Connect Two Laptops With HDMI Easily

Connecting two laptops via HDMI? What is the solution? Here is what you need to know. Detailed information is provided here to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

Before going into detail, I would like to explain why we connect two laptops with HDMI cables. Most people connect two laptops this way in two cases.

  • As an experiment
  • concerning safe information (of any kind)

Usually, people connect HDMI cables between two laptops to save information. It may be necessary to save your files to a new laptop if your old laptop isn’t working.

If you own two laptops, you likely have considered how helpful it would be to connect them with an HDMI cable in order to share any content that you are viewing on one laptop with the other.

Some laptops do not have HDMI input ports, making it impossible for you to connect your computers with just an HDMI cable.

But first I want to share full easy method that is How you can easily connect two laptops without an HDMI cable. (3 Minute method)

Connect Two Laptops Without HDMI

Method 1

I called it “Magic Method” and I always use it when I try to transfer my files or do video editing. Litterally its super easy method.

Let’s dive in;

Step #1

Click on the Start [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“window”[/su_highlight] icon and then click on [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“settings icon”[/su_highlight].

Step #2

Now click on [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Systems”[/su_highlight].

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eaeaea”] [/su_panel]

Step #3

Now click on [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Projecting to this PC”[/su_highlight].

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eaeaea”][/su_panel]

Step #4

After that you just need to change this “Some windows and Android devices can project to this PC when you say it’s OK” Box [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Always off”[/su_highlight] to [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Available for everyone”[/su_highlight]. Make sure it should be available for everyone.

Step #5

Now type [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Connect”[/su_highlight] in the search bar that is located just like the right side of the [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Start”[/su_highlight] button. Now you’ll see blue icon app click on that to open it.

Note: If you did not find it on your laptop then no need to worry just type connect app on google and you’ll easily download it from there. After downloading and installing open it and follow below steps.

Step #6

Once you do that you’ll see your laptop name and now it is ready to connect with any laptop wirelessly.

Step #7

Now go to wireless display center by clicking [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Windows key + K”[/su_highlight]. You have to press both keys simultaneously.

Step #8

Here you’ll see list laptops that available for connecting wirelessly. Now you just need to find here your laptop name and [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Left Click”[/su_highlight] on that.

Now your dual screen is ready for file sharing, gaming, and video editing etc. It will allow you to use mouse, keyboard, touch, and pen input from this device.

Now you can easily control your second laptop by using first laptop mouse or keyboard.

Keep in mind: if you’ll face any issue while opening wireless connection center then just restart your main laptop and try again now it will show no error.

And further more you’ll see that these two laptops connected as an extended mode.

So, How to screen mirroring two laptops? Its also too easy;

Step #1

Click on [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Windows Key + P Key”[/su_highlight] simultaneously.

Step #2

You’ll see a projection Menu at right side of your laptop. Here Just click on “Duplicate” and Boom! now it’s screen mirrors.

Connect Two Laptops With HDMI

Mirroring Your Screen With a Capture Card and HDMI

Step #1 Purchase capture cards.

Different capture cards have different features, so explore what would work best for your needs and choose the appropriate type of card. If this follows our recommendations, use a USB capture card with an HDMI In port.

Step #2 Purchase capture cards.

Open Broadcaster Software (also known as OBS) is designed for recording and live streaming, but it can be used to mirror your screen. On the desktop or laptop you want to mirror, download the software and then open the installed OBS. Follow the steps displayed onscreen.

Step #3  Plug your capture card into your secondary laptop.

Use the built-in USB port on the laptop with OBS installed to connect your capture card.

  • If you’re trying to plug your USB device into your laptop but the USB port is not there, you may need to buy a USB-C adapter. New Macbooks only have Thunderbolt 3.0 ports, but this adapter from Apple will allow you to plug a USB-C connector into it.

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eaeaea”]Adapter cables[/su_panel]

Check On Amazon

Step #4 Connect your primary laptop to the capture card with an HDMI cable.

The HDMI cable should be connected to the laptop you wish to mirror, and then the HDMI cable should be connected to the HDMI port on the capture card.

  • You can also buy an adapter if your laptop does not have an HDMI port. Adapters allow you to connect an HDMI cable to your laptop. Take a look here to see what the top adapters are.
  • A message similar to [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]”Setting up a device”[/su_highlight] will likely appear on the secondary laptop upon connecting the capture card.

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eaeaea”] Adapters[/su_panel]

Check On Amazon


Step #5 Open OBS and adjust it to work with the virtual camera.

 If you will only use the virtual camera on your secondary laptop, open OBS. Then click Apply Settings twice.

Step #6 Begin adding your capture card as an OBS source.

On the bottom left of the screen, click the plus sign under “Sources”, then select Video Capture Device. Click “Create new” and give your capture card a name. Then click Ok.

Step #7 The capture card should be selected as the input device.

Click the Device drop-down menu. Give the capture card a name, such as “Video Mirror” or something else.

Step #8 Resize your OBS window after you have verified your choice.

The screen of your primary laptop will appear in OBS after selecting the correct capture card. Once your mirrored display has been set up, select OK and then adjust the size of your OBS window.

  • When your mirrored display is lagging, click on Settings in the bottom right corner of the OBS window, then select a higher FPS from the Video tab. Experiment with frame rate and seamless mirroring to find what works best for your laptop.

Connect Two Laptops Without HDMI

Method 2

We will be talking about having two laptops. So, the problem is not that having two laptops is never a problem. But the problem arises when you are using both of the laptops at the same time.

There you have to move your hand from one laptop to another annoying laptop. You might be facing any problems while doing that. So what you need to solve are a pair of mouse and a keyboard?

Now, a pair of mouse and the keyboard can be either Bluetooth or wired. So let’s go ahead and see how you can solve that.

Step #1

Download and install software [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Mouse without Borders”[/su_highlight] on both of your laptops. This software is made by Microsoft. Click here to download.

Step #2

After installing open it on both of your laptops.

Connect two Laptops with HDMI

Step #3

It will ask for administrator permissions IDs on both laptops, add it on both laptops.

Step #5

After that you will see a passcode on one laptop and you have to type this passcode on the second laptop.

Step #6

After that your both laptops will be connected.

[su_youtube url=”″]

It will be selected and, as you can see, to maintain a connection. This kind of message, which is connect should be there. This ensures that your PC is connected then applies.

Did I missing Anything?

In the list of above methods I shared, which one do you like best and working for you?

Or may I missed any other method that is working for your but I didn’t mentioned here?

Either way let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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