How To Charge Laptop With USB?

If you are looking for the answer to How to Charge Laptop with USB then you are landing on the right website. The USB-C came to a revolution in electronics.

You can share your enormous and personal data through USB-C. Technology becomes vaster and thus modern laptops no longer require large and heavy types of power banks.

There are many types of ports on your laptop, tablet, Notebook, and other mobile devices.

Every tech company made at least one charging port and USB-C port in a communicating device like laptop and mobile.

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The short and brief answer to this question is Yes, you can charge your laptop with USB-C. But you should take some precautions while charging your laptop with USB-C.

What Is USB

USB (Universal aerial Bus) is an industry standard that makes cables and ports for the best connection of power supply

. It also helps to charge electronic devices and also helps to share important and enormous data between two electronic devices.

USB provides a connection between two laptops, computers,s, and mobiles, etc.

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First, You Need To Understand Types of USB

There are three types of USB.

  • USB type A
  • USB type B
  • And USB Type C

Now we discuss these three types of USB one by one.

USB type A (USB-A)

This is a common interface of USB in this age. This USB used daily life transfers data from one laptop to another one or one laptop or computer to mobile.

It is true to say that almost every laptop and Notebook have this port. Indeed, this USB supply power of 0.500V or 0.500 Watt to 500 mA.

Unfortunately, Laptops and Computer does not accept electricity or power supply from this port.

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USB type A (USB-A)-How to Charge Laptop with USB


USB Type B (USB-B)

This USB-B port is mostly used in printers as a source of data sharing or power supply.

Mostly, laptop and computer manufacturing companies do not add this port due to its different design.

But the smaller version of this port is still being used in mobile phones and cameras.

Although it transfers power, But the majority of laptops have no port like this one

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USB Type C (USB-C)

This is the latest generation port. Many smartphone companies prefer this port to others.

They are adding this port to new generation smartphones due to its unique and comfortable design.

We can plugin this port in a laptop or any other device from both turns or sides.

This is the best feature of this port. Indeed, in this age, this port is available in new smartphones and some best laptops.

Many manufacturing companies adopted the use of this type of port in smartphones and laptops.

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USB TYPE C (USB-C)[/su_panel]

You can charge your laptop with USB-C PORT.

How We Charge Laptops With A USB?

You have often used a USB to charge your electronic devices like mobile or tablet from Computer, Laptop, or any other device.

This USB transfer low power of voltage so, it takes more time to charge a mobile or tablet as compared to an electric charger.

Therefore, the laptop chargers bulky more than this USB cable because they consume more power than this port.

USB-C solved this issue because this provides a connection to charge your laptop. But this power supply supplied a low power to your laptop.

It means that your laptop takes more time to charge as compared to the electricity power supply.

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It is an easy way to find a USB-C port on your laptop. Its connectors are rounded. It is much different from the old version of the USB.

It does not matter either you connect it from the right side or the left side.

If your charger has the same port, then connect it to the laptop and charge your laptop. Congratulations!

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Laptop charge with USB-C[/su_panel]

After research some expert’s opinions about this question, I came to know that, with the advent of USB-C. You can charge your laptop with USB-C.

But only new laptops support this USB-C charging ability. And one thing should be remembered that Smart can’t be charged through a USB-C port.

If your laptop has a USB-C port then you have to buy only a male USB-C cable. You have to connect this USB-C cable to the power bank.

Make sure your power bank should have the same power as per requirement. Otherwise, it can damage your laptop battery.

Charge Your Laptop With Smartphone?

Yes! Really you can charge your laptop with your own smartphone. Some smartphone has reversible chargers to charge the laptop.

But the charging process will be extremely slow. It is because most laptop batteries are more powerful than smartphone batteries.

Many laptops need a powerful charging voltage. The USB cannot provide that amount of voltage. In a few laptops, the USB-C option comes that support charging

USB-C has a worldwide charging standard. Today many laptops have a USB-C charging port, but it’s not guaranteed. Some laptops have a USB-C port they cannot support charging.

HPs specter x2 comes with USB-C but does not charge. Some brands also point about charging with USB-C damaged the device and creates many faults.

But we never saw any news related to USB-C cause fault. Many Brands recommend that use the main charger that comes with a laptop.

The laptop needs high power that gave by the main charger. You will further need to see your power mode of USB-C in laptop settings. This option exists in the battery and power section.

If your USB-C charging system does not work see the laptop setting. Do not charge your phone directly from port C of the laptop.

Thunderbolt 3 offers several charging combinations. It can connect six different devices mutually and quickly charged while sending data at a higher rate as compared to USB-C up to 100W.

Charge Your Laptop With USB-C Docking Station

Yes! You can also charge your laptop through a USB-C port using a cable and power source. One of the best ways is the docking station.

The docking station basically provides power and many arrays of connections or peripherals.

It can’t provide only USB-C charging but also many ports for charging.

Many docking stations support USB-C ports.

This is also the best way to charge your laptop with USB-C.

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You can also charge your laptop with your monitor. USB-C monitors only provide power.

It is also useful for charging your laptops, smartphones, mobile phones, and other electronic devices.

Other ports like USB-A and USB-B are not supported by charging facilities. Only USB-C support charging facility.

Laptop With USB-C Port Charger Support?

Here we mentioned a list of some laptops that support USB-C for both charging and transferring data.

  • ASUS VivoBook
  • Apple Macbook Air
  • Hp Chromebook 14
  • ASUS ZenBook 3 UX390UA
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Dell XPS 15
  • HP Spectre x360-15t
  • Razer Blade Stealth
  • Lenovo Thinkpad E490

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