Dell Laptop Is Not Charging

Your Dell laptop won’t charge? You’re not alone. Dell has had a long-standing reputation for creating laptops that don’t hold a charge and need to be plugged in all the time.

Dell doesn’t seem to care about this problem, but we do! In this article, we will discuss how your Dell laptop’s battery might just need some attention, as well as how you can use third-party software or hardware to get it charging again.

If your Dell computer is not charging, it could be due to a faulty AC adapter or dead battery. You should first try troubleshooting by running the software that came with your machine and making sure all wires are connected properly in order for this fix!

If the issue persists, you may need to replace your battery or AC adapter. It’s important that before buying new hardware we’ve put together some troubleshooting steps which can help get things working again!

Reconnect your battery and adapter

  1. Switch off your laptop.
  2. Take the battery out of the machine.
  3. Remove the AC adapter from the machine.
  4. Disconnect the AC adapter from the laptop.
  5. Hold the power button for 10 seconds on the laptop.
  6. Insert the battery back into the laptop.
  7. Connect the laptop to the wall outlet with the AC adapter.
  8. Turn it on.

Update your BIOS

You should always back up your data before updating the BIOS. If anything goes wrong, you’ll lose everything and have no way of recovering!

So make sure to create a copy in case of disaster strikes by following these simple steps:

  1. Make an exact image or clone of what’s inside so it can be restored later if needed.
  2. Copy all relevant files onto removable media such as SD cards
  3. Put one into each device connected
  4. Power on only those devices that contain valuable information.

For some, the BIOS is more than just a way to verify that your computer’s hardware works. It can also be an intricate part of how you customize and personalize your Dell operating system!

The information within this article will teach readers all about what exactly “BIOS” does for those who haven’t had much exposure before now; as well as why keeping up with updates could save time later on down the road when troubleshooting issues arise (or if something goes wrong during installation).

3. Change the Power Adapter

Charging your laptop’s battery with another AC adaptor might work. If the charger starts charging, there may be a problem with your original adapter. Dell Laptop Plugged in Not Charging issue is best resolved by replacing the AC adapter.

4. Reinstall your battery driver

It is also possible for the problem to occur if the wrong driver is installed. If this does not fix your problem, you can try reinstalling the driver.

Your operating system’s Device Manager can be used to reinstall the battery driver. In Device Manager, locate and uninstall the battery driver after connecting your computer to the Internet. Once you restart your laptop, both the driver and your laptop will be reinstalled.  

Additionally, Driver Easy allows you to uninstall your battery driver. Driver Easy makes it easy to manage your computer’s drivers. By updating drivers that are out of date you will be able to fix your computer.

You will be automatically directed to the correct drivers that are compatible with your operating system. The wrong driver can’t be downloaded or a mistake can be made during installation.

Both the Free and Pro versions of Driver Easy allow you to download and install drivers. The Pro version, on the other hand, allows you to do it in just TWO clicks (and you will receive full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee along with it).

In addition, the Pro version can be used to remove the battery driver:

  1. Open Driver Easy.
  2. Click Tools.

You may be able to troubleshoot your battery charging problem with the following chart.

Laptop battery not charging chart'


The Dell Laptop battery is not charging. Here are some things you can do to fix that! Reconnect the adapter and power cord, update your BIOS if possible, change the power adapter or reinstall the driver for your laptop’s battery.

If none of these work, it may be time for a new one! Let us know how we can help with any questions about our laptops in the comment section. We’re here to make sure every customer gets their money’s worth when they purchase from Dell Outlet!

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