How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac

If you own a Mac desktop or Macbook device, then you know that taking and editing screenshots is quite effortless.

But what about getting a cropped image? Are we talking about a next level of difficulty on your Mac screenshot, or will it be equally easy?

Fortunately, the Mac Crop Tool works like wonders, and we are going to teach you how to use it here. Keep reading this post on our website to learn more about:

  • How to crop a screenshot on Mac;
  • What to know about the Mac cropping tool;
  • Where to find a cropped screenshot on Mac?



Do You Need Third-Party Apps to Crop Screenshots on Mac?

No. Your Mac device already has built-in editing tools that allow you to get cropped screenshots in no time.

In the case of Windows PC, we have the Snipping Tool, and Mac is not going to be left behind when it comes to having a simple crop button.

Thus, you might see more than one cropping tool out there asking you to download it to your applications folder for extra features, but the truth is that if you just want to capture, edit, resize and crop a shot of your screen, you don’t really need to download another app.


How to Take Screenshots on Mac

To screen-capture images on your Mac’s screen, you just need to use one of the following commands. Each command is available for all Mac versions, including Macbook Pro and Air:

  1. Shift + Command + 3 captures a screenshot image of the entire screen and saves it in PNG format;
  2. Shift + Command + 4 lets you capture a crop tab, meaning that you can drag the capture space to crop screenshots before taking them;
  3. Shift + Command + 4 + Space Bar lets you capture a single window. Instead of capturing the whole screen, the Markup Toolbar Menu will disappear from the screenshot.

You will see the screenshot appear at the bottom right corner of the screen right after you take it.


How to Crop a Screenshot on Mac

Taking screenshots on Mac is quite easy, and if you want to crop a screenshot on Mac, we recommend you use the Shift + Command + 4 option – in just a few seconds, you will have a cropped image file as you wanted.

Nonetheless, if you want to crop an existing image, then there are three different methods and built-in options that you can make use of.


Method 1: Take Cropped Mac Screenshots

As we mentioned before, if you already know that you want to capture a thumbnail, screen space or little portion of an image, then this is your best shot.

Press Shift, Command, and Four, and drag the cursor to save the screenshot as you want it. The file name can later be changed from the Finder section.


Method 2: Use the Mac Preview App

Whenever you open an image on Mac, you do so on the Preview App. From the Preview App, you can rename image files, edit screenshots, and of course, crop a screenshot if needed.

  1. Open the image you want to crop on the Finder menu;
  2. The Preview App will open – here, on the menu bar at the top, select the Crop icon;
  3. Last but not least, crop the screenshot as you want, double-click on Save, and that will be it!


Method 3: Crop a Screenshot from the Photos App

At last, you can also use the built-in Photos App to crop a screenshot on Mac. The Photos App Tools Menu lets you edit a screenshot at your will, and this includes cropping, of course.

  1. Go to the Photos App and look for the screenshot on a Mac you want to crop;
  2. Press “Edit Image,” and you will be redirected to an images editing tool;
  3. Here, on the screenshot toolbar, look for the Crop icon;
  4. Crop the image, preview the changes, and save the new cropped Mac screenshot.

Remember that the Photos App is already built-in within the Mac system, so you don’t need to download any tool to crop Mac screenshots with it.


Wrapping Up: Cropping Screenshots on MacOS

Apple does a great job creating perfect user interfaces where doing whatever you want is more than possible. You can crop a screenshot on Mac, and it works like this:

  • Use the main Shift + Command + 4 option to drag and crop the screenshot before saving it;
  • Use built-in tools to edit, crop and save screenshots, such as the Photos and Preview App;
  • You don’t need any third-party tool to manage your screenshots on Mac, so don’t trust them;
  • All in all, selecting the right size of your screenshot is quite easy, and Pro users can add the Screenshot Icon to the Touch Bar to avoid using commands.

That’s all for now! For more Mac and tech insights, Launch Kit is ready to assist you out. 



How Can I Find Saved Screenshot on a Mac?

By default, each screenshot you take will be saved on your Mac’s desktop. Later on, you can move them to another folder, and even set on Finder where you want to save the screenshots from now on.

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