How to Change HDMI Output to Input On Laptop?

Very few people know how to switch the HDMI outputs to the input of a laptop. However, it is very easy to learn and to do. Those who wish to view content from the computer on a TV screen can use one of several ways to connect.

The vast majority of current laptop models with the most modern technological innovations include an HDMI port.

This HDMI port is designed to contain videos and other sounds that want to be projected on devices such as TV.

People should know that an HDMI output can only send the necessary information externally (Laptop to TV or any other device). Many people have total ignorance about what an HDMI is, its input and output ports, and others.

What is HDMI Output?

This port is the one that contains most of today’s laptops and serves as an easy to get HDMI output port.

Placements of video and audio from laptops on other devices such as TVs are sent through this important output port.

Laptops with this HDMI output can send immediate information to TVs or other devices but not receive any notification.

What is HDMI Input?

Smart TVs, monitors, and all devices of this style have HDMI inputs that are visible and easy to get. These allow the information to be received completely but not send to any device.

Some electronic devices rarely have the presence of input and output ports. Laptops are electronic devices that do have HDMI inputs that allow easy transmissions with another device.

How to Change HDMI Output to Input On Laptop?

People can choose different methods of using the HDMI ports (input and output) on laptops and smart TVs.

Among the main ones are:

1. The connection between laptop to TV

Getting a connection from the laptop to a TV is not a difficult task; people have to make exact connections. One end of the HDMI cable should be on the computer and the other on the TV or any other device. It should verify that the correct option is selected on the TV.

2. Connecting the laptop with a cable box

If a TV is not present, preferred channels can view a laptop simply by connecting a cable box to the HDMI cable. With the help of this technological device, it is possible television can watch without any problem.

3. Play the best video games using a console

Video games can play thanks to the presence of the HDMI inputs that laptops have available. The cable must connect to the console and the other end (input port) to the computer.

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Can you Convert HDMI Input to Output?

The port that receives video and audio files from another device through an HDMI connection is called “input.” That cannot convert to an input; Similarly, switching the input to HDMI output is impossible.

The configurations of these mechanisms are extremely simple; the most important thing is that you have to check the compatibility between the devices that will be interlaced with the HDMI.

Is HDMI Both Input and Output?

There are two HDMI ports: input and output; both fulfill their fundamental role of sending or receiving the videos or audios without any compression. Not all electronic devices and laptops have the presence of these two ports; some only have one.

There is the possibility that one port can change for other thanks to devices that have to be purchased separately. However, this is not highly recommended as some laptops may not have the proper hardware.


After people know how to switch HDMI outputs to input on laptops, they should know which the most appropriate option is. Generally, all the HDMI ports that notebooks have are “out” only, and there is no possibility of them becoming “in.” In these cases, people should choose to use converters that are highly compatible with the laptop; otherwise, it won’t do.

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