How to Boot an Asus Laptop in Safe Mode?

Asus laptops are designed for gamers and graphic designers. It has also been observed that most Asus laptop owners are either serious gamers or professional graphic designers. Since these laptops are used for more advanced and complex tasks, this laptop can have an issue every other day. 

It’s nearly impossible not to have any issues especially when you are using a laptop for gaming or graphic designing. However, by playing safe you can successfully avoid several major and minor problems.

Booting or starting the Asus laptop in a safe mode is one way to troubleshoot and narrow down the source of a problem. Never imagined narrowing down the source of the problem would be that easy? Want to try as well?

How to Boot an Asus Laptop in Safe Mode?

The best way to get into the safe mode is the following;

  • Turn on the laptop and wait for it to start
  • Click on the start icon and find the setting
  • Click setting and select Update & Security
  • Scroll to the “recovery” option and select
  • Find the Advanced startup option and click
  • Command the laptop to restart by clicking the “restart now” option 
  • From “Continue”, ” Use a device”, “Troubleshoot”, and ” Turn off your PC” select Troubleshoot
  • By selecting the Troubleshoot option, you will get Reset this PC and Advanced options
  • Select the Advanced option
  • Go to the Startup Settings
  • Click Restart
  • You will receive around 9 or 10 options
  • As your concern is to boot the laptop in safe mode, press the relevant number key or select the safe mode option
  • Congratulations! Your laptop has entered the safe mode

How to Start the Asus Laptop in Safe Mode?

When the laptop can not boot the system, the procedure would be a bit different. Here’s what you need to do in this situation;

  • Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds when the laptop is on
  • Turn on the laptop again by pressing the power button 
  • Shut off the laptop again by pressing and holding the power button for 15 seconds before the Asus logo appear
  • Turn on the laptop again by pressing the power button
  • Turn off and turn on the laptop again the same way using the power button
  • Enter the Windows Recovery Environment 
  • Select Troubleshoot
  • Go to the Advanced options
  • Click the startup settings
  • Restart the laptop by clicking the Restart option
  • Select the “Enable safe mode” option
  • Congratulations! Your job is done
  • Play your favourite games or use the laptop for graphic designing worry-free

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Boot Asus Laptop with Keys

The easiest ways to boot the Asus laptop in safe mode are following;

  • Press the F8 key as fast as you can when the window is gearing up to start. Wait for the boot menu to appear, use keyboard move and select safe mode
  • Press F10 or F12 key when the Asus logo appears on the screen, from the boot menu select safe mode

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