Do Dell Laptops have Bluetooth?

Dell laptops are great for business and home use. Do Dell Laptops have Bluetooth capabilities? In this article, we will discuss the Do Dell Laptops Have Bluetooth question and what to consider when buying a laptop with Bluetooth features.

Bluetooth is a powerful way to connect with your computer and devices. It’s perfect for those who want the freedom of wireless communication, but still, need traditional ports available on their laptop or desktops as well!

You can use Bluetooth 4 Low Energy which consumes much less power than its older counterpart so you won’t have any problem using this tech in tandem with an external monitor.

Bluetooth technology enables you to connect devices like keyboards, mice, and headsets over Bluetooth so that it is easy for people who are working away from their office.

In addition, files can be shared between the computer (laptop) as well as some smartphones without having anything plugged into them; all this requires now is an enabled radio inside your Dell laptop!

Do Dell Laptops Have Bluetooth?

Yes! Dell laptops have Bluetooth connectivity, but not all Dell laptops have Bluetooth capabilities.

Do Dell Laptops Have Built-in Bluetooth?

To connect wirelessly with other Bluetooth devices, the laptop must include built-in Bluetooth hardware that is activated and ready to use when you purchase your new machine.

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Do Dell Business Class Laptops Have Built-In Bluetooth?

Dell Business class laptops typically do not come with built-in Bluetooth. Dell business notebooks are designed for specific use cases. So they will likely include other types of connectivity options that may be more relevant to your work needs than having Bluetooth capabilities.

Do Dell Laptops Have Internal or External Bluetooth Antennas?

Most current models have internal Bluetooth antennas. If you purchase a Dell laptop with an internal antenna, it will likely be located in the center of the computer and may require that your wireless card shares space inside.

Do Dell Laptops Have External or Internal WiFi Antennas?

Most models come with either external or internal WiFi antennas depending on what works best for each specific model.

If you purchase a model with an external antenna, it will be located away from the center of the computer and may not interfere with your wireless card.

How to Activate Bluetooth on a Dell Laptop

Step 1

Select Settings, then select Devices, then select Bluetooth and other devices.

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Dell laptops bluetooth


Step 2

To add a Bluetooth or other device, click the Plus (+) sign.

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Step 3

Select Bluetooth when asked what kind of device you want to add.

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Step 4

Make sure your Bluetooth device is turned on so it can be found.

Step 5

Your Bluetooth device should appear on the list once you turn it on. Click Connect to connect your Bluetooth device.

You may be asked to enter a pin to confirm the connection. Upon entering the pin, you’ll now be able to connect both devices.

Here’s what you should do if your Bluetooth toggle icon doesn’t appear:

  1. Click on the Windows key. Go to the search box and type device manager.
  2. From the displayed list of programs, select Device Manager.
  3. Next to Bluetooth, click the Plus (+) sign and look for any listing that has a down arrow.
  4. Right-click the listing and choose Enable device.

The laptop may not be able to connect to the device if:

  1. There are 3 feet between the device and the computer.
  2. Pair the Bluetooth device.
  3. Make sure the batteries in the Bluetooth device are fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the problem with my laptop’s Bluetooth?

If your Bluetooth isn’t detecting devices, the software may have crashed. To solve this problem you’ll need to delete and reinstall drivers from Control Panel > Device Manager > Bluetooth right-click on it then click Properties go into Driver tab select Uninstall driver Restart laptop after finishing update process.

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In Windows 10, how do you restore a lost Bluetooth icon?

Restoring your Bluetooth connection is easy if you know where to look. Go to Start > Settings > Devices and find “Bluetooth & other devices” in the right column, then click More Options located on top of their window for more options such as turning off or changing settings like name display at startup (Settings).

It may also be necessary to restore an Icon by clicking Show Bluetooth… afterward so that all these great features can work correctly!


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What is the difference between Bluetooth 2.0 and 3.0?

The most obvious difference is that Bluetooth 3.0 doesn’t share channels with other Bluetooth devices, which can potentially cause greater interference when more are in use in the same area.

Bluetooth 3.0 has a higher bandwidth throughput with support for data rates up to 2 Mbps, three times faster than PIN-based authentication schemes, and allows for low power consumption by devices when in standby mode. This makes it easier to switch between applications on smartphones or tablets without returning home to do so.


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