How to Check Laptop Model in Windows 10

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How to Check Laptop Model in windows

Here we define all steps for the How to Check Laptop Model.

Step #1

First of all click on the “Start Button” of your laptop and start your laptop. This may take up to a minimum of 20 seconds. So, be patient and wait while your laptop screen will appear.

Step #2

After starting, your laptop dashboard screen will appear. then “Refresh” your laptop 7 to 10 times. Due to refreshing your laptop speed will increase and laptops will work more reliably and speedy. If you don’t refresh your laptop some errors can occur while running your laptop.

  • It can slow your laptop
  • Some errors related to granular mongo DB.

There are many advantages of the “Refresh button” but here we discuss only two.

  • Windows will reload the up-to-date version of the data there.
  • It will rebuild all the pixels of the laptop screen. and it does not your RAM.

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Refresh button ( checking laptop model )[/su_panel]

Step #3

Now click on the “search bar” on the below-left corner of the screen. In this bar, you can search all of your problems related to your laptop. Problems are of that type which you face while running a laptop or any other question or confusion.

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Search bar[/su_panel]

Step #4

Now type “msinfo32” in the below-left corner of the screen search bar and press the button “Enter”

You can also type “System Information” and touch the “Enter” button. You can access the laptop model screen through both methods.

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Step #5

Then a new screen will be displayed where many options are available. You can find many features here and one of the options will a “Laptop Model” option. Now here you can check your laptop model.

[su_panel shadow=”2px 2px 2px #653fa0″]How to check Laptop Model[/su_panel]

Congratulations! You have found your “Laptop Model”.

My Laptop Model and other Features

My laptop has window 10, So I wanted to show you some features.

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Item Value
System Model To be found by O.E.M.
Base Board Manufacturer Dell Inc.
OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 pro
System Type x64-based PC
System SKU To be found by O.E.M.
System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Processor Intel Core(TM) i7 6700K CPU
BIOS Version/DATE American Meagtrends Inc. F7, 3/11
SMBIOS Version 2.8
Embedded Controller Version 255.255
BIOS Mode Legacy
ROM 512 GB
Total Virtual Memory 12.8 GB
Available Virtual Memory 4.13 GB
Total Physical Memory 7.87 GB
Available Physical Memory 3.10 GB


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How to check laptop Model and Serial number in windows

After checking the laptop model you should also check your laptop serial number and product ID to gain more knowledge of your laptop. We describe it step by step! Let’s Start!

Note: It is very informative for you while checking your laptop model and serial number. One key recovery will be all your laptop data so do it at your own risk. We will not responsible for any deletion of information or any other loss.

Step #1

Move your arrow to the windows icon on left below corner of your laptop screen. Press the right button of your mouse and click on the “Command Prompt”.

Step #2

After it, a new screen will be open and here you will type “wmic bios get the serial number” after C:\windows\system> or C:\users\C-Zone>. and press the “Enter Button”

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Laptop serial Number[/su_panel]

In this way, you can easily find your laptop model and serial number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know my laptop model using CMD?

To find out what type of computer you have, press the Windows key and tap X simultaneously.

Then enter Command Prompt (Admin) window with a ./ appearing at input prompt before typing: WMIC CSPRODUCT GETNAME . Your model number should now appear below!

How old is my Lenovo laptop?

In the Windows search box in Taskbar, type cmd and hit enter. Once a Command Prompt window has opened up scroll down until you see “BIOSVersion:” Check this date listed under Product Build Date.

Final Words

Knowing your laptop model is crucial for troubleshooting errors and potential problems. Above we clearly mentioned how to find out the make, model, and serial number of your laptop in Windows 10. I hope you have done!

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