How to Check Screen Size of Laptop

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Laptop screen sizes vary from laptop to laptop. The question is How to Check Screen Size of Laptop? So, we concentrate on this question and will try to provide the right as well as the best answer

Decide where to begin

To accurately measure something, you must be able to determine its beginning and ending points. The first step to measuring your laptop is to select a starting point on the screen and lengthen the tape toward the ending point.

Therefore, either the lower-right or lower-left corner of the screen is a starting point. Your laptop’s visible screen should serve as the starting point for the measurement.

Be sure to measure opposing corners

The opening part of a laptop counts just as much as the visible portion of the monitor, so make sure to measure the entire enclosure.

Screens were originally measured diagonally to increase the scale. Pay attention to every aspect involved in this matter so that your measurements are correct.

Take a diagonal measurement as well

In order to proceed in the right direction, you need to use this measurement method for measuring the laptop’s diagonal size.

To measure the actual diagonal length of your laptop, place your measuring tape on the corner and extend it to the bottom of the corner.

When measuring, we need to eschew the size of the laptop screen because we want to get the true size of the measurement.

We also talked about the computer monitor size comparison, you must read it to get more information about laptop and monitor screen sizes,

Also, width measurement is crucial

In the previous step, we’ve determined the diagonal aspect. Let us now fix the width.

Taking an exact measurement of the width of your laptop is extremely important and you must note down the exact numbers after your calculation.

Measure the width of the laptop by placing a measuring ribbon bottom left and dragging it to the right of the laptop.

Measurement of Height

There are several different measurements that can be made from the height to the width of the laptop in order to get the perfect calculation. Check How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing it.

measuring tape measure laptop screen

Take your measuring tape and the ruler and determine your laptop’s height, positioning them at the top and bottom of your screen, before closing the flap of your laptop

The height of your laptop is essential in this process, but its height matters less than the previously mentioned dimensions because laptop manufacturers rarely give the laptops a height larger than two inches.

These things should be kept in mind if you are trying to learn how laptops are measured.

The depth needs to be measured as well

Writing down all the calculations you make will help you achieve the desired results, including measuring the depth of your laptop.

Measure the depth of your computer by dragging a measuring tape across the top of your computer and down to the underside.

Getting centimeters out of inches

While converting the inches into centimeters does not sound very important, it is very essential to get the measurements right.

There are two methods to measure the laptop screen.

  1. External Method
  2. Internal method

We describe these two methods one by one. Are you ready! Let’s get start!

1. External Method

The external method is also called a physical method. In this method, we will tell you how we can measure the laptop screen physically. Let’s explain it step by step.

  • You must have a meter rod or measuring tape to measure the screen size of the laptop.
  • Now measure the screen size of the laptop from the top left corner of the laptop to below the right corner of the laptop screen. (as shown in the picture)
Measuring tape to m


  • After measuring note the first reading.
  • Now measure from the top right corner to the below-left corner of the laptop
  • Now again note the second measured reading.
  • Calculate the average of both readings, due to this method you get the correct size of a laptop screen.

Note: Measure only the laptop screen, don’t measure the bezel ( edges that make of plastics ) around the laptop screen. If you have the following laptop (given below ) then there is no need to measure the size of the laptop screen.

Laptop Name Size
Hp X360 ProBook 11inch
ASUS Zenbook 13 13inch
ACER predator triton 700 15inch
Apple MacBook 12 12inch
Gigabyte Aero 14Wv7-bk4 14inch
Razer blade pro 17inch

(i) Manual Reading

This is a very simple and easy method to check the screen size of the laptop getting details and also system specifications. This manual is given by companies that provide your laptop. This manual contains all information related to that laptop which you bought like.

A cover page A purpose section
A title page System specification
A copyright page Scope section
A preface page/User guide A troubleshooting section
A contents page A FAQ section

You will read only the user guide manual and there you have to read system specifications and there you will get all information about your laptop. You can check there and can view your laptop screen size.

laptop user manual

2. Internal Method

The internal method is a very easy and simple method for How to Check the Screen Size of a Laptop. Through this method, we can easily access the laptop screen size, so.

(i) How to Check the screen size of a laptop

Step 1: In the left below the corner of the laptop click on “Start”.

laptop display

Step 2: After clicking this will show to you a new screen. Now click on the “Settings”.

laptop display

Step 3:Now a new popup will appear to click on “Systems”.

laptop display-How to Check Screen Size of Laptop

Step 4: Then click on the top left “Display”.

laptop display-How to Check Screen Size of Laptop

To change the resolution of your laptop screen click on the Display resolution drop-down list menu. It shows you the Recommended size ratio which is your laptop screen size.

You can also change the size ratio but it will change your laptop screen display ( zoom in or squeeze ) which is difficult for you to back into the original size.

What is the average laptop screen size?

As we discussed above many laptop screen sizes but the average size of the laptop is 13 inches to 15 inches. The laptop which contains more than 16-inch screen size these laptops are called pro laptops. Nowadays laptops come in 11 to 17-inch screen sizes. 

Hope you would get your answer after this article if this article is informative for you please share this article and tell us your feedback in the comment section.

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