How To Change MSI Keyboard Color?

Are you looking for How To Change MSI Keyboard Color? You landed on the right page. Here I’ll tell you how to change MSI keyboard color!

When it comes to the MSI laptop, we all know that it is a very famous laptop brand that is very well-known for its gaming laptops.

An MSI laptop will allow you to enjoy real gaming experience if you are eager to play games and want to be a gamer. Backlit keyboards are a great feature on these gaming laptops.

MSI laptops support RGB backlighting on some of their best laptops, according to this article.

You can select a specific or your desired color for your laptop keys. After reading this article you will be able to change your laptop keyboard color easily.

You can also change the RGB backlighting of a single keyboard key.

How To Change MSI Keyboard Color

We know that all MSI keyboards are made off Steal series, So, we will use SteelSeries Engine 3 to change the light of the MSI keyboards. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Step #1

Open the “Start Menu” and search “SteelSeries Engine 3” in the Search Bar.

Step #2

Now click on the “SteelSeries Engine 3” to enter the MSI keyboard setting system.

How To Change MSI Keyboard Color

Step #3

Now, click on the “MSI Per-Key” RGB Keyboard option. You will see many options in the drop-down menu but you have to open only “MSI Per-Key”.


Step #4

You will see the configuration window on the left side, click on it. Here you can select the default setting.

Backlit keys settings

Step #5

If you wish to change the color of the keyboard as per your desire, then click on the “New Button”.

Step #6

Enter the name of the new configuration. Now you can do changes yourself as you like.

1. Select

Make sure you select every zone or key.

2. Group Select

It is possible to select more than one zone or key at once. 

3. Magic Wand

Then, select all keys or zones that share the same effect.

4. Paintbrush

Adds an effect to a zone or key.

5. Paint Bucket

This effect will be applied to any touched areas or keys.

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6. Eraser

This removes a key effect from a zone.

7. Effect Picker

You can choose a key or zone and then an effect.

Step #7

Let’s Turn some keys into Green. Select Keys of laptop keyboard and then choose color “Green”

MSI Keyboard green color

Step #8

If you want to change the whole keyboard color, choose the drag option, drag the mouse, and select “all keyboard keys”.

Keyboard green color

According to research, we have provided you perfect guide to change the MSI laptop keyboard lights. If you have access to SteelSeries Engine 3 then it is Ok.

But if you don’t see SteelSeries Engine 3 in the search bar then first of all download it from Google.

With the help of the above guide, you can change the color of a single key or whole keyboard.

MSI Keyboard Effect Types Mean

Here are some MSI keyboard effect types, we shared brief information on every effect.


Specifies the color of the key/area selected.

The Color shift

Selects various colors for specific keys/areas.

Color change

A maximum of four different colors can be assigned to a key or button.

The Reactive key

Provides a key with an active and an inactive color. The active color is used when the key is pressed, while the inactive color is used when the key is released.

Cooling timer

Immediately after a preset signal, switches the keys from “Standby” to “Cooling”.

Disable backlight

Allows the user to disable the RGB setting on a button or zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Control The Lights On My MSI Keyboard?

You can easily and quickly change or control the lights of the MSI laptop keyboard. You just need to open “SteelSeries Engine 3” then click on “MSI Per-Key”.

After that, you will see a keyboard panel configuration screen. Now change keyboard color or single key color easily and quickly.

How Do I Change The LED Color On My Keyboard?

It is easy and quick to change or control the lights on MSI laptop keyboards. It only takes a few clicks to open “SteelSeries Engine 3” and choose “MSI Per-Key”.

In addition, You will then see a screen where you can configure your keyboard colors. You can now easily and quickly change the color of any key on your keyboard.

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