Do Asus Laptops Have Bluetooth?

Asus laptops, which are made for serious gamers and professional graphic designers, have got some advanced features and lack a few.

Versatility, high-resolution screen, affordable price, and the capability of tackling heavy workload make the Asus laptops unique.

However, it is believed that not having Bluetooth makes the laptops not as useful as they should be. Well, I disagree if Bluetooth would have been an issue, why would people be buying Asus laptops anyway?

Do Asus laptops have Bluetooth?

Yes, Asus laptops do have Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a fairly common feature, most laptops of Asus and other companies come with it. It is the old desktop PCs that lack the WiFi and Bluetooth function.

Most recent Asus models have Bluetooth

Most Asus laptops have Bluetooth, it is the reason why it has been mentioned above that Asus laptops have Bluetooth.

Some older models do not have this function however most of the recent models support Bluetooth connectivity.

Most laptops have Bluetooth so how can Asus laptops not have a built-in Bluetooth function?
There used to be a time when we used to have laptops and desktops without WIFI and Bluetooth. Related Is Asus Good For Gaming?

However, the time has changed now almost all laptops support WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity. If desktops can have Bluetooth, Asus laptops can have as well.

It can easily be found by searching in the Windows search bar

The Bluetooth function is not harder to find on these recent Asus models. All you have to do is search “Bluetooth” in the search bar, enable Bluetooth, and do what’s required to do.

Even if Asus laptops do not have Bluetooth, the USB adaptor comes to the rescue;
Whether Asus laptops support or not support Bluetooth, the older and newer models support USB adaptors.

The USB adapter is an inexpensive way of resolving most of the issues; including Bluetooth. The USB adaptor allows you to use Bluetooth even on models that do not have this built-in function.


In brief, yes most of the Asus laptops do allow you to enable Bluetooth and make life easier. The older models do not support Bluetooth connectivity however the most recent models have got this forgiving feature.

If you have to find out whether your Asus laptop has this feature or not, search “Bluetooth” in the search bar. If it has a Bluetooth option would appear immediately. Otherwise, you have to use a USB adapter, you connect the Asus laptop with other devices using Bluetooth.

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