Can You Plug A PS3 Into A Laptop?

The PS3 is a console that has been on the market for 10 years. It is considered to be one of the most successful consoles in history. The PS3 has sold more than 150 million units worldwide, and it is still being manufactured.

The PS3 was originally designed to be connected to a TV, but it can also be connected to a laptop.

Short Guide On How To Plug A PS3 Into A Laptop

There are two ways you can connect your laptop to your TV;

  • HDMI cables.
  • VGA cables.

The HDMI cable carries both audio and video signals, while the VGA cable only carries an analog signal. If you have an HDMI port on your laptop, then you will need an HDMI cable and an HDMI-to-HDMI connector (which connects the two devices). If not, then you will need an adapter.

Is Your Laptop Compatible?

Despite laptops not typically having a port for connecting to HDMI – one of the main issues is whether your laptop can actually do it.

The vast majority of laptop computer models only have one video output to deliver video.

Most models will not have an HDMI port, but if they do, it will be labeled as “HDMI” as well as the input device, such as a camera or other external monitor.

How To Plug A PS3 Into A Laptop

#1. File Sharing

Here is the first method to connect PS3 Into a laptop. Let’s explore!

Step #1

Go to Settings in the PS3 menu and scroll down to Network Settings. You may need to press the settings button next to Settings to show all of the options.

Step #2

Click the Internet Connection icon on your computer and select your wireless router from the list of available connections.

Step #3

If the router has security, you must input a password before it is operational.

Step #4

Your internet connection should now be enabled and available in the Network Settings list.

Step #5

If you have a router, connect the laptop and PS3. Use Ethernet cables to connect the computer and console. It is required for a PS3 without Wi-Fi that has 40 gigabytes of memory.

Step #6

Using a USB cable, connect the devices directly. Connect your game controller to the same USB port the PS3 uses for its game controller. To do so, you’ll need a USB cable with two thin connectors.

#2. Directly Via HDMI

Those who win Dell Alienware laptops that have HDMI inputs can connect a PS3 to it in seconds.

  1. One end of the HDMI cable must be connected to the PS3 console output and the other end to the laptop’s HDMI input.
  2. The Dell Alienware computer comes with proprietary software for managing various connectors, including the HDMI input. Run the proprietary utility and select the HDMI input as the video source.
  3. Once the PS3 menu appears, you will see it.

#3. Through An External Video Capture Device

Most people will need an additional device, such as Evromedia Pro Gamer HD, which is a digital video capture device. What’s it about?

This box is usually quite small with a few inputs and outputs. Various devices can be connected to it for the video signal. To connect the PS3 to a laptop, you can use the following diagram:

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  • The video capture device should be connected to the HDMI output of the console.
  • A capture device connected with a laptop via USB.
  • through the video software bundled with the device, it will play the incoming video signal.


For most people, it’s the only option available and working. Yes, a TV will be much more expensive and it takes up a lot more space in the apartment than an accessory.

If this accessory is appropriate for you, consider purchasing it if you wish to connect your PS3 to a laptop flawlessly.

#4. Via Internet FTP

With the PS3 console connected to the laptop, it is possible to control the file system remotely.

For instance, you can transfer an existing game or store music or movies on the console at a later time.

PLEASE NOTE: This method is only applicable to devices with legally cracked firmware.

Modifying the website in any way supports the work of an unlicensed software product, so we are not responsible for your actions!

  • Install the necessary software on your computer and console respectively. For the console, you also need an FTP server, activated which can give you access to the device. Install A FileZilla or Total Commander with a built-in FTP plugin on the computer so that you can access the files remotely.
  • Connect your PS3 to the internet. To do this, go to Settings > Network settings > Internet connection > Internet connection settings > Simple select wired or wireless connection type “Scan” to search for available networks. Connect to the wireless access point, enter the password on the joystick, and then press the cross at the top of the console to test the connection. The router will then assign the IP address to the console.

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  • Find out which parameters are assigned to the PS3. This information is necessary for a remote connection with an FTP client. You should reset the service’s IP address, gateway, and DNS server in the part of the router that displays the list of connections and settings. Keep in mind that the IP address may change over time, especially when the router uses several devices.
  • Launch the client’s FTP server by opening the client application on the console.

#5. Creating FTP Connection In Total Commander

  1. Activate the connection using an FTP client, highlighting the IP address, and entering the FTP server’s name.
  2. Then the FTP connection can be disconnected as necessary after the necessary files are copied to the console or a computer. In the console’s internal hard drive is located a folder called dev_hdd0, while its external hard drive is called dev_usb001.

If you have PS4 then you can read How to Connect PS4 to PC Monitor with HDMI.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does PS3 Have VGA Output?


Sorry, but no console has VGA output. This HDMI port does all sorts of eye-popping things BTW. If you’re concerned that your display is HDCP compatible, then purchase an HDMI to DVI cable.

If not and want the best possible picture quality as well compatibility with other devices such as a PS3 game console: hook up through component cables!


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What’s Better HDMI Or VGA?

HDMI is better because it carries both audio and video signals and has a higher data transmission speed than VGA.

HDMI transmits high-definition digital audio and video, whereas VGA only handles analog signals.

HDMI also transmits data at a much higher speeds than the lower-quality VGA cable such as 1080p@60Hz compared to maximum of 640×480 for 800×600 monitor.


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