How to Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop

Let’s face it – Apple devices are great. When we talk about Apple AirPods, we are mentioning one of the best Bluetooth headphones out there.

But since Apple’s ecosystem usually works within other Apple devices, we often hesitate to get AirPods just in case they don’t work with our Windows computer.

So, what if you have a Dell Laptop and recently purchased AirPods Pro or original AirPods? How do you connect them to your computer?

This guide will talk about:

  • How to connect AirPods to Dell Laptop;
  • What to know before you connect Apple products to other devices;
  • What to do if you cannot connect AirPods to your Dell Laptop.

Can You Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop?

Yes, you can connect your AirPods to your Dell Laptop without problems. AirPods work as essentially Bluetooth headphones, which means that every new Windows laptop on the market can establish a Bluetooth connection between Windows and AirPods.

Apple recommends using AirPods with Apple devices because they work more smoothly that way, but the truth is that you can connect them to a Dell laptop or any other device through innovative Bluetooth technology.


How to Connect AirPods to Dell Laptop

Connecting AirPods to Dell laptops is quite easy – you just need to enable Bluetooth, select your AirPods and complete the AirPods connect process.

Worry not – follow these quick steps so you can learn how to pair AirPods to Dell Laptop in no time!


Step 1: Open Windows Settings Menu

First, let’s configure your Dell Windows PC. Go to the start menu by selecting it on your screen or simply press Windows button on your keyboard.

On the search bar, locate and open Settings. 

This will open the classic Settings main menu, where you can find all things within Windows OS.


Step 2: Select Bluetooth Settings and Go to Devices

Now, you need to select Bluetooth settings. Most likely, your laptop’s Bluetooth will be turned off, so press the toggle button to enable Bluetooth.

Once you turn on Bluetooth, select “Devices” and proceed.


Step 3: Click “Add Bluetooth Devices”

Now, you must select the “Add Bluetooth Device” window. Since your Bluetooth laptop is already turned on, it will show available devices on the screen.

Take your AirPods and move on to the next step. Remember that your Dell Laptop must say “Now Discoverable as Your Laptop Name” so you can pair any other device to it.


Step 4: Keep Your AirPods Inside Their Charging Case

Keep both your AirPods inside their charging case. Make sure that the AirPods case is also charged and with enough battery – any Apple device without enough battery power will fail to connect.


Step 5: Turn On AirPods Pairing Mode

On the AirPods case, you will find a little setup button. Pressing on this button will activate Pairing Mode, which allows other devices that support Bluetooth to find the AirPods.

Thus, turn on Pairing Mode on your AirPods, and go back to your Dell Laptop.


Step 6: Select AirPods On Windows Bluetooth Menu

Now, the Bluetooth Connection Menu should show a list of Discovered Devices and other devices already paired.

Here, you must simply select AirPods, and that will be it! From now on, even if you turn off your Dell Laptop on the power button, the AirPods will automatically connect by turning on Bluetooth.


Why Can’t You Connect AirPods to Your Dell Laptop?

Nothing is perfect – Apple products can fail too! It has happened to other users that they cannot properly get AirPods connected to Dell Laptop.

There are a few reasons why you might be unable to connect your AirPods to your Dell Laptop, so follow these troubleshooting steps to learn what to do:

  1. Your laptop does not support Bluetooth. Although all modern laptops support Bluetooth technology, you might need to get a Bluetooth adapter and connect it to the USB port;
  2. The Bluetooth Driver is outdated. The only way to solve this is by going to Windows Settings and locating the Bluetooth section;
  3. Bluetooth is turned off. Check the main Bluetooth icon on your Dell laptop and reconnect AirPods if needed;
  4. Your AirPods are too quiet. In this case, go to the audio section by clicking on the main speaker icon and manage the device’s volume.


Wrapping Up: Using AirPods on Dell Laptop

As you can see, using AirPods on your Dell Laptop works as any other Bluetooth headset would. We can summarize this blog post with the following three points:

  1. AirPods are essentially a Bluetooth device, and they are compatible with all Windows laptops, including Dell;
  2. Your AirPods need to be fully charged and your laptop’s Bluetooth turned on before attempting to pair the AirPods on your device;
  3. If your AirPods are not pairing, double-check the drivers and Bluetooth settings on it. Likewise, make sure to reconnect the AirPods if needed.


That will be all for now! You are ready to rock your favorite music on your AirPods. Get more Apple insights by checking our related content.



How to Disconnect AirPods from Dell Laptop?

In order to disconnect your AirPods from your Dell Laptop, you just need to follow three quick steps:

  1. Open Bluetooth Settings on your Dell Laptop and go to Devices;
  2. You will find a list of paired devices. Here, click on your AirPods;

Finally, select “Remove Device,” and from now on, the AirPods will be disconnected from your system.

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