Can A Bad Battery Slow Down Your Laptop?

Using a bad battery is not a good practice at all. Now the question is arises can a bad battery slow down your laptop? The answer is “No” it can’t.

But it can damage other components of your laptop. We will discuss how continuous use of a bad battery can ruin your laptop parts and reduce your laptop life span.

Stay with us and we try our best to provide a piece of peaceful and unique information to you. We will guide you on how you can save yourself while using a bad laptop battery.

Can a Bad battery Slow Down Your Laptop Performance?

The quick and Legit answer is “No”. A bad battery can’t slow down your laptop performance. But it will create many issues and damage your laptop parts.

If a bad battery damages your laptop parts then it will be more worst than slow down your laptop. Let’s discuss which parts of your laptop can be damaged by a bad laptop battery!

  • Hardware damage
  • Hardware power-surge

1. Hardware Damage

If you continuously use your laptop with a bad battery then there is a danger that you can lose your laptop hard drive. Consistent use of a laptop with a bad laptop battery can ruin your laptop Hard drive.

Due to hard drive damage, your laptop life span will be shortened and decrease. The hard drive is an input and output device.

You can ruin your laptop hard drive because Hard drives carry a very small amount of the current from the battery.

There will be not enough power to run the laptop fan when you have a bad laptop battery.

The hardware of your laptop will become overheat because there will not enough power for the laptop fan to cool the Hardware and thus it becomes overheated. It will cause huge damage to your hardware over time.

2. Hardware Power-Surge

One other issue that can also happen is Hardware Power-Surge. When the laptop battery is a fault and bad then it can cause a power surge and draw more current from the battery to the laptop.

This will cause hardware attempting and then it will directly damage your laptop hardware.

This can damage your laptop hardware permanently and it will be irreparable. That’s why you should take great care [su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Surge Protector” target=”blank”]Surge Protector[/su_photo_panel]while using your laptop with a bad or faulty battery.

SymptomsOf Bad Laptop Battery

There are a few distinct signs that point out that your laptop battery is bad or having issues;

  • Overheating
  • Short Run Time and Shutdowns
  • Replacement Warning
  • Failing to Charge
  • Very low or at a critical level
  • Doesn’t charge well
  • Discharges too quickly

1. Overheating

A small amount of heat is normal while using a laptop. When your laptop battery dying you will feel your laptop getting noisy.

You will feel fan noise because the fan does have not enough power to cool the laptop. If you feel the high sound of a laptop fan then slightly touch the bottom of your laptop and check laptop is hot or not.

If your laptop is slightly hot then it is normal, but note that your laptop doesn’t burn your lap! And If you notice that your laptop is hotter then it may be a sign of a bad battery.

If you notice the laptop is too hot then unplug your laptop, close all apps and then shut down your laptop to avoid further damage.

2. Short Run Time And Shutdowns

Normally battery life is 5 hours and above. You can rely on your battery to stay charged for a long time by considering certain factors.

Battery life depends on several factors, such as “screen brightness”, the number of open applications, the number of windows and tabs you open and whether you are listening to audio or watching online or offline video.

In addition, if you notice your computer shutting down without warning, this could also be a sign of a faulty or bad battery.

The sudden “loss of power” (charging) is definitely a sign that you should check your battery carefully, even though it is not the only thing that can cause a computer crash.

3. Replacement Warning

You will get a notification to replace your laptop battery when your laptop battery reaches the critical faulty position.

Both Windows and MAC operating systems have an indicator to give notifications that have the ability to indicate the very critical level of laptop battery.

[su_photo_panel shadow=”4px 4px 4px #eeeeee” text_align=”center” photo=”” alt=”Replacement Warning” target=”blank”]Replacement Warning[/su_photo_panel]

4. Failing To Charge

If you fail to charge your laptop then it may be a sign of laptop battery damage. Some other things could also cause for failure of the charge.

First of all check Surge protector is working properly or not. After that plug your laptop charger into the Surge protector and check your laptop is charging or not. If not then it may be a sign of a bad or faulty battery.

Note: If you will notice your laptop changing light is on and you will see that your laptop is charging but charging not proceed. Then this issue is not related to your laptop battery.

I face this issue many times. This issue happened when your charger “power adaptor” fully damage. So, change your laptop charger power adapter.

5. Very Low Or At A Critical Level

If you notice that you are working on your laptop and you work fine without any issue. When your laptop battery remains half then your laptop suddenly shut down without any warning and Discharges too quickly.

Then it may be the sign of battery damage then remove your laptop battery and use your laptop with charging if possible.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Does Laptop Run Slower Without Battery?

No, You can’t relate your laptop performance with your laptop battery. Your laptop performance will not affect by replacing the battery. You can run your laptop with charging by replacing the battery.

Why Is My Laptop Running So Slowly?

There are many reasons behind your laptop slow performance. Maybe your laptop RAM is low, you are running heavy software.

This issue can also occur with malware, open a large number of tabs and windows, running applications in the background and many other factors.

What Happens When Laptop Battery Goes Bad?

When your laptop battery goes bad your laptop produces noise coming from the fan, getting very hot, shutdown without any warning, the indicator gives notification to replace the battery on both Windows and MAC and Discharges too quickly.

Can A Bad Battery Slow Down A MacBook?

No, a bad battery does not affect your MacBook. But you will notice your laptop getting noisy and becomes hotter than its normal condition.

Final Verdict

If your laptop becomes light hot then no worries, your laptop battery is fine. But if you feel the backside of your laptop really hot and you feel noise from your laptop then it may be a great symptom of a bad or faulty battery. I hope you will like this article and it enhanced your information.

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