’t have full HD, but it double-checks the ones you have if you go to it when you turn it on. That page will appear.

Press the X button on your controller after going to settings. Click on sounds and screen.

Click on video output settings and under resolution. Currently, it is set to automatic.

But if we go down to 1080p. It will say here you were going to change the resolution that is not supported by your TV. Do you want to continue?

It’s not supported either, so you don’t want to continue. So We are going to click No. going to go to see if 720p is supported.


If you’re looking for a way to connect your PS4 console to your PC monitor, don’t worry! All it takes is an HDMI cable.

This will also work if you want to use the PS4 as a second monitor or extend your desktop into another screen but not working for PS3.  

You can find out more about this process by reading our article on how to Connect PS4 to PC Monitor with HDMI. We hope that you found what you were looking for and please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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