Do you need a Laptop for College?

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Most types of students, teachers, and college staff need a laptop in the college and some students and teacher do not need.

It is because it depends on their work type. For example, many students solve their daily tasks through a laptop and some students do it on their register.

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But according to my research and opinion, every student needs a laptop for college.

There are many reasons behind this.

Indeed, Every student in the college faces many problems in their daily tasks.

If you are an IT or computer science-related field student then I recommend you to buy a new laptop.

If you have already a laptop then fine and in this situation there is no need to buy a new laptop.

Laptop for College
Now, we discuss in detail can we need a laptop in the college and how we can use a laptop in many ways in the college.

There are five main reasons the topic Do you need a Laptop for College and why a laptop is important for a college student. Here are some of the reasons.

  • Completing the Assignments
  • Communication Device
  • Taking Notes
  • Convenience Reason

1. Completing The Assignments

Accordingly, As we know that technology is growing day by day and it affects our whole lives including our education system.

So, In ancient times, people do their work on the leaves of persimmon and stones.

And day by day, people changed their writing behavior and they shift their work from stones and leaves of Persimmon to tree made paper. But this is very limited because there is very low evolution in that era.

In the 20th century, people introduced new things, and technology grows gradually.

It is because there are enough resources to introduced new things and technology in a short time. Anyways, the first laptop is also invented in 1982.

The 21st century is called an evolution century. Technology’s growth rate is more than in previous centuries and people have discovered countless new things.

So, In simple words, we can say that technology is completely changed in the 21st century.

So, people also convert from page to digital things for their daily tasks.

Technolgy growing graph

These days, assignments are no longer paper-based as they used in the older days. Those assignments are web-based.

As we know colleges gave many assignments in the whole course.

If students have a laptop and are connected to the internet constantly then their assignments will be easier than the page-written assignments.

There are many particular subjects that require computer programs as well.

It means that if you have a laptop then you can easily make your assignments and quizzes as well.

#2. Communication Device

Most of the students leave their home just for the sake of study and for their parents.

In this situation, they have to keep in touch with their parents. the best way to keep in touch with their parents is a laptop Indeed, all laptops come with a microphone and one web camera for a video call or capture of images.

Communication Device

It takes the communication level from bottom to top level. They can see each other faces by video calling.

Indeed, The new students need a laptop to record their daily routine and send them to their parents.

#3. Taking Notes

In the old days, students also use their pens and register to note the daily lectures.

Indeed, the laptop made this process easy and comfortable.

Teachers made power-point slides and read lectures from PowerPoint slides.

Students can record those lectures and by using a microphone.

You can also request the teacher to provide their power-point slides for better understanding.

#4. Convenience Reason

As we mentioned above, the laptop comes in different varieties. The companies of laptops are taking seriously about their product design.

They also take great care of their laptop’s functionalities and unique design. Most of those laptops highlight slim designs.

The majestic style employed on the laptop also makes it appealing. Most importantly, the long-term-life battery innovation is used to power up the whole system.

It can make the students feel comfortable since they do not have to charge it regularly.

Moreover, they do not have to bring the charging wire all the time as well.

Do I Really Need A Laptop For College?

Yes it is a good practice to have a laptop in college, it is beneficial to have one.

You can use your laptop to do research on the internet, work on projects that require a lot of typing and even take notes in class.

What To Do If You Don’t Have A Laptop For College?

If you don’t have a laptop for college, you can use your phone to study.

You can download and install apps such as Khan Academy, Flashcards+, and Duolingo to help you study.

You can also use your phone to take notes during lectures and then upload them to Google Docs or Evernote.

Do You Need A Laptop For Online College?

Yes a laptop is necessary for online college and online meetings. If you don’t have a laptop then you can’t enjoy or focus in classes and your study.

From laptop you can’t only join online classes, you can perform a lot of tasks on it.

This includes using the internet to research assignments, using a word processor to write papers, and watching lectures on YouTube or other platforms.


Every student should have a laptop in a college. It makes your work easier. If you have no laptop then you can face a bit of a problem while doing some of your assignments and other study-related work.

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