How To Clean MSI Laptop Fan (Easily Clean Laptop Fan)

Your MSI laptop performance is low and does it produces sound while working? or do you want to clean the MSI laptop fan easily and quickly? don’t worry we have the solution. We provide you with a quality guide on How To Clean MSI Laptop Fan Easily step by step.

The fan inside the laptop performs a cooling function to maintain the temperature inside the laptop.

In addition, a laptop fan is also used to cool the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

If these components reach their maximum level then the laptop will shut down automatically. This process is called “Thermal Check”.

How To Clean MSI Laptops Fan

Let’s discuss step by step how you can easily clean a laptop fan.

Step 1

Open your MSI laptop to make sure it is successfully shut down or not. After that close laptop and make sure your laptop is not connected to any type of power source.

Step 2. Bowl or Container

For safety, you have to take a bowl or container to put screws in it. In many cases, we forgot to put screws in a safe place and as a result, we lose the screws of our laptop.

So again make sure that you take a bowl or container with you. If you want to reset MSI laptop then read How To Reset MSI Laptop.

Step 3. Take Screwdriver

Now turn back your MSI laptop. Take a screwdriver to open your laptop screws one by one. In most cases, all laptops have screws of the same size and shape but you need two screwdrivers as mentioned in the image below.

Clean Laptop Fan

Step 4

After opening all screws, make sure that all screws are in the bowl or container.

Step 5

Now open the MSI laptop backside cover very carefully, while separate the backside cover from the laptop make sure you detach the ribbon if your laptop has a ribbon that attaches both portions.

Clean Laptop Fan

Step 6

Now find laptop fans screw, and open these screws. We used word fans it is because many MSI laptops have two fans inside the laptop.

The reason behind two fans is that this laptop is mostly used for gaming. You may like How to Screenshot on MSI Laptop.

Why is my MSI laptop fan so loud?

Step 7

After opening all screws of fans, take off the fan and put it on the table to clean them. You can clean fans by blowing between the fan where you feel dust. In addition, you can also clean with a brush, clean soft cloth, or cotton swab.

clean fan with soft cloth, or cotton swab

Step 8

After cleaning well, blow air on all your laptop to make your laptop dust-free. A fan that has a lot of dust may cause the rattling noise.

Step 9

After cleaning both of your MSI laptop fans, fix these fans in the laptop and tighten the screws of the fan.

Why is my MSI laptop fan so loud?

Step 10

Now make sure, there is no dust inside the laptop and laptop fan. You can attach the ribbon, and then tighten the screws and Now your laptop and laptop fan are clean successfully.

After cleaning the laptop fan, we should know about the working of the laptop fan. In addition, it will help you a lot to find issues behind the fan that producing noise.

The laptop fans are something noisy and irritating but they perform a very important function in the laptop.

What Is The Fan Function In A Laptop?

There are few important functions of fans in laptops. Let’s discuss each function one by one.

1. Computers Produce Heat

All laptops and computers of every size and shape consume electricity for working and move electricity in the circuit.

You can’t imagine that such a thin type of chip or circuit produces heat. Yes, it is due to a very compact and layered circuit.

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When you plugged in your laptop then the power supply also produces heat it is because it supplies power to your laptop.

2. Fans Cool Computers

The main function of a laptop or computer fan is to pull cooler air into a circuit or inside to cool the hot circuit and other parts.

It also cools the CPU because this is the only part that produces more heat in the laptop or computer.

If the laptop CPU gets too hot and produces more heat then it will automatically lock or shut down your computer.

To cool the temperature of the CPU you have to open your laptop and remove dust from the laptop fan.

3. Computer Air Vents

Make sure your MSI laptop air vents open and have no dust. The fan cools the laptop by pulling the air through openings like Keyboard, or through any vents. It is very important to ensure that you don’t block any opening or vent, otherwise, your laptop will produce heat.


How do I clean my MSI laptop fan without opening it?

You can clean your MSI laptop fan by following some simple steps;

Step 1

Open your MSI laptop through screwdrivers.

Step 2

Now open screws of fan with screwdrivers.

Step 3

Clean fans well by air, brush, and soft cloth, etc.

Step 4

Now fix the fan again, and tighten all screws of the fan and laptop.

Why is my MSI laptop fan so loud?

There are many reasons behind the rattling and loud sound of laptop fans. Some of them are;

  • There is a duct inside the laptop and laptop fan
  • In addition, the high temperature of the CPU and produce more heat
  • A bad battery can also because of loud noise of the fan

Is it safe to clean a laptop fan?

Yes, If you can open a laptop by yourself then it is safe to clean the laptop. If you are unaware of the laptop fan, wires, and cables then don’t try to open the laptop to clean the fan.

Wrapping Up

We have shared the best method of how to clean MSI laptop fans. All you need to follow the above method to clean your MSI laptop. In conclusion, a laptop fan is used to cool the laptop CPU and circuit that produce heat while running. If you don’t clean your MSI laptop properly then it may cause rattling noise of the fan. Your MSI laptop may heat up due to dust in the fan.

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