How To Connect An Asus Laptop To WiFi?

A laptop without an internet connection is useless. You can only listen to music, play a game, sort your old files, photos, videos, and read or write something. However, with WiFi, you are capable of using it for both entertainment and professional purposes.

As the world is now dependent on the internet, WiFi is available almost everywhere. Though turning on WiFi is not a hard overwhelming task yet people struggle with it.

Most Asus users are often noticed having trouble turning on the WiFi. Well, the Asus laptops do not have this defect it’s just that we sometimes fail to locate the WiFi option.

How Can You Connect An Asus Laptop to WiFi?

If you have a stable WiFi connection, you can easily connect an Asus Laptop to WiFi (if there is not any technical fault).

  • #1: To connect the Asus Laptop to WiFi for the first time;
  • #2: Turn on WiFi and your Asus laptop
  • #3: Go to the Network connections
  • #4: Find the search bar
  • #5: Type view internet connections and search
  • #6: Find your internet connection from the WiFi connections available
  • #7: Right-click on your WiFi connection
  • #8: The Asus laptop would demand a password, enter password
  • #9: Press enable
  • #10: There your job is done.

That’s what you have to do when you need to turn on the WIFI for the first time. Fortunately, you do not have to go to the network connections, find the WIFI connection, and enter a password.

To enable WIFI normally

It must be kept in mind that most Asus models turn off the WIFI adaptor when it is not needed.

In other words, the laptop goes into Airplane mode when WIFI is not in use. When the Asus Laptop is in Airplane mode, the WIFI gets turned off automatically.

You need to turn off the Airplane mode to use the WIFI connection again. As soon as it comes back to normal, WIFI is on automatically.

So in that case, to turn on the WIFI and turn off the Airplane mode, all you have to do is press two keys on the keyboard simultaneously. Related Is Asus Good For Gaming?

These two keys that turn on the recognized internet connection are the FN and F2 keys. Press the FN and F2 keys simultaneously and release.

Within a few moments, the WIFI would turn on automatically.

That’s how you would turn on the WIFI when the laptop does not have any technical or non-technical issues.

If there are no such issues, you can keep turning on the WIF this way.

However, if the WLAN Autoconfigure service is not running, the DNS server address needs to be changed, or the WIFI adapter driver is required to be updated, turning on the WIFI can become a complex task.

In these cases, you have to fix the issue first. As soon as the issues are fixed and the Airplane mode is turned off, the WIFI will turn on automatically. Asus laptops have Bluetooth so another option to connect.


To turn on the WIFI on Asus laptops, go to the network connections, search view internet connections, find your WIFI connection, enter password and press enable. However, when the laptop goes in the power saving mode, pressing FN and F2 keys simultaneously would turn on the WIFI automatically.

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